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  1. Seeing as how the Russians, Chinese and North Koreans already have my complete file, it didn't bother me in the least.
  2. Just realize that getting caught with undeclared goods carries a penalty much higher than declaring them.
  3. In the US, you claim your baggage first so they can search it if they need to.
  4. Customs allows approximately $400 per person to be brought into the country duty free. Anything over that must have customs paid. This includes items bought at foreign ports as well as on board.
  5. One of the good things about Galveston is that parking is only about $10 per day.
  6. I am getting a bit tired of the Western route - have done it 4 times. It is a good itinerary, but I guess it is just too many times for now. I like the Eastern better due to more variety, as well as longer than 7 day cruises. My next one, though, is a transatlantic (FLL to Copenhagen) next month.
  7. The MedallionNet is the internet service onboard the Princess ships. You must pay for the internet. The medallion is a device that replaces the cruise card, as well as allows some interactivity with the intranet on board. For movies (other than those on the ships TV or big screen) you would need the paid medallionnet. Same for emails and facebook.
  8. You might also check out New Orleans as a port. Both NO and Galveston are committed to the Western Caribbean itinerary. The Florida ports offer Eastern or Western, LA offers the west coast of Mexico, and Seattle offers Alaska. All should have 7 day itineraries that meet your budget. RCL and NCL are good choices - you may also want to consider Celebrity and/or Princess (if you haven't already).
  9. The texting feature will work on the ship's intranet, not dependent on the satellite internet system. It will need to hook in to the intranet via the wifi, but it will be free.
  10. I was in L101 on a cruise - the wind is not bad unless you are standing at the rail. Otherwise (if you are standing back a few feet or seated) the wind is forced upwards. The only time I could not comfortably use the balcony was in a rainstorm. There was no dry spot as the rain was forced all the way to the balcony door.
  11. I'm not sure I am following correctly - you are contemplating buying insurance at $5K a year to cover $5K worth of camera equipment? If so, it would be better to put the $5K in the bank and use it to simply replace the equipment if necessary.
  12. Generally, any prices after final payment are for new bookings only. The way Princess refares is that they will cancel your original booking and then rebook at the new rate. Since, due to refund policy, they stand a chance of losing most of your fare if you cancel, they will apply your funds to the new booking. After final payment, your funds are locked (you cannot get a refund from them if you cancel). Therefore they have no incentive to apply your funds to the new booking. It is much like any other purchase. Once you pay for it, it is yours. You cannot go to a car dealership after you buy a car and expect them to refund any differences because they are now having a sale.
  13. Don't pay the marked price. Offer them less than you are willing to pay. Most island shops will deal with you -- including Diamonds International. A 20% discount is easy, 40% may be possible.
  14. You could also print your own for much less than $3.
  15. Still far better than Celebrity's website! I was able to purchase the MedallionNet and Photo package earlier today - hopefully it works itself out.
  16. The best thing to do would be to ask your roommate if he/she would be OK in an interior. Although I tend to have only slight claustrophobia, I would rather take a Carnival balcony as opposed to any super-over-the-top luxury inside. I would not enjoy the cruise.
  17. Not tax laws, but liquor laws. In Tx, you can not give away free liquor, nor sell discount cards for liquor. (Although, admittedly Essiesmom, you were close enough)You can buy the liquor on board (as long as the bottle was TX tax paid), but cannot use the Cheers card. On the other hand, Cheers is not charged for that first day either (on a 7 night cruise from Galveston, you will pay only for 6 nights).
  18. Although the Ocean apps do need to be on the ship's wifi to work, it does not count against your paid (or free) minutes. Those are charged only for outside apps (not sponsored by Princess). The Ocean Compass app allows you to track your "shipmates" (those who are on your reservation or otherwise allow you to track them) as well as ship maps. It also includes a chat feature. Ocean Ready is the app that sets up your account - your security photos, avatar, PIN code and boarding pass. Ocean Now allows you to order drinks from anywhere on the ship. If you are sitting poolside, use the app to order a drink. If you decide to move to the buffet, the server will (theoretically) find you to deliver your drink. Ocean Play and Ocean Casino allow you to play games throughout the ship. Play is geared to the kids, while Casino is geared to the adults (and charges money). Again, although all the apps need connection to the ship's wifi, they do not use your minutes.
  19. And yet some of us enjoy those cruise traditions. Just because you find it silly does not mean that everybody else does, or even should.
  20. Depending on the crime, travel outside the country while on bail is usually forbidden. I agree that she needs an attorney to give her the actual answer for her case.
  21. Theme from Gilligan's Island. Auld Lang Syne (from the Poseidon Adventure).
  22. Where I work, 85% are on Monday or Friday. Strange how everybody gets sick in conjunction with the weekend.
  23. You just can't hide it!
  24. The westbound flights are BA flight numbers, operated by American. The BA flight (operated by BA) is Copenhagen to London. The American flights are SAT-DFW-FLL and LHR-DFW-SAT.
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