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  1. We just finished a Wonderful tour while we are in Sydney pre-cruise. We booked the Chef-Led Hunter Valley Gourmet Food and Wine Day Trip from Sydney on the Viator website. Chef Jimmy was very prompt at answering all of our questions when we contacted him before the tour. He picked our party of 4 up at our hotel (Meriton Suites on Kent St.) right on time (6:40am) . First we went to the fish market where he purchased all the fish he would be using for our day with him. We stopped along the way to Hunter Valley at a lovely location overlooking a bay and he prepared a very good and plentiful breakfast. He then taught us all how to make our own sushi rolls. He brought all the ingredients we would need and when we were finished he had us all mark our own to eat later on during the day. We proceeded to the wine region and stopped at the first winery. They had about 7 different wines to taste. Off to the second winery where we had plenty more wine along with Jimmy's food pairings. We had cheeses, crackers, olives, figs, and pickles, oyster shots, chilled asparagus with truffle oil and parmesan, then a stuffed mushroom, and finally chorizo. So delicious. Made our way to the 3rd winery with tastes of more wine with Jimmy adding his cooking to the enjoyment. Here we paired our sushi first, then we had scallop with mashed cauliflower, and then Kangaroo sliders! To top it off we were then served dessert....a truly delicious creme bruele. This tour couldn't have been any better. Jimmy was a great chef, but on top of that he was also fun and full of information about the area. He pointed out Kangaroo off the road in fields and made a game of it. So much fun! This tour was a full day ... almost 12 hours from pick-up to drop-off. Well worth every penny. Highly recommend .
  2. It's been a couple of years since we cruised, and have two coming up soon. What are the Diamond "coupon" offerings these days? We are doing a B2B 14 nt. transatlantic followed by a 12 nt. Mediterranean...do we get double the offerings for the 14 nt.? Thanks!
  3. We did a tour there a few years back and LOVED Lisbon. We did go to Sintra and absolutely loved it there. Our cruise ended in Lisbon so we were able to stay an extra few days post cruise and can't wait to return one day. If you are on a time constraint I agree...there is too much to see in Lisbon to go to Sintra too....because you will want to spend lots of time in both places! Enjoy!
  4. We visited both places on a tour a few years back. Can't go wrong with either stop. We went back to Sintra, absolutely a fabulous little gem. Would love to go back to Portugal and see more. Enjoy!!
  5. Love your review and all the pictures. Using information from your review and posters for hotel, restaurant, shuttle and other tips. Thanks everyone!
  6. Yes, mid-ship closer to sea level is supposed to be the most ideal. Price will not be a factor as there are many types available mid ship. We have always started taking Ginger capsules a couple of days before we leave on a cruise, then during the cruise. We have never gotten sea-sick and we have been in a number of aft cabins where you can feel ship movement pretty well. Ginger capsules are available at your local drug store and most likely in your local grocery store if they have a vitamin section. Good luck, and happy cruising!
  7. Your ship will be right close by. No need to shuttle. It's a beautiful walk along the wharf.
  8. Thanks for answering my question! Glad the program is up and running!
  9. We were on the Jewel last year and at that time they said they were rolling out a new program for Diamond and higher members where they load so many drinks onto your seapass card to use in most lounges between the hours of 5-8pm daily. I was talking to an agent from Royal Caribbean this morning and she knew nothing of the program. Wondering if the program went away or if it's still something they do??? It was nice to be able to have the cocktails somewhere other than the Diamond Lounge, especially when traveling with others who aren't Diamond members.
  10. I would call around to a few other T/A's to see what their incentives are. We just returned from a B2B and our T/A gave us $100.00 OBC, Dinner for 2 in a specialty restaurant on board, and a free spa treatment...for each leg of the cruise. So if your T/A doesn't have any perks, I'd sure be looking around. Like the above posters have said, the cruise lines generally don't offer any kinds of discounts, as they treat them as separate cruises. Have fun on your cruise....that's the most important thing!!
  11. We booked thru Levi Baron Bumping Tours also. Emailed back and forth many times before we were due to arrive. There were 8 of us and he left us stranded....there we were at the pier at 9am and no guide. Another operator came to our rescue and called Levi, who said I didn't contact him back....funny I had all of our emails with me and on my cell phone. Disappointed for sure, but Lloyd, came to our rescue and did the same tour for $15.00 less. Can't attest to everyone elses experience, only my own. First time in all of my reserving tours, etc. has this happened.
  12. We will be there next month.... I will look here for your update on the beach conditions. Thanks so much!
  13. Hi there. We, too, will be sailing on the Jewel of the Seas...in Feb. 2015. I have been looking for things to do on Martinique also. I figure if all else fails we will just get off the ship and stroll around for awhile and get back on the ship and have a relaxing day on board. From what I've read it sounds like Anse Migan beach is a favorite and they say there is a bar and several restaurants close by. I think you have to take a ferry to the beach. Ferry runs every 30 minutes. I hope you post on this thread after you return.....I'm curious to know what your thoughts are and what you ended up doing while there. ~Jill
  14. Well that is disappointing...... I had just decided that we would be going there for the day, then I read this! Did the beach you went to have a name? Were there any services there (i.e. bathrooms, food, drinks)?
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