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  1. Baltimore doesn't even come up for August anymore on Carnival's site. I'm not expecting it to happen and with the vaxx requirement, we probably would have to postpone anyway because one of my kids is 8 and obviously can't get vaccinated yet.
  2. Norwegian ships have rust too, FWIW. Not that they're really higher class than Carnival. Salt water and metal generally have an unhealthy relationship. I've not yet been on a ship where they weren't always painting something though.
  3. I know she's probably not eligible yet for it, but the Pfizer vaccine is approved for 16+ right now so there should be no reason she can't be fully vaccinated by next January. Last I heard, everyone who wants it should be able to be vaccinated by the end of May at the rate we are going.
  4. If when they restart and vaccines aren't available for certain age groups yet, I could see the requirement (again, if they do require vaccines) being only for 16+ people. The same as how photo ID is required for 16+ to board the ship, but not for kids younger than that. I don't think they would ban children as families are a big part of their guests. Maybe a line like Princess or HAL could restart with only vaccinated 16+ people, but the 4 big family lines likely couldn't swing it. Like imagine Disney cruises only being 16 and older? I know there are some adults crazy about Disney stu
  5. 1. Eh, maybe a little annoying to still have to do this on board 2.-5. We don't usually bother with that stuff much so it wouldn't have much, if any, impact on our vacation. 6. This wouldn't necessarily impact our fun, but typically Carnival excursions are higher in price. We usually just look for a reasonable beach day in a not crowded area. If Carnival excursions are required I hope they add more choices and some basic/bare bones excursions. 7.-8. There are other places to go in the meantime. Those countries absolutely have the right to limit visitors to protect their citi
  6. Not me because I slather myself with sunblock anyway as I burn like a lobster. And I'm fighting aging any way I can. LOL
  7. Pfizer is approved for 16+ year olds, however most states are running through criteria to get the most vulnerable vaccinated first so healthy teens may have to wait a bit still. I'm not sure of the age on the new J&J vaccine. Moderna is testing supposedly from ages 12+ right now.
  8. It's 2 kids and their tolerance sucks, so not likely. LOL That price is one way to offer it to a quad cabin though. I'm sure they won't be losing any money that way.
  9. Unless they're selling something really fancy on a secret handshake only basis, I don't think you could even get close to that on a drink allowed for Cheers. Maybe it's from the fountain of youth... If so, I may just consider it. LOL
  10. is it worth it? How many drinks to break even on this?
  11. I received my first dose as an essential worker yesterday and the place was filled with older people. After you got your shot you had to go sit (distanced) in a separate holding area for at least 15 minutes to make sure you felt ok. I didn't see anyone react poorly or out of the ordinary. FWIW, the site I was at reminded me of a cruise terminal with all the checkpoints for paperwork and ID and ushering you to this lane and then around that way, etc. Unfortunately, this "cruise" sucks because I've yet to see someone put a strawberry daiquiri in front of me.
  12. My guess would be this is something that plays in negotiations with the destination ports in the contracts/agreements and would not go over during a non-pandemic time as the ships bring business to their economy? So if it ship sponsored excursions are required to debark to start, I don't think it will be a slippery slope where it stays that way.
  13. Like that is going to make any of the cruiselines say "oh, ok. No masks and we'll get you back on board just the way it's always been!" They don't seem to understand that it's not Carnival's call on what will be required. Just like it's not NCL's or Royal's or anyone else's call on any of that for ships going out of the US. The cruiselines want to resume sailings. I think there will be plenty of people ready to go with just about any new procedures like masks and testing--at this point I am barring something like a required daily colonoscopy or something like that. LOL I think that is
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