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  1. Hi MindyJohn, I was able to do the same today. I was able to use my FCC credit on a cruise dated past April 2022. July 14th 2022, 12 night British Isle on the Jewel was just booked today! Thanks RCI!
  2. Were you successful in getting your FCC as a refund? I seem to be in the same situation as you. I was going to cruise may 2020 but I cancelled and was given FCC. I booked a July 2021 cruise and it was cancelled on me. Now i'm looking to book June or July 2022. When trying to book online, its show i can use my FCC for that cruise? i'd like to experiment and book it and see if the FCC is truly applied. But if it isnt?.. could i cancel and get my deposit back on my CC? Is there a 24hr or 48hr window to cancel for full refund? Anyone know? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone tried using a FCC for a cruise past April 2022? I'm looking at British Isles 12 day in June or July, when on Royals site it lets me "apply" the FCC for a June or July 2022 cruise. I haven't gone as far as putting my credit card in for a deposit to confirm if my FCC will be applied or not, was hoping someone could tell me if they've done it?
  4. Thank you for the replies! Like trosebery says, 4hours for 4 stops is a tight schedule! I'm looking at walking Riga as I also want to see the "art nouveau" district. I think I will look at skipping the KGB museum so that I can enjoy the old town more and not be rushed! If I change my mind, or see we are doing good time, i will take up Andrisk123 recommendation of doing KGB first.
  5. I'm looking to do the following in Riga Latvia: KGB Museum WITH tour Central Market Ghetto Holocaust Museum Old Town Ship is docked from 11am to 6pm in mid-May. Is it possible to do all this in that time frame? if walked? or would tram/bus be needed?
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