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  1. Try to have more fun with this! I get it though, I’m also a planner and a list maker; we all have our personalities so I am a kindred spirit. Having completed this drill twice, I feel the same as many others on this thread (most more experienced than I) that you should have every expectation of getting your first choice easily if you are doing it as soon as the window opens. It can only help you though, to have a second choice at the ready. Do NOT hesitate to use the wait list because I darn near guarantee you that (if you are high on that list) that you will get it. Do be prepared that your actual excursion list will not be identical to the list that you are looking at now. There will be some adjustments but as Bill said, the Destination Services team is great and the excursions really are quite good whether you get your first or second choice. Our first Regent cruise was riddled with weather related port changes and even though one of our most anticipated ports with one of our most anticipated excursions was cancelled (lunch and live music at the winery estate where The Godfather was filmed), we still had a terrific time in the new ports that we were barely familiar with. My best piece of advice to you, from one obsessive planner to another, is keep your attitude in a grateful vacation mode. Don’t put planning over fun! There were people on our trip that were so upset with the circumstances, that they were unable to enjoy themselves at all. Please report back how you do with getting your excursions... best to you!
  2. The great thing about the Compass Rose menu is that half of it is always the same with the options discussed earlier while the other half changes daily. Each night, there are special appetizers, entrees, and desserts. The roast duck and the tuna tartare were especially delicious! There was a pasta appetizer one night with garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, and anchovies that was one of the best I’ve ever had. If you have booked a penthouse or above, you can also have a custom meal brought to you by your butler, such a treat!
  3. Welcome to Regent, you will not regret it! We made the switch to Regent and took our first cruise with them on the Explorer in April ... have 2 more cruises booked already and a 3rd one under consideration. There are lots of opportunities for custom meals on Regent. If that interests you, I’d be delighted to tell you more. Can you tell I’m a foodie!?
  4. Thanks so much for posting all of the delicious and beautiful pictures. Your report was just great and thoroughly enjoyable. Your sense of humor is a treat (even if you did dis the pretzels)! Safe travels to you.
  5. There’s nothing to flame here or to find problems with and it is a great summation of the root of the problem. Carrying a reusable bottle, which we have done for years, could not be easier and could not have a bigger pay off. Simple. In fact, it’s so simple that it’s a real head shaker. Can you only imagine the difference it would make if everyone did the small deed of swapping a reusable bottle for plastic reusable bottles? I guess we need to keep in mind that some people still smoke or don’t use seat belts or appreciate big game trophy hunting. Like you, I am pleased that Regent is taking steps to address current times. They do seem to understand that the somewhat younger demographic needs to be considered. While the unfortunate truth is that you are right ... there are those who will disregard this problem for now and continue to pretend that it isn’t the problem that it is ... but you are also right about the big picture ... using a disposable, plastic will soon be a thing of the past and in the interim it will be a social stigma.
  6. So I finally sat down and read through this thread. Hmmm, not sure how to sort all this out. The water was fresh and delicious. Our butler brought us as many bottles as we wanted and was sure that we always had enough (we drink lots of water). If you are concerned about sanitation, realize that the bottles are but one of many, many things on the ship such as forks, spoons, coffee cups, wine glasses, breakfast plates, salad plates, ice cream bowls, serving spoons, serving bowls, waiter’s trays, waiter’s hands, chefs, cooks, chef knives, cutting boards, sauté pans, beds, sofas, sheets, towels, pillows, tablecloths, toilets, carpets, walls, the jigsaw puzzle, and the more likely unsanitary sources such as door knobs, salt shakers, elevator buttons, the refrigerator handle, and railings throughout. It is hard for me to understand how anyone can still be in a mindset that doesn’t care about taking steps to help our environment.
  7. Of course it makes up for it, absolutely! Tell me though, was that cannoli half as good as it looked? We literally had to go shopping in port toward the end of our cruise because our clothes no longer fit (and we brought 2 sizes)! Conclusion: the Mediterranean climate is a problem as well. Don’t see any other pattern ....
  8. We are definitely on the love Sette Mari side of the great controversy! Your perfect description of the bread basket, snacks, and appetizers has me ready to go right now. We didn’t want to hurt the feelings of the chefs and kitchen staff so we ordered the soup, pasta, and entree. We didn’t have dessert so it couldn’t have been too many calories after all!
  9. Not for extra Prime 7 reservations but it gives you the option of an absolutely fantastic treat: a personalized, custom meal served to you by your butler that you can enjoy in your room or balcony. This one of the (many) highlights of our first Regent trip and one that we look forward to repeating for our second and third booked trips. If you choose your balcony like we did, select an evening that you are in port late. You can do this more than once so start thinking of your most special dinner dishes and prepare to enjoy!
  10. It’s Eastern Standard Time beginning at midnight , the night before.
  11. That actually is a perfect summation! They are tasty but different ... much like salmon v flounder or turkey bacon v pork bacon. I’m far more comfortable with a plant based meal than my husband is but with our cholesterol, we have had to make changes. The Beyond Meat folks should be paying me commission but I prefer their ingredients to some of the others and have found when I give him a Beyond Burger or a Beyond Sausage for breakfast or lunch, he’s satisfied. He will always prefer the taste of an 80/20 cheeseburger or a grilled andouille with fried eggs but he, like most people, is learning that the days of eating the typical western diet have to change.
  12. I understand what you mean! The Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger are designed to look and taste like beef burgers while that Super Greens burger isn’t, if that makes sense and that Super Greens burger is delicious! Btw, chocolate goes with everything ...
  13. Have you tried Beyond burgers and sausages? We just love them and in fact enjoyed the Italian style sausage for breakfast today. I enjoy mostly all of them! My current absolute favorite is Dr Praegers Super Greens Veggie Burger, not intended as a meat substitute but oh so good.
  14. No! We managed to almost order it many times in multiple locations ... can’t wait to try it next time. Love your blog!
  15. Many places are featuring Impossible Burgers but I think Beyond Burgers are much better, both in taste and nutritional breakdown. Still, I remain very supportive of the move toward more plant based food.
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