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  1. I am always happy to help people discover Switzerland...come back again soon!! I will be home on Monday!! It will be good to be home.
  2. Aside from crying?? It is terrible to see the ship sitting there and not be sailing tomorrow. We are flying to Toronto tomorrow, then to Zürich on Sunday evening. I will be so happy to be home. Gerry
  3. Probably not too many Regent cruises scheduled for either before early May?? How many cruise ports are there in DK anyway?? Norway is a different issue...
  4. It was SO much fun "cruising along with you " -- And I can't wait till your next one. Many many thanks for the photos, the comments and the occasional astute observations (especially to do with a few "undesirables" on board !!)
  5. I would imagine that all depends on the evaluation of his personal physician. If the doctor thinks that a cruise would be a good thing s/he will sign off on it. If not - then listen to the doctor and cancel... Certainly if you cannot get the form signed Regent won't let you board.
  6. Thanks!! I did that and my photo of Splendor sitting here in San Diego is now on the thread. I do have iCloud and my photos move from my phone to my iPad but not, strangely, to my Mac. Plus for another strange reason I cannot post on CC from the iPad - only from the computer. Lots for me to learn...and thanks for your help!!
  7. Thank you Rich -- I hope we cruise too. I have made contingency plans for our flight home after the cruise (and could move them up if needed). Meantime Splendor sits there outside my window, shrouded in rain and mist. So tantalising !!
  8. The beautiful Splendor glided into her berth at San Diego at 0600 or a little before this morning. We saw her come in and after the comments above we really hope we shall be sailing out of the harbour on her this Saturday.
  9. Great photos as usual - not sure though about the egg on the schnitzel!! And lovely staff. I booked flights on Air Canada from FLL to ZRH via Toronto (you might have seen this on our new blog...) for when we get off in Miami. That is the "backstop". We still want to fly Swiss of course but if people are not allowed to come to the US from Europe, airlines won't be flying from the US to Europe. So we'll do what we must. Anyway - I want to say thank you for your posts and photos. Your cruise has been lovely. And what you have done to take us along is really appreciated!! Travel home safely. When I see the Splendor tomorrow morning I will send you a wave! Gerry
  10. So - life is never simple! Trump's ban on travel from Europe to the USA will inevitably result in airlines not flying in either direction. Which means for us - Swiss will not be there to fly us home from the cruise on 4 April (date we had chosen...) So what to do? Right after his speech on TV I got onto Air Canada and booked a flight FLL/YYZ (Toronto) the day we leave Splendor and then a flight next day to ZRH. All of which are refundable IF things change with US policy. What this policy will do to airlines, cruise lines and tourism in general is beyond belief and its value for getting rid of or protecting from COVID-19 is debatable at the best. Anyway - tomorrow morning Splendor will be outside my window!! So more news ... tomorrow.
  11. Why not stow away? You could sleep on the chaise longue on our balcony!!!
  12. Publix supermarkets in Florida always have sterilising tissues to clean the handles of the carts. I think that is great and always have... The comment re the paper towel replacing the cotton ones because the cotton ones get used so quickly might be right BUT those cotton ones are washed nightly (daily?) in the ship's laundry so shouldn't be running out. Maybe there is a concern about germs nesting in the cotton!!
  13. jeb_bud - I have an iPhone 11 Pro and a MacBook air... thanks! Gerry
  14. That is terrible for Regent. But not so bad for those of us who are taking the cruise anyway... I don't want an upsell because I have the suite I wanted 3 years ago and have waited all this time to get it!!!
  15. As Mr Rumor always says this is "setting the table" for the San Diego to Miami 14th March cruise on the Splendor. Unfortunately, many of the people who would have been posting on this blog will not be on the cruise - including BobLerm, Bellagio Cruisers, ScubaDiver and others. We will miss them and hope they will travel along with us in a virtual cruise. Splendor will dock in San Diego tomorrow (I can see the dock from my hotel room!) but should have left tomorrow for a 2 day cruise for travel agents. Sadly this has been cancelled. I have no idea if visits on board from TAs are planned - I would have to think they are. When we first booked this cruise, 3 years ago, we would have been on Explorer and sailing from Miami to San Diego in February. Suddenly and very early on the cruise was wait-listed. Some of us questioned why...and then we found out! Explorer would be replaced by Splendor! Ken and I changed our plans to take the cruise LA/Miami to be with friends, especially Bellagio Cruisers. Now Sheila and Herb won't be on board... Many people have cancelled the cruise and I suppose (and will find out later) that the ship might be half full. I was keeping the Roll Call list and until last week at 58 people on it. Now that is well under 50... Ken and I flew to San Francisco from Zürich last Saturday. Had a wonderful flight with Swiss (First class at less than normal Business class prices as a result of a "sale"). To get over the 9 hour time difference we stayed put at the new Grand Hyatt at the SFO airport for 3 nights and yesterday flew to San Diego. Anyone needing a place to overnight at the SFO airport should know that the new Hyatt is sensational! The best airport hotel I have ever stayed at and indeed would be a great hotel anywhere. Now we are waiting for Saturday. Meantime heading out to shop.
  16. Paper vs cloth towels ? Just tear off your paper towel BEFORE you wash your hands. The wash hands properly. Dry. Discard. Bit of a no brainer really... Large gatherings? Look at what other countries are doing maybe?? I can tell you that we had 1 - ONE - case in Switzerland when the Federal Council banned all gatherings of more than 1000 people. This was 5 days before the Geneva Motor Show which is a huge international event. it was cancelled on the spot and the losses amounted to well of 250'000'000frs (read about 5% more in USD) to the city and canton of Geneva let alone to the exhibitors etc etc. I expect the Federal Council to lower the limits very soon, perhaps closing cinemas etc etc. There are something like 1000 cases in the US right now...
  17. That is a bit harsh - the Chinese seem to be reporting things pretty accurately now and their statistics (and the way they are dealing with this) are monitored by WHO. There was a team from WHO in China two weeks ago. The lead doctor on that team said he was impressed by the professionalism AND treatment being used by the Chinese.
  18. How warm was the sea at Grand Cayman?? It looks idyllic!! Be prepared for much cooler weather when you get to SD tomorrow! We are here now, grey skies, around 14°C going up to around 16° tomorrow. Chances of rain.
  19. Let's just be happy that Regent IS sailing. The loss of revenue must be huge.
  20. These measures make a LOT of sense to me and I have anyway always preferred the Oceania style of served buffets from the Regent "serve yourself" style. I hate, passionately, having to use serving spoons etc that others have had their fingers on. It is just not sanitary. So all looks good. PLUS - everyone - at least the people I see around me - are washing, washing, washing then sanitising, sanitising their hands. This is GOOD. This is the way to beat the virus. Well done Regent, I say. As for the puzzles etc - come on!! If your friends have typhoid and play with a puzzle would you want to play with it? I wouldn't. So why invite disease when you don't have to. If a jigsaw puzzle is essential to the enjoyment of your cruise - bring your own.
  21. I have no idea how the lectures will be structured but when we last did this same cruise (2005 on the Mariner) we had a man on board who had worked for the Canal Authority for 25 years. There was not much he didn't know about the canal. It was fascinating... Then when we went through the canal a man from Panama came on board and commented. That too was lovely. What we will have on our 14 March cruise - I don't know. But I am looking forward to the lectures no matter what!! See you Saturday!!!
  22. I was shocked too. But from a health point of view I suppose "fewer is better"...
  23. Thanks...I am really new at this game!! Gerry
  24. What a great evening. I hope we have one... Photos - I have to figure how to get the photos easily from my iPhone (11 Pro) to my computer and am working on this!! Any tips gratefully accepted. Cruisin7 - how do you do it? Your photos are wonderful.
  25. I am almost 78 (in april...) and Ken is 82. Both of us are fit and very active. We golf a lot - even in winter - walking the 18holes which is 8.5km more or less depending on how straight you hit the ball. We do this around twice a week in winter, 3-4 times/week in summer. We will be on the 14 March Splendor cruise. We have already travelled from Switzerland to California and will be in San Diego tomorrow. I totally agree that there is a world of difference between 2000/6000 passenger ships and Regent. And apparently keeping ones distance is very important when it comes to contagion by this virus. That said - anyone could board the Splendor having already contracted the virus and not know it at the time. I also agree with the wonderful quote about not panicking. Anyone remember 1959 Christmas and Thanksgiving and the fact that someone had spread rumours that cranberries caused cancer? With the result that no one had cranberry sauce to eat that year. This is the same sort of situation. Yes the virus is serious but there are more serious illnesses on this planet. With far higher death rates. Ebola is likely the worst but typhoid and yellow fever and even dengue fever are close behind. What we need is to put things in perspective. And stay calm and rational. Naturally if one is vulnerable because of another condition s/he should stay home. That is common sense too.
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