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  1. I think that that procedure is the answer... have "stickies" printed so the staff can enter the time...and then remove the things. Once this happens a few times I think it will stop. That is, until the next cruise... but it is better than leaving things where they are.
  2. Jackie is SO right. Go and tell Franck. OR tell the manager around the pool and if no action then tell Franck. It is NOT right and NOT acceptable. I can say with confidence and I hope that Jackie will agree! that if this repeats on the 14 March cruise Franck will know very soon...and in fact, no matter who the GM is, this sort of "uncorrect" behaviour is something s/he needs to know about.
  3. He was not gentleman. He was a creep !!! Buffet photos (and earlier caviar) are lovely. more food porn please!!!
  4. So sorry to hear about your mother's surgery - hope she recovers soon. We will miss you! Gerry
  5. Signatures had the closed kitchen. Latitudes the open one. Latitudes was supposed to reflect the region you were cruising in. For me this just didn't work. Then it went "pan Asian" and aside from the satay that didn't work for me either!!
  6. Thanks Jackie - I totally understand what you said above... Our journey to the ZRH airport was uneventful. Trains not crowded and on time (well, they usually are here anyway...). We picked up our bags from the Swiss Federal Railways (who had collected them from our apartment yesterday - great service!) and checked in. We have our boarding passes. Tomorrow we will have breakfast in the First class lounge and relax. Swiss treats their passengers well.
  7. This drink is FULL of citrus. Citrus is good for you. I think it also has Tequila. Which is a known pain killer. So why not?
  8. I rather doubt that the Cayman Islands refused to allow the ship to dock because there was a case of "normal" flu. Must have been suspected as Corona virus and the authorities were being cautious.
  9. Someone posted an itinerary for the 12 March sailing the other day and it said to call for prices... It is to Ensenada. Anyway Jason Montague will be onboard at least through the early evening of 14 March. I think he gets off then and doesn't sail with us.
  10. Ronrick is right Zqueeze -- some years ago I did something very similar. Hobbled around for a week or so (maybe more) and then forgot about it. Subsequently my doctor noticed the toe and said it was broken. That I should have used a splint for a couple of weeks but that it was too late and I am now stuck with it! I don't suggest you see the ship's doctor which would probably cost more than the cruise but do get it checked when you get home.
  11. Riviera and Marina each carry 1200 passengers. Almost double what Explorer and Splendor do, with only just under a 1/4 more tonnage. Cabins and suites are smaller (though I have to say I love the Vista and Owners Suites). They are lovely ships and I am sure the new ones will be too.
  12. I love Guatemalen textiles. Beautiful, colourful things!! And they last. I bought place mats in Sao Tomas about 10 years ago. We use them every day and the launder beautifully! I am really looking forward to this stop.
  13. Bob - I think someone said a bit earlier that these are only available in the Meridian lounge??
  14. Thanks pingpong1 -- I will be happy to add my impressions of the Spendor to the JOINT blog a group of us will be doing, headed by BobLerm - who not only takes great photos but writes so very well... But I cannot make comparisons with Explorer simply because I have not been on Explorer.... I will be as honest as I can. But no comparisons. Will leave those to others (Bob and Jackie certainly) who have been on both ships!
  15. I do - live close to Italy. 45mns in the car and I am in the Val d'Aoste. Right now, even though there is no Corona virus there (yet) Italy is not on my programme! The SBB come tomorrow to collect our suitcases and we leave here on Friday morning for Zürich airport. We fly to SFO on Saturday. Finally on the way to meet the Splendor...
  16. Regarding Italy - it is expected that very soon the Government will make an announcent closing all schools and universities. (Schools in Milan are already closed...) Still April and then summer are a way away...
  17. Wonderful advice and I thank you. Yes, the al fresco dining appeals a lot. And I remember loving the antipasti. I shall be more than happy to "settle" for the pasta as a main course too. When we eat there I shall raise a glass to you - grazie mille, molto gentile!! Gerry
  18. Formidable !! Thank you so much. (and stupid me - I read Steamboats posts very carefully and should have thought about looking at her great photos. So I good to go as they say! I now have 4 converter plugs that will take Swiss to Italian or French plus 4 Swiss/USA. That takes care of all the things we need to charge. Many thanks indeed!!
  19. The best Exec. Chef I have ever met on Regent was Quin McMahon - and he was an Ozzie!! Jackie - I remember Latitudes so well. In fact the last Cordon Bleu course I took on Regent was held in Latitudes kitchen. I actually didn't like Latitudes all that much - but they did make some great satay and as you know I have a part-Indonesian family... I looked in my photo albums to see when that course was and it was Rome/Ft Lauderdale in 2006. Then in May 2009 we did a TA on Navigator and la Veranda had just been "gutted" to make room for a tiny Prime 7. So P7 came in on the Mariner and Voyager sometime between 2007-2008. Navigator followed on because the transition on the other two ships just meant re-naming Latitudes. Navigator didn't have Latitudes. RonRick - I have never had a good main course (one that I would think was Italian) in Sette Mari. Great appetisers though. I am going to give it another go on this coming cruise. We are so used to northern Italian cuisine here in southern Switzerland and so make comparisons!
  20. I am not a historian! And not really a fish lover so couldn't tell the difference between black (or white) cod and sea bass. But I do know that on our first Oceania cruise which was in 2013 we had Miso glazed sea bass in Red Ginger. I do not think that Regent had an Asian fusion restaurant then and certainly the CR wasn't serving it... Personally I don't like it much. By our second Oceania cruise we stopped ordering it. On the other hand I am really looking forward to having the lobster tempura in PR on 14 March!!!
  21. Could some kind person who is on the Splendor right now take a look at the European plugs in their suite and tell me whether these are for Italian plugs - 3 prongs all in one row - or French plugs - 2 "fat" prongs. I am starting to pack and sorting out the converter plugs I need. I have both but don't know which ones to bring. (I also have some CH/USA plugs which of course I will pack). Many thanks!! Much appreciated Gerry
  22. I have noticed the same thing. And I think it goes back to the days when Frank del Rio took over both brands. Sunday "gala" buffet in the CR looks like the twin of the same in the MDR. Sea bass at Red Ginger - just like Pacific Rim. Great thing about Regent though is the wines/drinks etc are all included... and that Chili Margarita shown a bit earlier looks divine.
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