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  1. Same as capers - which are usually small. There are larger varieties...
  2. Precisely - So the TA's will be on the cruise, and then get off like "normal passengers". - and then we will board. We are, after all, "normal passengers..." Gerry
  3. I wonder if TAs will be on board between the time the mini cruise passengers disembark and 1200 when we board ? Or the afternoon we board? Who has confirmed that they will be? Jackie - you have a point there.
  4. Thanks, Jackie for the explanation(s) Car keys are always in my handbag. When I rent a car in California I will clean the keys as well as the surfaces/gear lever/window etc controls. Promise!! We never, ever sign for anything here...with one exception: If Ken uses his US CC then he has to sign and the waiters stop dead in their tracks. However this brings up the question of the keypad we have to use to OK the transaction...hard to do that with one's knuckle (recommended apparently for turning light switches etc...). So hand sanitizer to the rescue toute de suite! I just did something I hoped not to do - we are going to fly from SFO to SAN. We discussed it last night and the idea of being in lots of touristy spots made us worry more than getting on a plane. Too bad but we've been to all those places many times before. We'll be in San Diego as a result on 10 March. A week tomorrow! Wow! Travel safely...see you on 14th.
  5. Whoopee!! I am on board too and eagerly waiting to see and hear all about your cruise. Let's make a deal!! I (and many of the others of us who will be on Splendor starting Saturday week) will raise a glass to you and TB IF you promise to raise a few to us!! have a wonderful time. Gerry
  6. Disinfect car keys - maybe not one's own but certainly rental car keys... Pens used to sign CC slips ?? We haven't signed a CC slip for more than 10 years here. Don't tell me the US is still using signatures and not machines with PINs ? If I do have to sign though I shall certainly use my own pen. Thanks for the warning!! If it is any reassurance -- Ken went to buy some more wipes this morning and they are out of stock! To be fair, there weren't many on the shelf when I bought ours 10 days ago.
  7. That article was VERY interesting - thank you ronrick. This morning I heard that our parliamentarians (who start their spring session today) have been instructed not to shake hands and not to kiss each other. In a culture where everyone shakes hands and most people kiss twice or even three times this is quite a statement. Wise I think! I am off to find more wipes and some disposable gloves. Had not thought of those!!
  8. More lovely photos! Last time we were in a Mariner PHA suite on the side of the ship. We spent about 3 hours up on deck next to - but not in front of -the Observation lounge. (Can't get in front of it...only on the side). Then we retired to our balcony and Ken ordered "Lox in the Locks" for breakfast. A group of us are planning to do the same thing on our cruise. This time though we'll have a stern suite and I am looking forward to seeing the entire thing - backwards!! What a shame about the TV though. The commentary we had on the Mariner was outstanding.
  9. Probably everyone is up forward - when we went through the Canal on the Mariner the Observation Lounge and decks outside it were jammed...
  10. Just this minute saw (1630CET) that the Splendor is in the middle of the Gatun lake, making her way through the Panama Canal - hope we get some great photos later today!!
  11. Ken and I have flu shots every year. Last October was no exception. I take Bronco Vaxom which helps immunize the bronchial tubes against infection. The normal dose is for 3 consecutive months, my doctor has told me to take it for 6. Which I do. We have not had pneumonia vaccine and in fact I had not heard of this before. Maybe it isn't available here? I don't know! I hope this helps your statistics-keeping Jackie!! Gerry
  12. I think you are incredibly relaxed!! The above looks like "entrecôte aux morilles" to me - i.e.beef!! And absolutely delicious. I love morilles. (love them about as much as I hate beet root but I have to say your salad looked lovely) You must be about to go through the Canal - and I hope take more photos for us all. Gerry
  13. That was a classic...Richard Dimbleby I think?? Wonderful. The last thing we need now is panic.
  14. There are often errors and omissions on the UK and European sites. Don't know why! I know that for ages on the German site the contact phone number given had no country code - I checked and it was a Frankfurt number. Person writing that page had not given any thought to the fact that the German language site is read by people in CH and A and those people need the country code to get through!! That has been fixed...only after I told them about it though! Personally I think that someone has forgotten to add the caveat or info or whatever to the UK/Europe sites. Maybe someone who knows Graham Sadler needs to tell him??
  15. I noticed that too. Not only the Terrace Café/la Veranda comparison but also the wonderful Sunday brunch - MDR compared to Compass Rose.
  16. Travel safely Z and TB -- and send lots of photos of food porn too!! Gerry
  17. Our 14 March Splendor cruise has been waitlisted since January 2018!! And that hasn't changed...
  18. In Switzerland (country of some 8.5 million people) there are 10 official testing centres. This virus apparently is not something your local doctor can test for. And it takes 24 hours or so before test results are known. We have been told here that should we have any flu like signs we are to self-quarantine and call (not visit) our doctor. We will then be told what to do. Our Federal Council has also banned any event/sports match etc where 1000 or more can congregate. The Geneva Motor Show, due to open on 5th March, won't happen as a result. Draconian? yes. Sensible ? certainly. As this goes on I expect more restrictions. We are used to having our government tell us what we have to do here and we do it. Pronto!
  19. Excellent reply Jackie. And April is 4 weeks away. A lot can happen in a month - good and bad. I have to say though that all the infections so far here in Switzerland have come from people who were in Italy. Living 45 minutes from the Italian border I am of course concerned about this. However so far there have been no reported cases in the Val d'Aosta (near where we live). Nearest one is in Torino which is over 2 hours drive away - like Milan for that matter.
  20. First - it is not a given that Splendor will be berthed in San Diego for those two days - 12th and 13th March. If things go according to pattern (3 day cruise Ancona/Civitavecchia, similar Civitavecchia/Barcelona) this will be a mini cruise for a selected number of TAs and I would think the pre-cruise screening will be in place. Second - I think that there is no one more conscious of the dangers to passengers and crew from this Covid-19 than the management of Regent. Regent and its parent company have already taken a huge hit financially because of it. I don't think they would be so dumb as to increase the chances of infection rather than to minimise them!
  21. That Panko shrimp looks marvellous... great photos. Thanks!
  22. That is what she does - has things already done and just explains them. For me that is not a cooking class. The fondant au chocolat looks amazing!!
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