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  1. Thanks everyone we would get at least the Easy Alcohol Package.
  2. We are Royal Caribbean Cruisers and are Diamond Level, which means we get 3 to 3.5 hours every day (usually 5.00 to 8.00 or 8.30 on some ships) of free drinks (from a set drink menu but fairly extensive) and canapes which are served in the Diamond Lounge. Now I know MSC will match levels but do they have similar drinks and canapes for the level that matches Diamond and up??? We are thinking of an MSC Part World Cruise when cruising returns to our part of the world (Australia) Many thanks, Kaz
  3. We had Mike Hunnerup on Radiance the first time we cruised home from Hawaii in 2014, wasn't that impressed but that was our first cruise, thought he was a bit wooden, nowhere near as good as Jamie Fentiman or Steve Davis. Mike is an Aussie (as are we).
  4. We are from Australia and interested in an Alaska cruise (Southbound from Anchorage) with Holland America. Does this line have Alcohol Packages for sale on their cruises? I couldn't find anything on the website. Thanks.
  5. According to the list above it is supposed to be Mark Rous, or is that incorrect??
  6. We are cruising on Radiance in February of 2020, Sydney to Perth and really looking forward to it. We have cruised on Radiance twice before but can't remember the time for the last seating of Traditional Dining - so if anyone on Radiance at the moment (or recently on her) can tell me I would really appreciate it. Also need to know the times for the Diamond Happy Hour (have become Diamond since last time on Radiance)? We currently have the Late Dinner in MDR but thinking of changing to My Time but need to know Diamond Happy Hour times to see if this will fit. Many thanks for any/all information.
  7. When in NZ in February, 2019 we had some lunch at a Fish & Chip place in either Tauranga or Bay of Islands and it was lovely, was just a small café type place in the main street with only a couple of tables outside and right near a pub with a beer garden. Can anyone help me out with a name of which place it might have been? Thanks.
  8. Anyone have any knowledge regarding itineraries that will include Glacier Bay and when they will be available for booking. I am assuming it will be Radiance doing Glacier Bay and maybe substituting GB for Icy Strait Point. Look forward to hearing your observations as we are intending to book as soon as it is available, although it will be pricey for us Aussies, we don't get the same prices that US citizens can get.
  9. Jamie Fentiman is a great CD, terrific entertainer and very involved with his passengers. We sailed with him on Voyager, Sydney to Singapore in April 2017.
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