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  1. I absolutely loved the Encore Transatlantic, which was a cold weather cruise. No way would I sail this ship in the Caribbean despite my love for her.
  2. Was your cruise 7 nights? They always do the comedians in the theater one or two nights, and it’s usually less than half full. You could have gone to one of those. I’m pretty sure the Beatles are in the theater one night, as well. This is the 6th straight ship with this elevator set up. Yeah, not ideal. Sorry your trip sucked.
  3. They are the same fleet wide, so search on other ships.
  4. Don't wait for the announcement that passengers can get off. I am sometimes quite a ways down the pier before I hear the ship announce this. Instead, go wait near the exit for them to open. They will motion you over when it is time. I've never had to wait on excursions on any cruise ship when docking at a pier.
  5. You were charged $500 for the two certificates and then given $250 on board credit, so you paid a net of $250, just like you said. Your on board credit went towards the certificates, just like it does for everyone else. You just don't even realize it was there.
  6. That's the exact same thing, just worded differently. You got the exact same deal.
  7. I wasn't on that cruise, so I still maintain that I've never been on a cruise that has this. I've seen it mentioned here plenty of times.😀
  8. I have never yet been on an NCL cruise with a "Dress up or Not Night", even though I see it mentioned here. I've seen Norwegian's Night Out on the schedule sometimes. Generally, I don't even notice it.
  9. Orlando is in the dead center of Florida. There is no port there, as it is landlocked.
  10. Your concierge is full of it if they tell you that Teppanyaki doesn't take reservations for 3. It kind of makes we wonder about the rest of what you were told.
  11. The drink package is $15 on all ships including Encore. This person didn't know what he's talking about.
  12. Like, forever ago - many, many, years ago. I get the impression from some of these tips that this poster hasn't sailed NCL in a very, very long time, if ever.
  13. I travel to Vegas several times per year and love to gamble, but I couldn't care less if a ship even has a casino. Same with a spa. I've toured them on ships, and have no interest in spending a single minute in one.
  14. I prefer the gift cards. Sure, you need to use them within a certain amount of time, but how hard is that to manage? Unlike OBC, the recipient can use it to actually pay on the cruise fare before sailing.
  15. Also keep in mind that when the cabin is completely quiet during the night, if that balcony door opens, the wind sound is LOUD.
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