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  1. People are suggesting Belize, but I'm sure RCI will learn from the issues NCL has had with its private island, Harvest Caye. It's been nothing but a huge PITA. Unlike other private islands, no food or beverages are included at this port due to the agreement NCL had to make with the Belize government.
  2. You will have no idea before your cruise if there will be a single picture you want to purchase. Your pictures might all suck, or you might not get any taken for any number of reasons. Don't put the cart before the horse.
  3. Wouldn't it make sense for a moderator to merge this post with the other existing post on the exact same topic? I know that rarely happens on the NCL forum, but it happens all the time on other forums, and makes them much cleaner and more manageable.
  4. LrgPizza

    Brat pack leaving the Escape

    I think Choir of Man in the theater will sort of ruin the entire premise of the thing. Now it's just a bunch of guys singing. How ordinary.
  5. Even if she has no interest in meeting other teens, the best way to find out about activities that might appeal to a teen is to visit the teen club the first night, and find out what is going on during the cruise. If she really doesn't want to do that, then I guess she already has all she needs to know.
  6. LrgPizza

    “One and done” NCL ships

    We sailed the Escape twice before ever sailing on Breakaway. We decided we were one and done with Breakaway, since it didn't even come close to being as awesome as Escape. However, then we changed our minds and now have Breakaway booked, simply because it's the only NCL ship sailing the Caribbean during summers, so we have no other NCL choice. The one we were truly one and done with was Spirit. It was too small and boring for us. Of course, we could change our minds at any time. You just never know.
  7. LrgPizza

    NCL VIP?

    Have you not read the thread? NCL sometimes designates cruisers as VIPs.
  8. LrgPizza

    NCL VIP?

    That would be something different than what is being discussed here.
  9. LrgPizza

    NYC to Newark

    We take the bus. It's super easy and cheap. It's a direct shuttle, so no other stops. https://www.newarkairportexpress.com/
  10. LrgPizza

    NCL VIP?

    I was VIP status for 3 consecutive NCL cruises. We were invited to the Captain's gala in the Haven (even though we were not Haven guests), as well as a meet n greet during a sea day afternoon that included drinks and snacks. We were given snacks and treats in our cabin each day. We were given use of the Hotel Director's secretary as a concierge-type person. We were given priority disembarkation and escorted off the ship at the end of the cruise. We were given bathrobes and Haven toiletries in our standard balcony cabin. I can't remember what else. The perks varied somewhat on each of the 3 cruises, and were not identical, so don't consider this a checklist that will be the same for you. We never found out why we were granted VIP status, but then it went away as magically as it had appeared.
  11. LrgPizza

    Anyone else having major issues with this forum?

    That's typical. In my years here, it's been my experience that it usually takes 4 or 5 days to get a reply, if you get one at all. Patience is a must.
  12. Since you didn't understand, I was agreeing with you. Sorry you got triggered.
  13. It would expedite it by about 5 seconds, which is the amount of time it would take an agent to look up that info.
  14. Having a picture of your passport is the same thing as not having your passport.
  15. When it's time to sail underneath the Verrazano-Narrows, climb up to the highest point you can. I did that on the NCL Escape, and it's truly an amazing thing. You feel like you need to duck.