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  1. Thank you all, appreciate all your replies!
  2. Did search but didn't see anything about Jr Suites. Are they considered a suite with all the perks, or more like a balcony with extra room, so no suite perks? Thank you.
  3. We have been booked on July 1st out of Baltimore for a long time. We really don't want to change it unless we have to, as it fits in with our vacation times & plus, it is our 20th wedding anniversary while on board. Was even thinking to do a renewal of our vows. Now this & no word at all. Last time we called about a week ago they told us that as of now, our cruise is still sailing, they can't say anything more. I booked through Casinos at Sea, but not sure they could tell me much more. I think if they are not sure if they are going to sail that early, they should at least say August 1st, then give themselves more time. They must know by now!
  4. Yep, I haven't seen it, searchable, for a while. First one I see is July 10th I belive, a 5 day cruise. Yet they haven't cancelled ours yet, officially. So still holding onto a glimmer of hope!
  5. So still thinking our July 1st out of Baltimore will not sail. BUT they just went to the effort in the past 5 days of changing our itinerary, so why would they do that, if it isn't going to sail???
  6. Yes, we are sailing (hoping to sail) on July 1st from Baltimore & nothing! Firstly it is Baltimore & heard nothing about Baltimore so far. Secondly it is 9 days Bermuda & not hearing good things about 9 day cruises. Lastly, it is our 20th wedding anniversary on July 6th, so really want to go! I did see it was meant to be 3 days in Bermuda & they took one Bermuda day out & added Nassau in, which is fine. Have a dogsitter & catsitter lined up too. Just wish we knew either way, but hoping for the best still!
  7. Our neighbors oldest daughter, who is in Kindergarten, her name is Mattingly, as the Dad is a big fan! Cute name I thought & unusual.
  8. Ours is July 1st! It is for our 20th wedding anniversary & so we really do not want to cancel. But it is coming up so soon & no word yet!
  9. We have a 9 night Bermuda in July. Now it is called perfect Bahamas & Coco Cay. We specifically chose it as it was Bermuda & not Bahamas. But when I looked at the itinerary it still got to Bermuda for 2 days, Nassau for one, then Coco Cay. I can live with that, if we even sail at all!
  10. Enchantment of the Seas is not on there either. Not sure I believe that list with dates anyway, think it will take longer than that unfortunately.
  11. Me too, checking almost every day, to hear about July sailings!!! I really don't want to cancel or move my cruise unless I have to!
  12. Still not hearing anything about Baltimore. Going July 1st on Enchantment, to Bermuda, going to be cutting it close. All vaccinated in our party already. It's our 20th wedding anniversary that week, so praying it pans out.
  13. Do we know for sure they haven't vaccinated anyone from the ship. They need 3-4 weeks before, so they have that. Could be readying the ship already too, right now. No idea as we aren't hearing anything about Baltimore, just FL or Alaska. 😞
  14. Sheesh, people arguing about if one person knows the city of Baltimore or not, and if someone else knows it better. I just want to know when cruises are starting up from there again. lol
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