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  1. For those who are interested, the Moon inaugural has the kids promotion still advertised, and that will not change. Going forward the rule seems to be that any sailings over summer and holidays will have the kids promotion, unless it is a voyage that is not port intensive. Regent also promotes a family savings promotion, BUT Seabourn does not. (That is, a family savings promotion does not seem to be advertised on its Website like on Silversea and Regent ). Sea Dream also does not have a kids promotion. There are other options....
  2. Please see my other posts in this thread. I believe I have been quite clear about this.
  3. I disagree. I was told specifically that our sailing would not have the kids/babies promotion, and it still does. Ours is a summer cruise, but also an inaugural sailing, and maximizing the number of kids/babies for that event is incomprehensible to me and not what we "signed up" for. And, if the policy is to always have kids/babies promotion on the summer cruises it is highly problematic for us because we like to sail in the Med in the summer.
  4. I would be completely fine with the sort of policy you suggest. It makes sense. I'm even ok with kids on board, so long as it is not promoted, because in the past it seems only a limited number of kids are on board. (I have always felt like kids on board is tacitly discouraged because there is nothing oriented towards kids on these voyages or on the ships themselves). I fear, however, that Royal Caribbean has done focus groups on this and figures they can make more $ if they promote these cruises to families. The focus groups/consultants/bean-counters usually win when it comes to corporate decision making.
  5. The kids and babies discount promotion remains up for the inaugural Moon sailing, and 282 other voyages. I suspect Mark Conroy has zero control over this if Royal Caribbean corporate wants it, which seems to be the case. I'm pretty sick of the BS and aggravation with this (and on the last Silversea voyage we took) and there are many other options on sea and land which "get" what we are looking for in a vacation. If it's not addressed there's a high probability we and the others we are sailing with will cancel. They'll need to book 32 babies on board at 75% discounted fares to replace that revenue.
  6. Disappointingly, I write to update the group that the inaugural Moon sail leaving Trieste on August 6th is still being offered as a family discount cruise. Perhaps M. Conroy was not able to persuade Royal Caribbean management that it is a bad idea for Silversea to be doing this. Going to have to rethink our plans... We've booked an alternative as a back-up just in case. I am also thinking the cancellation fee should be waived by Silver Sea because there has been a material change in the product being offered. It is now a cruise being promoted for kids and babies, which is not what we signed up for.
  7. Incidentally, history is repeating itself. Silversea tried a similar kids promotion 10 years ago, and it caused a similar furor. The kids promotion was then abandoned. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=3185
  8. We did not discuss that. I have no issue with Silver Sea doing what they have always done-- namely, accepting kids on board, but not promoting it. My sense is that travel agents and internet forums have discouraged it because everyone knows these high-end, small ship cruises are designed for adults. What I do have a problem with is what Silver Sea has done-- advertise in order to attract MORE children and babies, whether it be by offering discounts on the website or otherwise. By offering these significant discounts you can be sure that the number of children/babies will be increased. (Indeed, I am not sure how long Silver Sea has been running these promotions on the web or through travel agents, but it is very possible that lots of bookings for kids could have already been made). If there are materially more children/babies on the voyage(s) than there have been in the past, I simply will be forced to take my business elsewhere.
  9. Mark Conroy. He said it will take a day or so for the website to reflect this change regarding the Moon's inaugural sail.
  10. I have it on good authority that the kids and baby promotion will be removed from the Moon's inaugural sale on August 6th. I, and those in the group which have booked with us, are very happy this is being addressed.
  11. I agree with Silver Spectre. Addressing this issue for only the World Cruises is unsatisfactory. There is a larger point here and there are too many other land and sea options that offer the upscale, adult only, relaxing atmosphere that we are looking for. We have no interest in spending our summer vacation in the midst of babies and toddlers who have been incentivized to come onboard at a discount. We took a break from Silver Sea for the last couple of years because of an absolutely terrible, down-market experience on our last cruise. It was such a bad experience, in fact, that Silver Sea provided us with a substantial discount on a future cruise which we have been ambivalent about using because our last experience was so bad. After much thought, we figured we would return to Silver Sea for the inaugural sail on the Moon for next summer, which we expect to be a special, sophisticated and upscale experience. Now this cruise has been designated as one of the "family discount" cruises. It is hard to believe that they would do this for a special event like an inaugural sail, and we are again rethinking our plans. We've had great experiences the last two summers trying alternatives to Silver Sea. Is Silversea worth returning to as currently managed? Are they really focused on the customer experience?
  12. I think 13 would be an appropriate age cut-off for a the product Silversea purports to be.
  13. Do you mean "permitted"? As opposed to being "welcome"? There's a big difference. This is the first time I have ever seen Silversea actually promoting to this demographic by offering discounts side-by-side with the airfare supplement and early booking discount on its website and in promotional materials. It makes total sense for Silversea from an economic standpoint-- It's basically free money to collect another 25% for a baby who won't eat much if anything, or 50% for a kid who will consume food having a cost of far less than that. The additional revenue dollars outweigh the passenger experience. Let's face it, Silversea is not what it used to be....
  14. If you look carefully, you will see that the 75% off for babies does apply to the Moon's maiden crossing. They don't show it on the long voyage, but if you look at the segments you will see it: Barcelona > San Juan and Barcelona > fort Lauderdale.
  15. Well, I view this to be a pretty significant "sea change" (no pun intended) in what Silver Sea is all about. I really have no interest in being in a restaurant on board seated next to a crying two year old who has been brought on board at a 75% discount. Also, if you check out the recent reviews, it's pretty evident that there are people unhappy about the pool/pool deck being monopolized by kids. This reminds me of the family chain restaurants that advertise "kids eat free", or at a discount. I avoid those now that my kids are in their early 20-s, and I'll avoid Silversea if this is how its going to be.
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