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  1. I don't know when I am going again, I am just looking forward to running laps while sailing in the morning followed by mimosas.
  2. yes I am. I can get my money back from my credit card insurance for the cruise but I’d rather a FCC with OBC.
  3. We were booked on Fascination for April 12th. Sailings have been cancelled until the 10th. I assumed it was going to be extended but have been waiting to see what was going to happen.
  4. cruises are cancelled until April 10th. They resume on April 10th (as of now that might change).
  5. It did. I may have miscounted. (I'm sailing on the 12th and hoping to get the cancellation)
  6. I don't understand how they plan to start again on the 10th. I thought it was 30 days. The 10th is not 30 days out.
  7. well. I’m out now. My province just declared that people who travel internationally and work in public sector have to self isolate for 2 weeks. This includes child returning to school.
  8. I tried to go into my cruise manage to tell you where (it is difficult to find) but I can't even log in right now. Sorry.
  9. Well, we sail out of San Juan. So as long as there are not "avoid travel" or "avoid unnecessary travel" advisories for SJ or any of the ports, my health insurance will cover COVID-19.
  10. My last cruise was when I was pregnant with my son. He is 5 now and is so excited to go. I think he'll be more disappointed than we are.
  11. I checked. The airline I am booked with has for flights before March 31. My trip isn't until April so they aren't covered yet. I'm ok with that. So long as it looks ok, I'm fine with going to San Juan, just need to find a place to stay for an extra week.
  12. After two attempts to get through, I was able to confirm that I will still have health coverage if I go on the cruise so long as there are no travel advisories for anywhere I travel. I also have the option to cancel my cruise under my credit card trip cancellation. I cannot use trip cancellation for my flights yet though because no travel advisory (as I expected). So now it is just wait and see how this moves in the next couple weeks.
  13. yes. I’m there too. it might be a catch 22. It’s not an official advisory but it’s a warning. So I might not get cancelation insurance on the cruise part which I’d rather as opposed to FCC But it might invalidate my health insurance. Also looking into that as well.
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