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  1. Good news, thank you! We're new to Celebrity, so just a bit unfamiliar with their processes.
  2. Hi everyone, We booked a Celebrity cruise for 2022 two days ago, paid our deposit, everything confirmed. We opted for the Indulge Package. I went on to the site today and I see an additional charge of $217 was randomly added to my cruise. I went through everything and found out that gratuities were added to my booking. First, I thought gratuities were included with the new Always Included pricing structure? Second, does anyone have experience with this happening and how to resolve it?
  3. I don’t think you’ll see Odyssey in NJ (in the winter months at least) with her entirely open pool deck when you have 3 of the original Q Class ships built for the cold weather. Odyssey wouldn’t be great for those snowy January and February days. Then again, they had Explorer there for years.
  4. So I have a Next Cruise open booking deposit that needs to be applied to a specific booking some time in the next 3 weeks. It was a nonrefundable $100pp deposit. We're staying away from cruising for a bit, and I've asked RCI for an extension on the deposit application timeline to no avail. So I'm planning to apply it to a cruise in Europe in summer 2022 that just got released. Here's my question: if we book a 7 day cruise, the typical deposit would be $500 total, but technically we'll be able to book it for just $200 because of the open booking deposit that has already been paid. If we need to cancel this cruise pre- final payment, we'll just lose out on the deposit we already paid (worth $200), and that's the end of it, right? I'm not going to find an outstanding amount of $300 due or anything like that?
  5. Don't want to hijack this thread, but it seems the Alaska experts are already here! I'm torn on itineraries for Sep 2022. Serenade from Vancouver: Ketchikan, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Haines, Sitka Serenade from Vancouver: Sitka, Tracy Arm Fjord, Juneau, Hubbard Glacier, Ketchikan Quantum from Seattle: Icy Strait Point, Skagway, Dawes Glacier, Juneau, Victoria Here's where I am at: I'm not worried about which ship, as I like both Quantum and Serenade. We've done the Northbound on Radiance previously but we can't swing the one-way this time. We loved Vancouver last time, but have never been to Seattle. We also haven't been to Haines or Sitka. My partner will be with us who has never been to Alaska. We want to do whale watching in one port, but I know that can be accomplished in Juneau or ISP. So with that said, anyone have any thoughts on best itinerary?
  6. Do you know if this is still the target? (Potential first time Azamara cruiser here!)
  7. So according to that, they should’ve been testing fuel cells as early as 2017. Have we seen anything to suggest they actually did?
  8. Yes, I know that. But Liberty was scheduled to leave Galveston for Miami in October 2021 and begin sailing the 3/4 night Bahamas cruises (replacing Navigator, which is scheduled to move to Port Everglades). Now that Liberty is staying in Galveston, there is no ship for those short cruises.
  9. Unrelated to the transpacifics discussion, but do we have any idea what ship will be doing the 3/4 night Bahamas cruises from Miami in 21-22? It was supposed to be Liberty, but she was kept in Galveston.
  10. With Liberty remaining in Galveston, that leaves Miami without a ship to do the 3/4 night Bahamas cruises. I wonder what ship will end up doing them.
  11. Empress does have some 7 night itineraries to Bermuda. Stays in both Hamilton and St. Georges.
  12. Odyssey is already scheduled to be sailing from Florida until April 2022. Plus I don't think they'd pull Florida's first Q Class ship away after just two seasons. Could it be Spectrum?
  13. Definitely eBay. Last I checked, there were plenty of Oasis models. I was searching for Mariner for about a year before finally finding one at a decent price about two months ago. Beware of many sellers charging almost double the cost of the model if you were to buy it on the ship.
  14. This would explain why Liberty’s planned 3/4 night cruises from Miami weren’t made available with the rest of the Short Caribbean / Bahamas.
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