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  1. The answer is that you pull your head in and act like an adult
  2. There was a poster on the Seabourn forum that gave a detailed review of a voyage and how it demonstrated that being owned by Carnival made it less than what it was.
  3. Where do you read the reviews of Ponant’s food? My recollection was that was one area where Ponant did reasonably well. However, these things do change.
  4. Good point. I seem to remember reading somewhere that someone did a comparison between a Regent and a Celebrity cruise in Alaska. Once you added all the extras you have to pay on Celebrity, the prices weren’t that different. However, the Regent product is overall of a higher standard. It’s just a shame that those who don’t use all the inclusions can’t get that standard without paying for everything. Maybe the point is that the all inclusive lines don’t have to waste so much time and so many resources in administering beverage packages or charges for specialty restaurants.
  5. Yes, the point is that Sydney developed before cruising became thing. And truth be told, it really only makes sense to put a cruise terminal on the southern side of the Harbour before the Bridge. That has the best transport and infrastructure to deal with such a facility. Farm Cove is a public space as ins Lad Macquarie’s Chair. Elizabeth Bay, Rushcutters Bay, Darling Point, Double Bay, Point Piper, Rose Bay and Watson’s Bay are all too heavily populated with the most expensive real estate in the Country. Garden Island or Woolloomooloo Bay is a possibility, but I doubt whether the Feds wo
  6. As far as I know of the luxury lines only Regent does the free flight thing, and they discount the fare if you come from Australia and can’t use one of their flights. Regent is probably the only one that includes excursions too. As far as the drinks are concerned, you have to remember that it’s not just alcohol that is included in the fare, but all drinks. So there’s no need for soda or coffee packages either. i seem to remember that you don’t fly. That would probably mean that the all inclusive Li es would be a difficult proposition as they don’t do as many round trips to Syd
  7. That was his question. My comment was that the value of a holiday is really the whole package to you, not worrying about how individual bits of it’s a priced. Yes, he could try Azamara, Oceania or Viking, but he wouldn’t get the same level of style, service or comfort that he would get on the luxury lines. However, if the idea that he was subsidising the drinks of others was something he just couldn’t get over, he would have a better time picking a cruise line that wasn’t all inclusive.
  8. Thousands of people and supply trucks trying to get through on one road from the Harbour Bridge through a residential area? I can see why the government baulked at it. Also, it might sound nice and easy to compulsorily acquire people’s property, but having represented several victims of such resumption by government I can tell you that they don’t always see the benefit of it.
  9. Yes, all inclusive is so much easier. No limits, no worrying, just the opportunity to relax with your favourite tipple.
  10. I watched it sail out down the harbour and out of the Heads from my window. What an awful night for a sail away party.
  11. There’s a chap over on the Luxury Cruising thread who was complaining about all-inclusive fares, because he and his wife were not drinkers and he didn’t see why he should subsidise the drinks of other passengers. What do those commenting here think about that? Would you prefer and all inclusive fare where most drinks are included, or do you think that it’s better to have drinks packages or pay as you go?
  12. Thank you for that reminder of things past on Cunard. its also interesting that you mention the corporate kitchens on Regent and Seabourn. I am a bit worried that SeaDream might go the same way with their new larger and flashier yacht. But the hope is that the fact that SeaDream isn’t owned by a larger line will prevent it becoming too bland
  13. In days gone by, you used to be able to go on a Harbour cruise on which they served a very good Xmas lunch. It’s a shame you are leaving on Boxing Day [26 December], as that is the day that the Sydney to Hobart yacht race starts. It is a wonderful spectacle watching all the boats sail down the Harbour and out of the Heads.
  14. It probably helps that the ship was using Australian supplies.😀 I’ve noticed on SeaDream that the chefs have a lot of leeway too, and can use ingredients obtained at the ports visited. They can also prepare you a special meal if you give them some notice.
  15. All I can say is that 13 January will see a lot of people still on holidays, but I think you would still struggle on the train in the morning peak hour with your husband on a mobility scooter and suitcases.
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