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  1. I carry an extension cord in my CPAP bag. DH & I both use them & the cord the ship supplies only has 1 plug in. We need 2. I haven't had any problem yet. I bring with me a 3 or 4 port USB charger & that works great.
  2. I did a Lift & Shift from Oct 2020 to Oct 2021. I got the same cabin & price protection but I did have to pay an increase in port fees/taxes. I'm just hoping Bayonne will be open by then. It is all a waiting game for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I'm booked 10/17/21 on the Oasis.
  3. I'm sure some people are having the same problem. I made final payment in January for a May Bermuda on Empress cruise. It was cancelled by RCI. I requested a refund. I received everything but the NRD. I later booked an Oct 2020 cruise to Bahamas on Oasis. I paid my deposit of $500.00. I got uneasy with the possibility of that cruise so I did a Lift & Shift to Oct 2021. With all this activity, I did not receive my original of $500 for NRD from Jan. I had to call my TA yesterday & inquire about it. She called me back today with an apology from RCI & a statement that I will
  4. I need to use the elevators due to difficulty walking (sometimes using a cane). I cannot use the stairs. I can manage 1 flight slowly holding on to the railing to pull myself up but that is tops. I hope there is some kind of line to get on the elevator. So many times my husband (who uses a scooter) & I have waited for an elevator only to have someone jump in front of us & take up the space we need for the scooter. Some people can be so rude! Will a line prevent someone from jumping in front of us? DH is not going on the next cruise but I still need to use the elevator. I wonder
  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your video & all these comments. I've only cruised the Caribbean, Panama Canal (one way). & New England/Canada so these other countries are very interesting to me. I have a couple of questions. It looks like they emptied all the stock out of the stores. Where do they store all that stock? Also, I was wondering if the crew had a pool or hot tub to use but I saw in your video that they were all emptied of their water. Do you have to stay in your cabins when not working or eating or is there a recreation area for you to use? Thank you
  6. I was tested last week & got the results back in 3 days. They used a mouth swab, but I understand it is just as reliable as the nasal swab. It came back negative by the way.
  7. Our very first cruise was in March 2014 on the Grandeur of the Seas. We hit a wave hard & we heard something crack (We were in the solarium). We found out the jogging deck cracked & the railings let lose. There were officers running to the pool deck in back of the solarium & looking above. We have seen pictures since then. There was a speed bump there for a long time. It was handled very calmly so we did not feel worried. What an experience for a first time cruiser!
  8. You beat me to it! I was going to say the same thing. I bring a 20 oz insulated tumbler with its own plastic straw that I keep filled with ice & water. I could use it for anything cold or hot. It still melts a little fast though when sitting in the sun at the pool.
  9. Thanks Iswilmot. I'm not sure if we will be going this year or next with the new no sailing restriction. If it updates again it will probably be next year.
  10. I am paying close attention to the NY/NJ cruise ship ports as I am booked to cruise Oct 18 on Oasis OTS from Bayonne, NJ. I went to the port authority website for Port Liberty & found no information. I have read that the bigger ships will be sailing first so I am hopeful. Now this rumor has come up about NY/NJ & I'm hoping it is just that (rumor).
  11. Are there plenty of taxis at the port to take us to Ardastra Gardens? We are due in Nassau on Oct 22 from 7 am to 6 pm. About how much is the cost? Also, are there taxis at the Gardens to take us back to port when we are through or will we have to call someone? I use a cane & can't walk to Ardastra but I could get around while there.
  12. I like the variety in the Windjammer. I check the menu in the MDR & if nothing appeals, I go to the windjammer. Easy peasy. I know there will be changes when I cruise in October. That only makes the cruise a little more adventurous. I'm kind of a picky eater & usually like plain food (few seasonings or sauces). I can always find something to eat that is good on any ship. I do wish they would bring back skim milk, though. That has been a disappointment. I try to stay away from fatty & salty foods so I'm pretty careful what I take. I do splurge on 1 desert & I am addict
  13. I also get upset when I see pictures of crowds of people with no masks. Don't they realize the possibilities of sickness according to the PROFESSIONALS? Do they know more than the scientists? I get the protect yourself & others from this Covid-19. My DH & I are both in our 70's. We go out to the grocery store, hardware store, pharmacy or take out restaurant (usually Wendy's). We wear our face masks & take some wipes in a plastic bag to wipe down a cart. I have had virtual doctor appointments. I have seen my granddaughter up close twice. I am so sick
  14. Thanks, Capt_BJ. I have seen the tower from our car when parking & from a ship & it just looked interesting. I enjoy almost any kind of museum & I haven't there so was considering it as something different. I've already been to Kennedy Space Center & saw all of that & we have gone on an air boat ride to see alligators (twice). I've been to Disney World several times (not worth the money for the short time we are in port). It would satisfy my curiosity & we are only in port from 1 pm to 9 pm. That would give me plenty of time after the rush to get off the ship, go o
  15. Am I understanding correctly that ships will cruise from Florida first? I am booked on the Oasis out of Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ on October 18. The ports are Port Canaveral, Coco Cay, & Nassau. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for that one.
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