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  1. I think this sounds like pure fantasy. The cruise lines in a financial free fall with no end in sight. They have no confidence their product will even be marketable for the next year or more. There is no way they've decided to start "sinking some significant cash" into anything. The only certainty ahead for the cruise lines is bankruptcy reorganization.
  2. Bookings are not indicative of actual travel. There are a number of factors that skewed this: First, as stated, a lot of the new bookings were because current cruises were canceled and people are applying a cruise credit. Second, with more relaxed cancellation options, people are speculating on fares and embracing a "wait and see" attitude. If you want a real barometer, watch for final payment stats. And the ultimate test will be actual sailings. Don't kid yourself. The industry is about to fall off a cliff. If you see a promising near future for the cruise industry, it means you've spent a lot of time here with a like minded group that is in no way indicative of the general public or even the majority of cruise customers.
  3. The OP is wondering what will happen if they currently have more reservations than a new restricted capacity will allow. That is not going to come to pass any time soon, because the demand for cruises has pretty much bottomed out. The combination of an extreme economic downturn, coupled with the collective reticence to travel for leisure is hard enough. But cruises aren't a realistic option for most people currently, as the instability of the product is a huge turn off. The risk of not being allowed back into port is significant, and a huge deterrent to most potential customers.
  4. This is where some of the cruising fanatics here lack perspective. It's going to be a long, LONG time before any cruise line encounters this "problem". Their product is currently not even remotely marketable to most people.
  5. There's a fine line between positive thinking and totally unrealistic expectations. Look behind you, like a mile, you'll see you're WAAAY over that line.
  6. August 1st way too optimistic. I suspect they will start with non-sailing vacations. Dock the ship but not go anywhere out of fear of not being allowed back in port. No way you'd get me on a ship leaving port anytime soon. I want to know I can get back off the ship!
  7. Good grief, you don't just LOOK like a Karen, you talk like a Karen too!
  8. What a selfish excuse for a travel agent you are. If I pay for something, and it's not delivered, and I'm having trouble getting a refund processed, I ABSOLUTELY will do a chargeback. That's the reason to use a card. Who are you to say you need to keep the commission for a trip that never happened? Do you think you're the only person being affected by this? I'm hemorrhaging money as I keep my business going, and you sit at home selling cruises over the internet and think ANYONE here is going to feel bad for you? Pathetic.
  9. Literally no one can be surprised by this. But even so, all these detailed discussions are kind of an exercise in futility. Until they have a substantive conversation about having to cut the number of passengers pretty much in half, then they aren't even trying to address the problem that will lead to their inevitable bankruptcy.
  10. Zero percent chance and take the refund. Credits are going to go "Poof" the day they file for bankruptcy.
  11. As I've said before, I don't see a path forward that doesn't lead to every cruise operator ending up in bankruptcy reorganization. So, I don't know what cruise companies will even exist and in what fashion in two years. If the construction has begun, I imagine something will come of it. But the days of anyone wanting to hear about a ship with 5,000 passengers are dead.
  12. This whole approach is pure fantasy. Without specific states having established guidelines, it's a pipe dream. Right now, there are restrictions on who can even reserve a hotel room. It's suspected many states will fo through the summer with restrictions on gatherings of more than 50 people, but they think they can get a couple thousand on a ship in port? It's just nonsensical.
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