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  1. It's all a shell game. Sales with cruise lines are basically just smoke & mirrors. Just look at the price and see if you're comfortable with it.
  2. As Husky said, with the caveat that NO ONE knows what the debarkation, customs & immigration process is going to look like, under the old way, it would be a breeze.
  3. For me, it depends on the circumstances. Doing a cruise this winter with nine of us, we are flying in the day before. When it's just the wife and I, I'll fly in day of. Now, if I fly in day of, it's always a very early morning flight. And assuming it's out of Florida, there are always a LOT of ways to get from Boston to the Florida ports if things go sideways. Again, I won't do that with nine of us, but with two of us, I will. The bigger concern for me isn't a mechanical delay or anything, it's weather. And at least the weather that screws up flights (snow and ice), is predictable. So, if we are flying in day of, and they are talking about weather possible in the days leading up, then I'll call an audible and leave early. I did this a few years ago. We were supposed to fly to Ft. Lauderdale on a Saturday morning for an evening sail away. By Thursday, they were talking bad weather, so I called JetBlue and said "I don't care where you send me as long as you get me out of Boston before Saturday, and get me to Ft. Lauderdale by Saturday. They ended up sending us down Friday afternoon. But honestly, I wouldn't have cared if they sent us to Atlanta or anywhere, as long as it was out of the weather and able to connect to Ft. Lauderdale for Saturday. That's a LOT less stressful with two people, but with the nine of us, it's a hard no!
  4. No, just wondering if we would all be able to be at the same table. I never would consider a group "bothering" others at a hibachi table. If people don't want to dine with others, it's really not the place for them.
  5. Thanks! We're a party of nine. I just couldn't remember if the tables held more than 8, but clearly they do!
  6. I haven't done this since Allure in 2016. Can anyone refresh my memory? How many people can they put at one hibachi table?
  7. Three couples. Two booked with one TA, on booked with a different TA. Trying to make dining reservations together. I have entered their name and reservation number, so they are linked and I can see all three reservations when I log in. However, when I go to make dining reservations, the two that booked through a different TA are grayed out and it says "Because these guests have a different booking currency or group ID, they must make their own reservations." Any thoughts on how to fix this? I've never been unable to book reservations together simply because someone used a different TA.
  8. I do most of my travel with JetBlue and have Mosaic status, so there are never any cancellation or change fees. As such, I joke that I "invest in JetBlue futures!". At any given time, I have probably a dozen flights booked and a couple hundred in travel bank credits. As such, if I'm even considering a trip, and I like the price, I just book it because there is no downside.
  9. First and foremost, we need to see ships sail and reliably be allowed to return and disembark passengers at all. Second, we need to see what the disembarkation process will be like. I suspect you can kiss the early disembarkation and quick departure goodbye, at least initially. No doubt there will be some TSA/Customs&Immigration-esque new governmental cluster put in place that will not actually accomplish anything other than cost taxpayers $$$, create a new bureaucracy, and frustrate travelers. But honestly, it's the first one that could absolutely kill the industry. If we see ships sail and there's any sort of outbreak where the port refuses entry, they're screwed. Most of us have zero appetite for being stuck on board longer than planned. Sure, it sounds nice, but it really screws everything up. I for one will not be willing to take that chance.
  10. All I was intimating was that to date, we have no idea what the disembarkation practice is going to be like, and you shot me down. Now did you say verbatim that you know what the process is going to be like post Covid? No. However, you absolutely dismissed my observation as folly, sarcastically calling me a "ray of sunshine" and "LOL" at my observation that maybe there may be some very different considerations now that will absolutely trump everyone's prior experience (even that of the board nanny). "The OP has a 1:15pm flight, I would not consider that pushing it at all." Based on what? The last time you cruised over a year ago? Not a single cruise ship has set sail from US waters, and you are blindly confident that a 1:15 flight at an airport 45 minutes away is eminently doable. The reality is this: You don't have the first damn clue what disembarkation is going to be like. Not even a hint. But feel free to continue your uptight judgmental diatribes of anyone who doesn't agree with your position.
  11. Careful, the board nanny will scold you for offering a dissenting opinion. You see, "reallyitsmema" evidently already has vast experience with how the cruise disembarkation process is going post Covid.
  12. ***** is your problem? I've always been an advocate for being able to make flights much earlier than most people think is possible. But, I was just stressing that I'm not sure I'd push that right now. The combination of uncertainty around disembarkation speed and the more limited number of alternate flights make this is a less certain scenario for the near future. Get a life.
  13. Assuming things are like they once were, then this should be fine. HOWEVER, that is a HUGE assumption. I suspect disembarkation will be a very protracted process initially, and the ship may take many hours longer to empty out. If that turns out to be the case, then it might not be viable. Anyone speaking with certainty in contrast to this right now is offering blind speculation at best.
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