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  1. "cuss" is as much a part of common vernacular as "curse" or "swearing". I don't for a minute believe anyone here now or ever really says 'cuss' "rather than the full word". It's now a completely interchangeable term. You are reacting like someone is a saying a woman is in a delicate condition because they're afraid to say "pregnant", or grandpa 'isn't with us', because they're afraid to say he died. It's nothing like that, it's actually recognized as a word in most dictionaries.
  2. Yes, we all do. And then we decide for ourselves if something is to our liking or not. But we don't necessarily then outwardly complain as though our opinion is universally held.
  3. Have you literally never heard the slang term "cuss"?
  4. Translation: "I don't mind 'adult' humor, as long as it meets MY arbitrary determinants of what is and is not decent! I am the ultimate judge and authority on this"
  5. You think Royal is catering to cruise critic hosts to that degree?🙄
  6. Yes! And you can also replace your mouthwash with grain alcohol and hit the local military surplus store for some MREs and you'll save even more money!
  7. Salt water = dirty windows. Sorry it's ruining your cruise...
  8. Anyone want to share a link to the article in a fashion that doesn’t trigger the thought police? I mean really, this is a Royal Caribbean message board and someone is trying to share relevant information about a real time change in offerings on board, and we can’t seem to get that information here? Maybe this page isn’t the authority on all things cruising it touts itself to be.....
  9. Yes, yes.... Because in between looking for x-ray images consistent with guns, hair dryers and liquor bottles, a couple hockey puck looking pieces of wax... THAT’S what’s going to raise a red flag! LOL!
  10. Umm.... someone asked a question, people shared their thoughts. I'm not quite sure how any of that elevates to the level of "huge conundrum". But thanks internet referee guy!😐
  11. To the OP, you should be fine. They frankly aren't looking for this. But it does make me wonder.... I see questions like this a lot, and maybe I just don't appreciate the premiums some of our overseas friends pay on goods back home. Exactly how much more do you have to pay for these at home that makes it worth the effort and hassle to stock up on them prior to a cruise vacation, only to lug them back home? Is the price double? Triple? And really, how much is that? It's kind of like seeing people get all excited for duty free liquor at 20-30% off the retail prices back home. I'm all for saving a little money on some bourbon, but the hassle of getting it back home totally negates the savings.
  12. New personal goal: Any time I cruise, I'm going to make a point to do every "#2" possible in a public restroom. The fact that there are this many people here who get worked up about this is but the latest confirmation that the cruising demographic is loaded with a lot of people who really best not ever leave their house....
  13. I'm really not sure what to tell you. Royal contracts with local dive operators. Everybody has to make money on it. Cut out the middle man and you'll pretty much always get a better price.
  14. Who cares if it can be done. It is a completely stupid idea that won't appropriately serve those in need. Some people have varied abilities and need to elevator at times, but not others. Some people make the mistake of getting fall over drunk and can't safely use the stairs, but you're coming up with a system to block them from using the lifts. Those are just thoughts off the top of my head. If I were actually putting some effort into it, I'm sure there are countless other arguments against this. Is life REALLY that hard that this even merits a solution??? No!
  15. Totally asinine. So they are going to technically revamp the whole system to manage lift use by keycard, therefore only allowing it for those with predetermined issues. So if I tweak my ankle playing basketball and need to get back to my stateroom on deck 3, I'm going to be SOL. Give me a break! This whole idea is so stupid. If it takes another three minutes to get a lift, no one is going to cry you a river. Why do we need to live in such a desperately managed nanny state? Not everything is perfect and spoon fed.
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