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  1. Sailing in December and February. For both December and January, they bumped final payment to 30 days out about four or five days before the first of those months final payments were due on the 90 day schedule. With that in mind, keep an eye the end of this month, as that will be when they pull the trigger for February if they choose to.
  2. We had nine of us traveling and wife's family just decided to join in the fun, bringing out total to 13. Has anyone had any luck with a table of 13? I think 12 is the max.
  3. Alright, try this one on for size. We have a specific challenge because of travel right around a holiday, making scheduling the tests very difficult. HOWEVER, one member of our party is a licensed physician. He is willing to bring BINAX NOW test materials when we all meet up in Ft. Lauderdale the day before sailing. He can do the test, and will provide everyone with a printout with their name and DOB, confirmation of negative test results and his signature and license information (both his home state, and he's licensed in Florida). You think that will suffice?
  4. Really? You have "no idea"? You can't even wrap your head around the concept that older individuals are in fact less likely to embrace newer technology? Seriously, that's an entirely foreign concept to you?
  5. I didn't realize all the ships coming back into Ft. Lauderdale so far have been empty!😂 jk, figured that was better than just saying "bump"!
  6. An entirely personal decision of course. But for me, it's a hard no. I've been self-insuring my travel for twenty years. I have health insurance that covers me through reimbursement and access to enough capital to bridge the gap. I also have medical evacuation/transport coverage through MedJetAssist. So the only thing not covered is the actual cost of the trip. Over twenty years, I've lost the cost of part of one trip, so I've definitely come out ahead. If the peace of mind is important enough to you, then so be it. But travel insurance is universally considered a bad investment by any financial planner.
  7. Curious if anyone can give recent feedback on the debarkation experience in Ft. Lauderdale. Sailing Odyssey in late December/January and just wondering about the timeframe for debarkation. If you've sailed out of Ft. Lauderdale recently, tell me the following if you can: When was the ship cleared? Did they still do the typical self-debarkation first, and if so, at what time? What was the wait like clearing customs? Better, worse, or about the same as pre-covid? And other observations?
  8. This thread seems to have, well, how should I put this? It seems to have lost some weight.😂
  9. I'm rather curious about this as well. Slated for Odyssey the end of December. I imagine Royal is playing it close to the vest, and there's no definitive info out there. But it's worth asking.
  10. Good way to look at it. It's a sunny Saturday afternoon in The Bronx with my 18 year old and 50,000 other people. Might I hand him a beer? Absolutely! Am I going to feed them to him all afternoon and let him tie one on? Hell no. I wouldn't let him do that at home either.
  11. I guess that's one way to look at it. Maybe they'll start to require this of everyone under 25.
  12. Just to be clear, I'm in no way lobbying to let a bunch of 18 year olds drink on my next cruise. All I'm saying is that telling a legal adult that they can only do something if another legal adult says they can is kinda sketchy at best.
  13. The latter makes sense. Lots of hotels won't allow under a certain age. The absurdity is the first part. A parent has ZERO legal authority over an 18 year old. If it's a simple CYA tactic by the cruise line, then it's one that's absolutely meaningless.
  14. This is nonsensical. If he's 18, whether they permit him to do something or not (and they do when it's legal and do not where it isn't), it has NOTHING to do with you. Why would someone think an 18 year old and therefore legal adult would need someone's permission to have something happen?
  15. It may not be the "logic" you are thinking of. There are numerous other challenges from staffing to supplies that may well be coming into play.
  16. Thanks, but I'm really not looking for anything special. I have a booking with a fully refundable deposit. I'm just trying to understand my options after final payment.
  17. So, if I cancel after final payment, it will be an fcc. Is the FCC for the specific traveler, or is it a voucher that anyone can use? I ask because we have nine family members going, and there's virtually zero possibility of finding another time we can line up the nine of us again in the timeframe.
  18. I know this has been discussed here ad naeseum for the past 18 months, but it's almost a case of too much information now, and I'm trying to sort it out. Here's the deal: Currently booked on Odyssey in December. I have a refundable booking, so if I cancel before the final payment date in September, I'm fine. Am I right that if I cancel AFTER that the normal percentage forfeitures once again apply (i.e. I get less money back the closer to the cruise)? There is no special considerations being given because of Covid et al at this point, correct?
  19. Ouch! Having someone take a "huge piece of mind" would in no way give me even that slighted peace of mind!😂
  20. LOL! I meant it's far simpler to move the bag from curb to ship than on an airline where the bags need to make if from a check-in counter to a plane, then possibly connect to another plane or two and then be hauled to baggage claim.🤣
  21. Conversely: 1. Don't worry about it. 2. Show up at Port. 3. Have tags attached by crew. 4. Realize this is exactly what has happened for decades to allow bags to successfully fly around the world and appreciate that it's far simpler to move it from the curb to the ship.
  22. Humor comes in all forms. Choosing to be offended or objecting to most of it instead of just laughing, well, that's pretty much the exclusive purview of the miserable. Enjoy your misery!
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