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  1. 1emerald1

    Princess website still down?

    What browser are you using? I was using Chrome then someone on the boards recommended IE and when I switched to that I have no problems now.
  2. 1emerald1

    Princess website still down?

    And I got the original version back!
  3. 1emerald1

    Princess website still down?

    I just tried Explorer too and got through! Evidently it doesn't like Chrome right now.
  4. 1emerald1

    Princess website still down?

    I just tried to access the site via my cell and I got through. I still cannot access from my desktop. I called Princess this morning on another issue and mentioned the trouble I've had with their web since Friday and I was told to use Chrome, which is what I use. The associate said my call was the first she's heard of any issues and wanted to transfer me to the tech dept., but I declined, had errands to run.
  5. 1emerald1

    Princess website still down?

    I can access everything except "plan a cruise".
  6. 1emerald1

    Traveling solo

    There are so many passengers who travel solo, and like me it's because sometimes I prefer to. I meet so many more people, and selfishly I can do my own agenda and don't have to share a cabin. In fact on my last cruise I was at a table of 8, most were couples with the exception of another single lady, older than me and divorced as well. Again, no one asked her embarrassing questions and like everyone else she shared her prior and future cruise experiences with the table. Going solo is not a stigma, unless you yourself think it is.
  7. 1emerald1

    Traveling solo

    I've never been asked those questions. I don't recall verbatim conversations but perhaps on the first night when we introduce ourselves, perhaps I mention that I'm divorced. I'm not clear on what you mean about age, I'm late fifties but I have always been told I look younger. Maybe the way I present myself is with confidence and project that I am very excited to be on the cruise, whether solo or with family members, and not of being uncomfortable of afraid.
  8. 1emerald1

    Princess website down AGAIN

    It was somewhat down for me yesterday, now it's totally down. Unreal.
  9. 1emerald1

    Dismbarkation Checklist

    I hate receiving that form and do not read it, too depressing. I grab my luggage tags and look for my disembarkation lounge and that's it. Plus I do not understand why they have to deliver it in the middle of the cruise, what a jolt!
  10. 1emerald1

    Royal Princess

    It will be docking at berth 92 instead of the usual 93. I haven't been to that berth in 30 years, so maybe someone who has been there recently can comment? I've seen the Coral and the Star there when the Ruby or Emerald have been at 93. The last time I was at 92 it seemed small and crowded and it was pre-internet, so a lot of passengers were filling out their forms at the check-in desk. Would like to hear from someone who's checked in there recently.
  11. 1emerald1

    New Princess Sale

    It's ridiculous, used to be one of the better sales.
  12. 1emerald1


    I will have it on my next cruise.
  13. 1emerald1


    I had it around a year and a half ago, on a 10 day cruise, Royal. Maybe the length of the cruise is a factor.
  14. 1emerald1


    I had it on the Royal, and it was delectable, melts in your mouth!
  15. 1emerald1

    Royal Princess -"good" choices in MDR?

    Ugh, guess I'll do the prime rib next time.