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  1. Thanks, your response sounds the most plausible.
  2. Yes, she is going to San Pedro for summer 2021, in fact I'm booked for a May Mexico. However the month of April is blocked off so that's why I'm wondering if she's scheduled for a dry dock, maybe for the generator issue.
  3. I noticed that the schedule for the Crown is left blank for April 2021. Does anyone know if that is due to a dry dock? Thanks.
  4. I am so down on Princess right now for these reasons. I started out with just over $6,000, then they took away $1,509 due to a "mistake", then it was $5,200 and now it's $3,900, due to another human error mistake. I've been all over this with my PVP and I still can't follow his explanations, and I am an accountant. Plus the price for cruises has gone up drastically.
  5. I'm booking on Monday with the hopes that by next summer things will be better, if not I will reschedule. Can't imagine walking around Puerto Vallarta in the summer with a mask on.
  6. Not at all, the ships dock perpendicular to the same lot. And if you are leaving from pier 93, you will have dibs on closer parking.
  7. Thanks for the pics. If you have any cabin pics I would love to see them.
  8. Yes, it's tricky to find but here it is: https://www.portsamerica.com/operations/cruise-los-angeles-terminal-schedule let me know if it works, sometimes when I copy links onto this board they don't work.
  9. I just checked the cruise ship calendar for San Pedro and it shows the Crown going out on 7/3/21 thru 7/14/21 and then 7/17/20 thru 7/31/21. So most likely those would be the dates for the Alaska round trip from LA itineraries.
  10. I watched it on METV and it brought back memories of how small the old ships used to be. I also enjoyed that it was really filmed on the ship as poor Columbo had no sea legs and was rocking and rolling all over.
  11. Does anyone have any word on who the Cruise Director and Maitre D' will be on the Enchanted?
  12. I asked my Princess vacation planner if he had any insight on the Crown, and he would not give me a definitive answer but he did say that they were told a ship would be based in San Pedro for the summer.
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