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  1. Love the Emerald! Thanks to all who contribute. If someone could please post a listing of the officer's I'd much appreciate it. Have a great cruise on that beautiful ship!
  2. That is my main concern. By the time they fix my issue my preferred dining time and table size will not be available.
  3. When I am told to be patient I immediately have an urge to scream!!!! Ultimate blow off, really what they are saying is we'll get to it when we feel like it so sit down and shut up.
  4. My latest response from AskOceanMedallion regarding my issue was that they are prioritizing according to sail date and encouraged me to be patient......
  5. I have a cruise that doesn't even show up in my medallion! My many attempts to contact someone who cares, or maybe even be able to fix it, are fruitless.
  6. Still having problems!! My 3/27 cruise does not appear in the app, numerous emails and calls to the Ocean team and all I am told is to be patient.....
  7. Are you going to do a live from when you join the ship? I really enjoyed the one you did on the Royal.
  8. Oh my gosh!! Where have you been all my life! Been on 30 cruises and have yet to try that. That'll be my first drink on my next cruise!
  9. Could someone please post who the Officer's are? Thanks.
  10. Haha my dyslexia kicked in when I saw your user name, I read it as My Steamy Life!! Was very interested in what you had to say!
  11. I'm booked on the March 27 Discovery too! However this booking doesn't show up on my medallion app. I've e-mailed and had two lengthy conversations with the Ocean people to no avail. Is your booking listed on your app? If this ever gets resolved and I do go on the cruise, I'd enjoy meeting you!
  12. The last time I was in Cabo, which I think was 2019, on the Royal, the ship did not use its own tenders. They used much larger ones, which may have been provided by the port, not exactly sure, but definitely not Princess tenders. And did not have any problem catching one coming or going.
  13. I booked a 2023 Alaska today based on your excellent commentary and incredible pictures ! You should get a referral fee. Also loved geoherb's review.
  14. I've eaten in all 3, Allegro is what was used for traditional dining. However I thought the Symphony and Concerto were prettier based on the artwork and murals.
  15. So is renaming the Maitre D the Director of Restaurants a promotion, demotion, or lateral move?
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I am not bailing, just looking for a backup in case Princess cancels the cruise, or puts port restrictions in place. I want to be able to explore off ship on my own.
  17. I have a Caribbean cruise booked in March 2022, and with the latest bulletin from the CDC placing St. Thomas and St. Maarten, amongst other islands on Level 4 alert I have concerns that the cruise may not happen. I am thinking of booking as a back up, the Discovery Mexico on March 27, 2022 which is the sailing following the inaugural. For those who have sailed on such cruises can you advice what to expect? Will the staff be trained up properly? Medallion issues? Quality of food and dining? Any feedback is much appreciated.
  18. Thanks so much for the great pics and posts! Boarding day is my favorite!
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