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  1. Does anyone know if there will be tour vendors when we get off the boat in Halifax? We want to go to  Peggy's cove, don't know if we should book ahead or wait and see whats available that day. 

  2. Looking for info on how to easily get to Peggy's Cove. We are a party of 4, do we have to pre-book a tour or will there be tour vendors at the port?

  3. I haven't cruised on Princess since the drink package came along. I have gotten the package as a promo on Norwegian and Celebrity. I have only ever bought it on Carnival. On Carnival you have to purchase the cheers package for all in stateroom over 21. My friends sailed Princess recently and bought drink package, they said they only bought it for 1 of them and shared it. Is it true that some cruise lines don't make you buy the package for all in stateroom over 21?

  4. 8 hours ago, CanadaRob said:


    I think if you are swiping with your SeaPass it shouldn't matter.  Have it locked and you swipe to get in.  You'll always have your card.  Could make it 24hours or 18hours to allow cleaning, etc.


    Some fitness centers are over rooms. Treadmills on some ships are not even turned on until 7am. I've seen idiots drop weights like they're at 24 Hr Fitness. 6am is fine for me. It's vacation. But my wife and I will sometimes do boydweight workouts on a quiet corner near the jogging track where we can do some exercises and mix in some cardio.

  5. My wife does our cruise booking so this is new to me but this sort of pricing tactic seems sketchy and best and illegal at worst.


    I remember here in CA, during Thanksgiving, the retailers would run pricing for the black friday ads but when people went into the store, or shopped online, there were non of those items available. If I remember correctly, the CA attorney general took action and the retailers were then required to have inventory for everything they advertised.


  6. Just now, Essiesmom said:


    That looks like a bit much for a middle school not yet teen to carry around on a ship.  You have recommended this twice today on these forums.  Are you the one selling them on ebay?  EM

    lol, no. I have a couple of them and use them for all manner of things from work, hikes, travel.


    If you look around ebay, you can get smaller ones.


    I've given them to middle school relatives and they loved them because they look cool and not like a boring messenger bag or worse, fanny pack.

  7. 20 hours ago, Cruzaholic41 said:


    Good gracious. Can you get any more elitist?  Seriously. You really need to tone back this rhetoric. I’ve cruised luxury and premium lines including your beloved Oceania. But unlike you, I’ve also cruised those so-called amusement parks. There are great things to be said about each and every cruise line. But that’s not the topic, is it?  The topic is loyalty programs. So how about, for once, you try to stay on topic and put aside your shilling for Oceania. 


    I would agree. Guy sounds like a really fun person.


    My wife and I are comfortable enough to take the higher end cruises but frankly, we don't want to. We enjoy partying and having a great time on Carnival versus the uppityness of Celebrity. We think the entertainment on Celebrity is awful. 

  8. Our first cruise was with another couple who had cruised before. It was great to have them along to help us out. We have now recruited more friends to join our vacation obsession. It's fun to watch them get more comfortable with each cruise. 

    Things I learned after the 1st..

    If you workout, bring a few workout outfits. You may decide to use them, I had to walk in swimsuit on my 1st. Better to have than to want. Most important, get on the ship as early as possible. You are paying for the day, let your vacation begin.

  9. The first time this question was asked I was a little confused. Then thought here we go, starting to get less for my money. After a few cruises I don't really see why I need the room cleaned up twice. We are gone from the room almost all day, It's not dirty. We pick morning service. Steward stops by at night and gives fun times and change beach towels.

  10. I have cruised on Royal, Carnival, Princess, Celebrity, and Norwegian. I LOVE the food on Norwegian. I didn't think Celebrity was all that amazing. The atmosphere and entertainment on Carnival is the best. We love the trivia during the day, the theater shows, comedians, and piano bar at night. They really are the fun ship. Carnival's food is ok, I cruise with them so often I would love to see the menu change a little. I feel the service on all is the same, they are there to please us. The big picture for me, I'm on vacation. The ports are the same and so is the ocean.

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