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  1. You are going to love the Panorama. The ship is so beautiful and modern.
  2. We always carry off our luggage. Usually are off about 8am. They call by deck, we always just get in the long line after breakfast and have never had a problem getting off.
  3. We have a cruise booked for May 10th, hoping cruising is back on by then. First thing we always do is get a drink and a Guys burger with fries. That won't change.
  4. I had a friend scheduled on a 7 day mex riviera from SD, due to hurricane they were rerouted 2 days before cruise. Became a north cruise. Knowing the ships have to stop in 1 non U.S port I can't remember where they went. Maybe Ensenada, then on to west coast ports.
  5. When we return from a Carnival cruise and take the survey I always add this comment. Why can't the cruise ships have water bottle filling stations like the airports. Get with the times, a huge percentage of people travel with their own refillable bottles. I use a clean cup to fill my bottle at buffet. I see people walk up and fill bottles directly. If they know this is happening, do something to prevent the spread of germs. They should be thanking of for less cups to wash.
  6. The change makes the process faster. No more standing in line to be checked in and cards handed out. You print your boarding pass and use it until you go to your room @ 1:30pm. Cards will be in envelope at your door. You can use your boarding pass to get drinks if you bought cheers before boarding.
  7. I agree, questionnaire is ridiculous. Nobody is honest. How many people get on sick as it is and mark no for everything.
  8. Maybe everyone involved has learned how to handle these situations better. I appreciate the precautions, clearly they don't know what they are doing. Good luck to the embarking guests today. Lets hope next Saturday is less of a disaster at the terminal.
  9. So glad to wake up and hear it was a negative result. Hope that disembarking goes smoothly this morning.
  10. I love the Alchemy bar drinks too. Did your cheers package continue today for free or are being charged the $50 for today?
  11. This is why Carnival sent the letter yesterday about canceling and OBC. They are trying to give people an out before it comes to these situations and people are displaced waiting to embark. I see why people would want to cancel and not deal with this. So many people on the Panorama missed flights home today.
  12. So Imagination will float around tonight and tomorrow waiting for Panorama to leave. Poor Imagination guests being delayed. I hope overnight no bad news arrives and Panorama is stuck in port.
  13. I can't stay up any longer to watch this play out. I hope when I get up in the morning you are disembarking Saint Greg. Enjoy your extra night.
  14. I think the phrase no international travel means they had not been outside the U.S before the Panorama.
  15. I think Carnival knows they are screwed in this situation no matter how they handle it. They are usually following weather patterns and rerouting/changing itinerary due to storms. This is not something they deal with it everyday. They are dependent on the medical world to make decisions. It sucks for all involved. The letter sounds like they are financially taking care of people who are at the port waiting.
  16. Depending on when the results come in and what they are. The current Panorama guests maybe stuck awhile. I hope this gets cleared up overnight and it's business as usual tomorrow. As we said earlier, how is Imagination going to pull in tomorrow with Panorama still there. Have the Imagination guests embarking tomorrow been notified yet of changes?
  17. I agree with you, it's like a dramatic movie. I'm going between 2 threads. I would much rather be stuck on the ship right now. They seem more comfortable than the people waiting to embark.
  18. My Aunt once had a ship not able to pull into port. Carnival contacted them to be at the local airport, they were put on a Fed Ex cargo plane and flew them to the port the ship was docked at. Maybe they can fly people between Long Beach and San Diego if San Pedro is full.
  19. Imagination comes in on Sunday. Inspiration comes in on Monday.
  20. only 1 ship can be at Long Beach at a time. Imagination, Inspiration, and Panorama share it on different days.
  21. We booked this week for May. Not worried about traveling. Just want a vacation.
  22. I was excited to see the letter. My friend told me about it this morning. We are booked for May 10th on a 4 day Baja cruise. This will cover our gratuities. Hope my letter comes soon. I printed a copy to bring with me in case I don't automatically receive the credit when we board. It's a nice incentive for those of us stilling wanting to cruise. I think it's smart to offer rebooking options for those who want to reschedule. Maybe the ships will be less crowded the next few months.
  23. I dunno, the wife and I got off the inaugural Panorama cruise last week and it was perfect. Not a problem to be had.
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