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  1. The ship was no doubt beautiful. The updated and modern materials were excellent. The bars and venues all looked great. Not sure if it was mentioned earlier but the AC system appears to be an issue. Even comics made fun on the problem. Our service at poolside and at dining was excellent. One breakfast in the dining room was slow though with about 30 minutes to receive food. Was disappointed the dining room menu is the same ol same ol. Bummer. Was hoping they would have updated it. We thought the rock show was much better than the "Broadway" show.
  2. The wife and I drink ALOT on a cruise. I'm never inebriated but I can do a drink an hour from breakfast to when we go to bed. Any more than 15 drinks and I would be a mess. I guess if you were drinking smaller, but top shelf liquors and shots, perhaps then. Meh, just buy shots for everyone!
  3. I can't believe boarding doesn't start until 2pm. How could they get 4000 people on in a couple hours. The wife and I aren't buying it.
  4. If you want seafood, opt for NCL. I think it was the second and fourth days on a week cruise they did a salmon barbeque for lunch on the pool deck. Nice big slabs of salmon barbecuing on the deck and it was delicious.
  5. When we cruised Splendor we had traffic approaching parking structure. We easily found parking, as the debarking guests were leaving. We are concerned about the Dec. 11th Inaugural sailing because there will be no debarking guests, the ship arrives with crew only. Since Panorama is about 1,000 passengers bigger than Splendor, we anticipate parking and traffic chaos.
  6. We are on the inaugural Panorama cruise. Our concern is parking. We cruise from Long Beach multiple times a year. Normally when we arrive passengers are getting off and parking is no prob. When we arrive for Panorama, the Imagination & Inspiration will be out to sea. With 2 ships full of passengers already parked, how are we going to fit? I think the majority of us will be sent to the other lot and shuttled back to terminal. Anticipating traffic and chaos. On a positive note, once on the ship vacation officially begins. The morning drama will be over, a drink in hand, and let t
  7. Hotel Current was $169 for Tuesday night December 10th. They offer free parking up to 14 days and have a shuttle to cruise ship terminal.
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