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  1. It’s interesting you posted this because yesterday I changed my cabin assignment on the same ship sailing Japan and even upgraded to move from the forward at the elevator on deck seven to the aft by the elevator on deck eight. Because I’m told that there is less pitch in the aft. Also most of the places I will be going to our midship to aft on the decks anyhow and as I have A problem with my ankle I have to limit my steps per day so keeping to the app by the elevator works best in general for the place in the shack to visit. So I went from cabin 7070 spent $300 more and I’m now in cabin 8142.
  2. I am booked on Celebrity doing an overnight in Kyoto well it’s docked and Kobe. We’re just planning on taking the train in I got a hotel night in the Gion. I’m interested to see if anybody else is done this and I will be following this thread. It was something similar but got no replies.
  3. I called Celebrity and they gave me the option of canceling and rebooking and that money could take a bit or they would put the difference as a onboard credit. So I went ahead and approved the onboard credit and just to tell you how awesome they were, the refund amount was $145 and they went ahead and just gave me an extra $150 onboard credit. And as you know with Celebrity I can apply that to any purchase right now before the cruise. Way to go celebrity!
  4. I purchased shore excursions with Celebrity and now I see there’s 30% off. Can I call the cruise line and have them refund me that amount or do I have to cancel the old sure excursions and rebook new ones. Any idea if that can even be done?
  5. I just re-priced my cabin they took off over $300 an added $200 onboard credit with today’s sale. I would suggest if you haven’t paid your cabin in full to see if your cabinet price went down.
  6. This celebrity millennium will be overnighting in Kobe. I want to stay the night in Kyoto not just go and visit and come back to the ship. I want to know how easy that is to do and if anyone has done it? And if you stayed in the old section of Kyoto what hotel did you stay in? Were you nervous getting back the next day? How much was a train ticket? That kind of stuff. Thank you!
  7. I’m a TA. I have a hearing impaired client and we text most everything. Ask if she would feel this works better then email.
  8. Do what makes you happy, I smile when I see the creativeness and move over, the celebration of holiday!
  9. I’m booked in a 2c, so limited cabins. In in 7070 now.
  10. I’m set to sale next year for the 14 day Japan cruise. What side of the ship do you think would be the best location for my cabin?
  11. Hello we will be overnighting in Kobe. Thinking of taking the train to Kyoto and staying the night and then taking the train back the next day. Staying in a ryokan and do something cool in the Ginza. Anybody do that? Any suggestions? Is it a pain in the butt? I’m gonna have a bunch of people with me. Celebrity cruise.
  12. In response to the muted color palette of the new design: I think the people bring the pop of color that everybody says it needs! I think when you see the environment with the people in it that it will be a beautiful sight to behold.
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