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  1. Kosh III

    Juneau transit?

    Thanks. How close to Visitor Center does it go? I don't mind walking as I am a hiker.
  2. Kosh III

    Juneau transit?

    Is there public transit (buses) from Juneau cruise port to Mendenhall Glacier visitor's center?
  3. We cannot use credit card. We cannot use US dollars Will a merchant(cigar/souvenir) accept Euros? Or do we go to a bank prior and get Euros which can be exchanged for Cuban currency at the cruise port. Correct?
  4. What made MSC so bad? We're booked for MSC next year, first time. Usually do Royal and Celebrity.
  5. I stated it was Solstice, that's a Celebrity ship which I assumed everyone would realize. All of Alaska is on same time zone so it mattered little that it is Juneau Ketchikan and Skagway; all the same. Only different time zone is Seattle which is irrelevant to my question.
  6. Yes, that is exactly the info I wanted. Thanks. I'm not so much a train person as a scenery outdoorsy type. I expect I will also see fabulous scenery in Juneau and Ketchikan so now I have some decisions to make.
  7. We are doing an AK cruise on Solstice, I'm looking at an excursion which starts on Alaska time. What time will the ship have? Pacific to match the departure/return port of Seattle or will it adjust to local time? TIA
  8. Has anyone done the WPYR excursion to Denver Trail? Train to mile 6, get off hike a couple of miles there-and-back then return on the train? How scenic is it on the train ride as opposed to White Pass excursion to the summit at mile 20? Big cost difference.
  9. We will be in Skagway the first week of Sept. on Celebrity Solstice. I am looking at a hike on Denver Trail. It would be a train ride to mile 6 then the hike and return on the train. Has anyone done this? How was it? If so how scenic is the train ride up? I love hiking and love scenery. I'm split between this hike and doing the White Pass Summit Trip. TIA
  10. Thanks. Doing MSC first time on Meraviglia in Nov 2020.
  11. I just booked for Nov 2020 and it said I would have the 12 drink package. Reading this I am now concerned. Should I be?
  12. Thanks. I am having a similar problem. I booked a cruise, a few minutes later tried to sign up for Voyager and it said my email was already in use and blocked me from continuing. I guess I will need to call; not cruising until 11/2020.
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