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  1. We had the large wall mounted TV in a regular veranda room on Nieuw Amsterdam a few years ago, so presumably it would be in the suites higher than the veranda.
  2. From a customer point of view, the fact that this “test” is being implemented is ridiculous. Wonder if it would constitute “bait and switch”, since consumers have long committed to theses cruises when MDR second entrees did not come with extra cost? Guess it may depend on prevailing understanding or whether explicit language that MDR was unlimited food is needed. Anyways, even though we do not order second entrees in MDR, this $10 cost will strongly make us go away from HAL, not just for non-HAL, but specifically a cruise line not owned by Carnival corporation. No reason to give tens of thousands each year to Carnival corporation if they feel this is appropriate direction for their cruise lines. In terms of HAL needing to attract a newer generation of cruisers, my wife and I are young professionals in early 30s, who have very much enjoyed HAL and intended to make HAL our go to cruise line for the next several decades, with two 10 to 14 nights cruises booked for this year. Even though this cost will rarely be applicable to us, the concept itself sickens us. Cruises and vacation in general are places of escape from the workplace for us, and this nickel and dime behavior, the mere fact of seeing if printed on the menus, would ruin the cruise experience for us, knowing how it was just in last few years. The loss of the cold soups was already a sad change. Lastly, we have all seen people exhibiting behaviors on cruises that we ourselves do not agree with. You can choose to not associate with those kind of behavior, but feeling that you have a right to judge someone else lifestyle does cross a line. They paid their quoted price to be on the cruise, which may be less or more than you paid, but they are living their independent life separate from you. Just my humble opinion on some of the posts that I have read in this thread.
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