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  1. Do you know for sure That your 2021 cruise will be canceled? I am booked on that same cruise in October and I still am holding for hope that the Canadian government will change their minds if the covid Numbers go down. Have you heard anything?
  2. Collins 9138 is right in that it was 4 weeks and 1 day. I did call back and the new agent said that from everything he read it would qualify for the rebooking with price protection. I hope I didn't just slit my throat but he said he had to send the new reservation over to the back end team and then I would receive a new receipt with the price protection in 48 hours. I told him I was afraid that the new cruise would show that I owe additional funds and he said I did not have to worry that our phone conversation was recorded in proof of his advisement. I sure hope so because the new cruise
  3. Thank you so much for the advise Wrk2cruise! I will follow it exactly. I am a captains club member but only because I have done some of those power up points. I do also have another cruise booked with them in October on a different itinerary. Could you share the captains club phone with me? Thanks again,
  4. I just receive an email that my equinox 9 night cruise in May 2021 was cancelled. I was kind of expecting this but when I called to "lift and shift" to the following year, they would not honor the request. They said I could either have the 7 night sailing on my original date (with NO refund for the lost 2 nights), or I could choose to go in September (Hurricane Season). I am so disappointed that celebrity would not honor the lift and shift. There is an exact identical cruise to this departing April 15, 2022, but they won't let me lift and shift to that one and there are no cruises schedule
  5. I just wish they would at least consider rescheduling my cruise for another time for the same amount of money we paid originally. Even with the extra 25%, the same cruise next year is about $3,000 more for the two of us 🙁.
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