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  1. June 2019 - Quantum of the Seas from Beijing. 2020 was the first year in a decade when we didn’t cruise. Or travel. hopefully we get back to cruising in 2021.
  2. Been on the Silhouette thrice, and once on the Reflection. Didn’t feel there was any difference. Love the Norway Itineraries. Was looking at MSC Meraviglia to Norway in June 2020 but now looking at Celebrity for Norway in 2021 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. We booked a veranda guarantee on the Celebrity Eclipse in 2018 and we were delighted when we came to know that we got allocated a sunset Veranda room! The room was absolutely brilliant, no problems with soot. We now know why they usually cost a lot more. I’d chose a SV cabin anyday. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Thank you Sara & Linda. So glad to see you enjoyed the review. Was quite surprised to see a post on this review after nearly a year and a half. Sara - you're going to love the ship and the sunset cabin. Cheers! Nick
  5. We were on the Eclipse last year in a sunset Veranda Cabin. Didn't have too much sun. Tons of pics in my review (link in signature below) Cheers! Nick
  6. Yup, we were really lucky on the GTY, we also usually never go for GTY cabins, unless its the only choice left. with regards to the gap between the balcony and the edge of the ship, no - no one can walk there, I think that's just for safety. However, since the aft cabins are not one above the other, the people on the cabins above you can see maybe 10% of your balcony from above. Wasn't really a big deal and definitely better than ordinary balcony cabins. Cheers! Nick
  7. Been to the Med on the Celebrity Silhouette in 2013, and again in 2014. Took the same ship to Scandinavia in 2015. Did the Med again on the Reflection in 2017. Each time we had the best cruise vacation. Absolutely beautiful ship. Excellent staff. Awesome food. And an amazing crowd that was great fun. The only thing I complain about Celebrity Cruises are the prices (recently). Other than that, I'd jump on board any of their amazing S class ships anytime. Nick
  8. We snagged a sunset veranda cabin, right at the back of the ship on our cruise last year on the Celebrity Eclipse (a sister ship to the Celebrity Solstice) It was the best cruise ship cabin we had, especially on sea days. No problems what-so-ever. Tons of pics of the cabin, balcony in my review (link in my signature below). Cheers! Nick
  9. To those who have posted so far, thank you for your comments. Really appreciate you guys taking some time to detail out your experiences. Keep them coming. I will certainly look at prices for the YC and see how they compare to Celebrity. Honestly I'm in 2 minds since Celebrity really is the perfect fit for us in terms of ship, the people sailing on it, the staff and the food/ entertainment. From the comments, I think it makes sense to keep my expectations low and hope for the best. I had read alot of negative comments about cruising out of China. We took the bait in J
  10. We've been loyal to Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises all this while and we've always had some amazing holidays with them. Celebrity's S class ships are our favorite and we feel that its just right for us in terms of ship size, kind of cruisers on board and the overall upmarket but yet laid back feeling on their cruise ships. However, lately the prices on Celebrity have just been sky rocketing. We've been seeing & hearing some good things about MSC (especially their new ships - MSC Seaside and MSC Meraviglia). I went to check the prices and was pretty surprised to see some
  11. I love longer cruises, but its got to be on the right ship. The Oasis class is miles ahead of anything else. I'd stick with the Oasis class even though its a shorter cruise.
  12. I think they will place one of their ships in Europe and the other in the Caribbean. I see the Apex in Europe next year and the Edge in the Caribbean. Until the 3rd Edge class comes out in 2021, I don't see it in Alaska anytime soon. Although I'm quite happy to see Royal Caribbean's Ovation of the Seas which has a lot of things common with Celebrity's S class ship in Alaska. Definitely looking at that option. Nick
  13. With the Spectrum now out of Shanghai, and the Quantum sailing from Beijing (Tianjin), I think they will slowly keep the Ovation between Australia/New Zealand and Alaska. Anthem between the Caribbean and Europe.
  14. We paid just a little over $700 plus taxes, plus gratuities (per adult) for a Balcony cabin on Deck 9. This was one of the least expensive cruises I've been on. The cost of a suite started at $2000 (per adult). I tracked it for over a month, before they were all sold out.
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