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  1. Zombatar

    Luggage check in times at Southampton

    Thanks for your advice everybody. I have just called the taxi company we are booked with from the car parking and they have assured me that they will have loads of room so no problem with the bags. Just got to drive to Soton tomorrow and we are all set for the holiday!!
  2. We are joining Ventura on Friday at Southampton, having stayed in a hotel on Thursday night. We have to check out of the hotel by noon and as we have quite a few cases (its a 28 day cruise) we need to drop off our luggage before we park the car as there will be too many cases for a taxi that will take us from the car parking to the terminal. Anybody know what the earliest time we can drop off our luggage at the terminal? Peter and Jenny
  3. Zombatar

    Venice charge

    Quite right too. They are the ones that can afford it. But of course it is the standard tourist tax that is charged in Rome as well so pay your dues and enjoy the views. If you don't think this is fair then stay on the ship. Welcome to the 21st century.
  4. Zombatar

    Water colour art classes on Ventura

    Thanks to everyone for your replies, I think I shall pack my painting gear and give it a try. Hopefully it would kickstart me back into painting again!! Peter
  5. Zombatar


    Unless of course you live down in Cornwall as the coaches don't venture further west then Plymouth! Probably afraid of being attacked by the unruly natives!! Peter
  6. Zombatar


    Well I have just gone on the P&O website and had a go at booking a select price on Britannia next September, 14 days in the Med. Offered a choice of OBC, coach travel or parking, so I can't see that they are cancelling the OBC yet. Peter
  7. We are off for a month on Ventura in January. As there are a lot of sea days I have wondered about attending the art classes. Has anyone been to them at all and if so what are they like? I don't need to worry about materials as I shall take my own but it would be a bit pointless if the classes are not up to much. I did find an old thread on here about this but as it was from 2015 I didn't think it would be relevant any more. Peter
  8. Zombatar

    Drinks Package Azura

    Anybody know if this will just be Azura or if it will be over the fleet this time?
  9. Zombatar

    Welcome bottle of bubbly in the Grills?

    We were in Queens on QV just a couple of months ago and we got a bottle of real champagne and the Pol Acker which was really not all that bad!! Peter and Jenny
  10. Zombatar

    Queens Grill Initial Thoughts

    We were on QV queens just a few weeks ago. Butler wasn't much use but the cabin was superb. The food was excellent. I don't think we had a bad meal or even a mediocre one. My good lady is diabetic and the guys went out of there way to find sugar free deserts for her. We still had the good weather and managed the courtyard for lunch. One recommendation we would have , as long as you are not vegetarian, is order the Duck L'orange. It will be cooked at your table and is totally fabulous!! Peter and Jenny
  11. Zombatar

    entertainer host on P and o her name is Jo B

    You might have more luck on the P&O face book page.
  12. Zombatar

    Sugar Free

    There is usually some sugar free ice cream available most nights and you can ask for the diabetic menu but according to my OH (Jenny) it is not very good so she manages as best she can, testing her blood regularly to find out what affects her and what does not. If you are not diabetic but just avoiding sugar for dietary reasons then it is not easy on P&O. It seems that sugar free is not popular these days whereas gluten free etc seem to be always offered. Peter and Jenny
  13. Zombatar

    Irritating ast minute cruise changes

    I think the point to understand here is that these cruises are planned years in advance and so "Immigration Issues" cannot be taken into account that far in advance. I would not normally defend P&O but this seems to be a bit like the natural disasters that occur which mean a port cannot be visited. I do not know what these immigration issues are about (do you?) but they are what they are. You either accept that or opt out from the cruise. Sorry if that sounds a bit negative but that's how I see the situation. Peter
  14. Zombatar


    Whilst I think the other restaurants will be okay to book once you are on board the Limelight Club, depending who is appearing, might book up early so it would be worth checking who is on. Peter and Jenny
  15. Zombatar

    Ventura MDR breakfast menu

    Thanks Kalos that perfect for us. Peter and Jenny