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  1. Don't worry about it, ours is just the same. We have had an e:mail from our TA with, among various attachments, a booking confirmation from P&O with the cabin number, the on board spend amount, the full price, the amount paid so far and the balance to pay as well as the date it must be paid by. As we are not travelling until Feb '23 its nice to see all that detail but that level of detail simply is not there on the personaliser. Don't worry just count the days to when you join the ship and keep checking the temperature in Barbados!! Peter and Jenny
  2. Can anybody tell me why I have been blocked from reading reply's to a topic I stated just the other day about staycation cruise restrictions imposed by the government. Apparently I do not have permission to view my own content!! Before anybody asks , yes I was logged as myself. I would value your answers. Peter
  3. When I started cruising I was single and mostly took ships tours and found they were very good. As others have said there is always a guide who can tell you all about where you are going to, its history where to shop etc. I have been to the Caribbean quite a lot and love it. Again I would take the ships tours although it is perfectly safe to go off on your own with the exception of Jamaica but P&O tend not to go there. The problem when cruising starts again to the Caribbean is that, to the best of my knowledge, you will only be allowed to go on ship arranged tours a
  4. We are off on Azura in Jan next year and looking at the itinerary for Arvia we quite fancy her for Jan 23 especially the stop in La Romana. Just have to wait and see how much it will all cost but if it is similar prices to Azura we will jump at the chance I think. Peter and Jenny
  5. We have flown both the day of the cruise and the day before. Basically if you fly in the day before you ship out on the day the ship arrives back at the port if you fly in on the day then you get an extra day in port at the end. Next January we are flying in the day before. We have always flown to Barbados but that is because we like Bridgetown a lot and it as easy walk from the port into Bridgetown (assuming P&O are going to allow you to go out on your own. By 2023 I would have expected that to be the case) Azura has bigger balconies and cabins than Britannia but B
  6. Just a thought, what happens with fly cruises? If they wait until check in to look at policies I cant see that happening at the airport. So next January we fly to Barbados, get to the port, they check our policy and say we don't meet their requirements, will we be expected to fly home at our own expense?
  7. We get our insurance through the bank as do many others. We are 73 and 68 each of us also have a couple of pre-existing conditions and we paid £490 for our renewal this year(£20 per month for account charge and £250 for pre-existing conditions (and me being over 70!!). That's multi trip, world wide and covers all the requirements of P&O. We also get mobile phone insurance and car breakdown cover. Not bad value for money me thinks!! Peter and Jenny
  8. I agree Jean that's really expensive for what it is. We are off to the Caribbean on Azura in January and we are paying just under £3500 pp for 14 nights and that's in a superior deluxe balcony and includes premium seats on the flights. Saga isn't going to tempt us at those prices!! Peter and Jenny
  9. This is all getting a bit silly/political for me. I don't know why you all don't do what Jenny and I do. Go to Barbados or a Caribbean cruise. No problems with the weather and lots of of interesting places to visit and the locals are all quite pleasant and mostly never close the borders!! Peter and Jenny
  10. This Arcadia sail away from Soton in 2007. My first cruise.....
  11. I'm with Vodaphone and pay £18 per month. I use it all over the world so I have a really good deal on the cost of calls and data I use it daily for banking, checking my credit card, my diary, news channels, weather etc etc. I occasionally use it for making calls but do receive quite a lot of texts, which is how my Doctors told me my vaccination was due (had it last Wednesday). Before anybody tells me how unsafe that is I have a quality anti-virus checker installed which I renew every year.
  12. Travel insurance policies just get weirder. Just renewed ours with our bank and looking at it to see what we are covered for I see that we cannot do Zip lining but we are covered for Bungee jumping!! Peter and Jenny
  13. We did a transatlantic on Ventura a couple of years ago in a D deck cabin and the never bothered us at all that we were overlooked. Next January we are on Azura and again in a D deck cabin because we loved the cabin we had on Ventura. Peter and Jenny
  14. We have taken the plunge and booked a fly cruise to the Caribbean on Azura in January. Its been a while since we cruised and as it will have been two years without a holiday we thought this one would suit it us perfectly. Any body else booking fly cruises yet? Peter and Jenny
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