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  1. I can understand P and O saying they can't guarantee a cruise being cancelled in the future because no one really knows definitely about future government policies etc.It was an official reply by P and O to the question of how people were chosen that I read so possibly the person you spoke to yesterday didn't know but perhaps she should have asked her manager One problem I find with phoning P and O is that you get different answers depending who you speak to.I tend to email instead. Very disappointing for you
  2. In the past I think P and O have stated that the drinks package is not available on shorter cruises is because they want to deter stag and hen groups
  3. According to a reply by P and O on another social media site P and O are cancelling customers who booked last so if anyone booked as soon as dates were released I suggest phoning P and O and asking why they have been 'bumpedoff'
  4. I have been looking too for you Sandra.Marella (Tui) are advertising a 3 night cruise on 25 June and also a cruise in July from Southampton.They may not be suitable but thought I would mention them
  5. Sorry to hear of people having their cruises cancelled, particularly if they have had to take time off work or arrange child or parent care.I am expecting an email any day about our Tradewind Voyage in July. We know it can't go ahead as planned as Scotland isn't allowing cruise ships but we are hoping it will just depart from Liverpool instead of Greenock.
  6. I will be happy with that if it means warm weather.We already have a cruise in January to the Canary Islands with Saga but I like a bargain so if lots of cruises are on sale I will be happy to go again in February or March!
  7. We did a 26 night round trip to the Caribbean via New York in 2019 on QM2 and really enjoyed it.However if Britannia is in the Caribbean I presume that will mean fly cruises and chartering aircraft as well as being stationed overseas for months sounds as though more will be involved?The Ventura 35 night trips in Jan and Feb are always popular.It would be good if Britannia offered something similar this winter if fly cruises are not possible
  8. Thank you Kalos for another good start to the day.Can we have you as an act on our next cruise?!
  9. We had a new bathroom about 5 years ago and whilst it was being done I was thinking 'Why did we decide to do this' but now I think 'Why didn't we have a new bathroom sooner!' Take Care
  10. My hubby has been volunteering as a steward for a few weeks at our local vaccination hub and said they are struggling to get enough volunteers as well.He is happier when he is busy, whereas I like to pace myself so has signed up for a few extra shifts.
  11. Looks lovely.Presume we are all invited! Hope you have a great afternoon and happy birthday to Beth
  12. We are in Weymouth in September.What a pity I don't like fish!!
  13. I think thats what I read about and have confused it with the app
  14. Thank you.I shall take your advice particularly trying all the food options but I may have to try out the gym as a result! 🙂
  15. Oh dear.I am going to wait until about 4 weeks before we sail and hope that by then all the problems have been sorted
  16. We will just turn up to the MDR the first night and see how it goes.If it takes ages to be seated then we will have to use the app but I'm not going to book any dining until we board.The cruise is only 7 nights so I shall see how we get on.
  17. That sounds wonderful.Enjoy and please report back
  18. I am happy to check in via the app.I just don't want to carry my phone round onboard unless necessary
  19. I may be imagining it but I thought it was originally planned as a wristband or similar to wear round the ship without the need for a phone.Perhaps Molecrochip can advise?
  20. I read that the P and O was more to be used as a tracking device incase of an outbreak of covid to find out where you had been etc
  21. I haven't downloaded the app yet as I think it said its best to wait until 60 days before the cruise (in september) I shall wait until the balance is paid
  22. We shall also continue to just turn up at the MDR when we feel ready to eat rather than booking ahead.See you onboard! (In the queue perhaps!!)
  23. i don't want to carry a phone round either but on our last cruise Princess introduced the Ocean Medallion half way through and I just wore it on a lanyard round my neck which I hope to do this time.I may download the app before we go to check in etc but probably will do the same and just order drinks etc the old way but use the medallion as a room key or to see whats going on etc. I accept its helpful with preventing the spread of covid etc and also quick for those who want to use it but I shall just see how it goes.I might even be hooked by the end of the cruise!
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