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  1. 3 minutes ago, lindylooellalouise said:

    Hi Ann we phoned yesterday and they couldn’t give me an answer also asked if I re booked could it happen again and they said they couldn’t guarantee it 

    I can understand P and O saying they can't guarantee a cruise being cancelled in the future because no one really knows definitely about future government policies etc.It was an official reply by P and O to the question of how people were chosen that I read so possibly the person you spoke to yesterday didn't know but perhaps she should have asked her manager One problem I find with phoning P and O is that you get different answers depending who you speak to.I tend to email instead. Very disappointing for you

  2. 1 hour ago, Beckett said:

    So sorry for you Sandra - and it's such short notice too. No wonder you're totally after all the plans you've made. I'm looking for something else for you right now. Jane.xxx

    I have been looking too for you Sandra.Marella (Tui) are advertising a 3 night cruise on 25 June and also a cruise in July from Southampton.They may not be suitable but thought I would mention them

  3. 4 hours ago, Glenndale said:

    I’m enjoying a 7 night cruise on the Viking Venus, we’re in Falmouth today.

    We have to produce a saliva sample every morning for testing, we cannot go ashore on our own but can take ships tours to ensure we remain in the ships ‘bubble’. We are taking the included tours.

    Mask wearing when walking between venues on the ship, daily temperature checks and health surveys.

    The health survey consists of 4 questions and can be completed on the Viking journey app.

    Temperature check has to be done once a day and takes moments as long as the facial recognition works.

    There are around 300 guests aboard the 930 capacity ship.

    We have had evening shows and trivia.

    Food has been very good and we have had the opportunity to try out the included speciality restaurants.

    Not quite cruising as we know it but certainly a start to heading back to normality.

    We are just so happy to have had this opportunity to be back at sea.

    The staff have all been marvellous 😀

    That sounds great.Enjoy the rest of your cruise

  4. 8 hours ago, wowzz said:

    I can't see these long cruises being offered this winter, in the current climate.

    Too many downsides, if things go wrong, sickness wise. 

    I expect to see a plethora of cruises to the Canaries!

    I will be happy with that if it means warm weather.We already have a cruise in January to the Canary Islands with Saga but  I like a bargain so if lots of cruises are on sale I will be happy to go again in February or March!

  5. 31 minutes ago, molecrochip said:

    With Cunard cancelling the Worldies, I can't see P&O doing different. Essentially putting Arcadia and Aurora out until Easter.


    With Queen Mary doing round trip Caribbean, I'm hopeful that Britannia will get to the Caribbean as well, although whether that is later than planned remains to be seen. I'm feeling less confident that we will see Azura do a Caribbean season.


    A positive is that Queen Elizabeth picking up the Canaries/Med cruises bodes well for Iona and Ventura's voyages pre Christmas.

    We did a 26 night round trip to the Caribbean via New York in 2019 on QM2 and really enjoyed it.However if Britannia is in the Caribbean I presume that will mean fly cruises and chartering aircraft as well as being stationed overseas for months sounds as though more will be involved?The Ventura 35 night trips in Jan and Feb are always popular.It would be good if Britannia offered something similar this winter if fly cruises are not possible

  6. 3 hours ago, kalos said:

    Good morning everyone :classic_smile: Reading about the city people who seem shocked that 

    the countryside has animals and cow muck and the nearest Waitrose is miles miles

    away . I agree what did they expect ,a leading part in Emmerdale ? :classic_unsure: Some around 

    here think they live in the great outdoors with their choice of vehicle, a great big warrior

    or Range Rover Discovery which comes in handy when they need the local supermarkets

    or kids school which are within a mile of them . I suppose they come into their own though

    when tackling our local pot holes. It's not just the countryside though you only have to

    watch the TV show A Place In The Sun ! Most of the participants seem to be of an age 

    where looking at them they are going to need a Doctor sooner than later as posted earlier

    in this thread . They don't speak the lingo, have no friends or family out there and they

    would like to plunge all of their life savings 50K into some old goat shed that the presenter 

    tells them find another 10K from somewhere and it could be habitable once more :classic_mellow:

    What are these people thinking ?  :classic_unsure: The clue is there when the presenter tells them  that 

    the current owner may take offers of 30K as due to ill health (there's the clue ) they want 

    to sell up ASAP and head home to old Blighty and our NHS. Old Judy got it right ........

    There's no place like home !   It's not all that bad sometimes the countryside comes to us.

     I wonder how many brothers & sisters and other family that rabbit in Grahams back  garden

    has got ? :classic_unsure:Looks cute ! Pauline could find she has a little helper as it helps with trimming

    the plants back and digging a few holes here and there .:classic_wink: I thought I saw a gang of rabbits

    in our garden and they were all hopping  backwards but I was mistaken ,turned out to be a

    receding Hare-line .:classic_rolleyes: Do you know Some rich and famous people  have rabbits as pets .

    Elton John has one and he bought it it's very own treadmill... 🎶 It's A Little Fit Bunny 🎶 :classic_biggrin:

    Where ever you are or go today , stay safe :classic_love:

    Thank you Kalos for another good start to the day.Can we have you as an act on our next cruise?!

  7. 3 hours ago, Adawn47 said:

    Good morning. 

    I love this weather, but it's not exactly conducive to a good nights rest. Tossing and turning because of the heat, eyes and nose streaming because of hayfever. Up at 4.30am and in the garden with a coffee by 5.15am.

    We're still in the throes of the bathroom renewal. There have been a few issues sourcing the fitments we wanted, but hopefully everything will/should be completed this week.🤞 We have been able to use the shower though thank goodness, but the mess and dust is never-ending and spreads everywhere no matter how hard I try to contain it.

    Repeat after me.

    It will be worth it when it's done.

    It will be worth it when it's done.😁

    It looks to be another beautiful day, so enjoy it whatever you're up to.

    Stay safe and take care.


    We had a new bathroom about 5 years ago and whilst it was being done I was thinking 'Why did we decide to do this' but now I think 'Why didn't we have a new bathroom sooner!' Take Care

  8. 2 hours ago, Josy1953 said:

    Sitting in the garden enjoying the sun now after another session checking people in at the vaccination hub.  I don't usually do 2 days together but yesterday they asked me to go in again today because so many people are back at work that they are now struggling to get enough volunteers.  I will go in tomorrow for 4 hours but have said that will be the last until next weekend. 

    If anyone has some time to spare would you please consider volunteering in your area because apparently most areas are struggling to get volunteers.  It is in the interest of all of us that as many people are vaccinated as soon as possible so that we can start getting back to as near normal as we can.


    Sorry for getting on my soap box.

    My hubby has been volunteering as a steward for a few weeks at our local vaccination hub and said they are struggling to get enough volunteers as well.He is happier when he is busy, whereas I like to pace myself so has signed up for a few extra shifts.

  9. 7 hours ago, joeecco said:

    There is a device, separate completely to the My Holiday app, that is called OceanOrbit that other carnival brands are using too. It’s simply there version of contact tracing but alerting the crew of which passengers were in close contact if there is any positive cases. There is an article about it onboard Costa Smeralda too. 
    P&O are yet to formally launch this to the press it seems but it was leaked on the website a few weeks ago but I cannot find it now to highlight so may have been taken off again until passengers are notified. 

    I think thats what I read about and have confused it with the app

  10. 1 minute ago, TheBlondeBlonde said:

    Back to your original question, I would strongly suggest that you explore the nooks and crannies of the ship. I have not done this in the past and regretted finding a bit of the ship the day before leaving. An example, we sat next to someone the day before the leaving and they had not explored very much of the entertainment and when we were telling her our experience, she was sorry to not have seen more. Definitely recommend trying all the food options at least once. The specialty restaurants are all included but you have to book as smaller than the main dining, but ALL the food is fab throughout the day. We are booked on Adventure next year and looking forward to the food changes. The trips were very well organised and the thing I find most comforting about Saga is the feeling of care and safety, they really do look after you. Enjoy.

    Thank you.I shall take your advice particularly trying all the food options but I may have to try out the gym as a result! 🙂 

  11. 54 minutes ago, majortom10 said:

    We are Freedom and that is what we usually do as it varies day by day what time we eat depending what is on. But looking at the new rules bought out only recently by Princess about Dine My Way you can book the same time every day, even at the same table and they also say you can book your time and table in MDR before you actually go on the cruise. Also you will not get a daily paper programme as it is on the App and you might have to book some programmes in advance and not just turn up. They say this is to avoid queuing so the enjoyment of eating when you are ready and a time convenient to you and just turn up seems to be diminishing or not happening at all. 

    We will just turn up to the MDR the first night and see how it goes.If it takes ages to be seated then we will have to use the app but I'm not going to book any dining until we board.The cruise is only 7 nights so I shall see how we get on.

  12. 1 hour ago, Glenndale said:

    Well we are off on a 7 night cruise on Viking Venus tomorrow. A brand new ship.

    Lots of testing and safety protocols in place.

    I'm so excited to be going back to sea even though there are only 2 port stops and we have to take Viking excursions so that we stay in the ships 'bubble'.

    Also operating at less than 50% capacity.


    That sounds wonderful.Enjoy and please report back

  13. 2 minutes ago, MX-Drew said:

    If the cruise that you "may download the app" is a Princess cruise, you will have too download the app as you can no longer check in via the website.

    I am happy to check in via the app.I just don't want to carry my phone round onboard unless necessary

  14. 9 minutes ago, wowzz said:

    But, unless you carry your phone with you at all times, how will P&O track you? And I'm not sure the P&O technology is even that advanced !

    On Princess,  you have to carry your medallion with you all the time, as you need it to enter your cabin, so you can be tracked. 

    I may be imagining it but I thought it was originally planned as a wristband or similar to wear round the ship without the need for a phone.Perhaps Molecrochip can advise?

  15. 5 minutes ago, wowzz said:

    To be fair, the Medallion was developed long before CV19 was around.

    The P&O app is nowhere near as developed or sophisticated as the Princess Medallion system, and, given the cost of retro fitting, I can't see any of the P&O fleet getting a Medallion system. Even Our Vera  is not having a Medallion system being incorporated into the build. 

    I read that the P and O was more to be used as a tracking device incase of an outbreak of covid to find out where you had been etc

  16. 3 minutes ago, wowzz said:

    Basically, if the same as Princess, this means the end of traditional dining. No longer will you be allocated a table for the duration of your cruise, and make friends with your new table mates.

    And those of us who like spontaneity,  and the ability to share tables with new guests every night with anytime dining will also be disappointed. 

    People on the Princess forum are booking up tables in the MDR for their October 2022 cruises!

    My own feeling is that this is a US driven decision, to try and get guests to pre-select everything in advance, so as to reduce labour costs. We will just continue to turn up at the MDR,  when we feel like it,  and ask for a table of 6 or 8, so as to meet new friends  (assuming that Roger and Port Royal are not on board!). 

    Not my idea of progress I'm afraid.

    We shall also continue to just turn up at the MDR when we feel ready to eat rather than booking ahead.See you onboard! (In the queue perhaps!!)

  17. 1 minute ago, Britboys said:

    I'm one of those odd people that actually still uses a separate camera - it is digital though! 😄. I REALLY don't want to carry my phone around whilst on the ship.

    i don't want to carry a phone round either but on our last cruise Princess introduced the Ocean Medallion half way through and I just wore it on a lanyard round my neck which I hope to do this time.I may download the app  before we go to check in etc but probably will do the same and just order drinks etc the old way but use the medallion as a room key or to see whats going on etc. I accept its helpful with preventing the spread of covid etc and also quick for those who want to use it but I shall just see how it goes.I might even be hooked by the end of the cruise!

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