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  1. You may be correct.I haven't studied the details.I expect things will have changed by October. hopefully for the better
  2. I think if the ship is sailing from Southampton Princess say they will pay for any covid tests needed. Also regarding sea sickness tablets onboard, I think P and O do sell the tablets at cost but I expect it cost a lot to have an injection but probably worth it if it lasts the cruise. We have got a cruise to the Med in October but feeling fairly hopeful if vaccination progress continues in all countries
  3. So sorry to hear this.Hopefully with the trials taking place it won't be too long before a more suitable vaccine is found.Take care
  4. Its nice to wake up to some humorous posts.Hope everyone has a good day 🙂
  5. Personally I think it would have been better to wait a while before deciding to move Portugal to the Amber list but I think it is thought that the rise in cases last summer was largely due to people returning from holidays abroad so perhaps the government are trying to act sooner than later. Would have preferered that they had acted sooner than later with regard to some of the other covid decisions but as I don't want to get any further into politics I shall say no more on the matter!
  6. I am feeling hopeful that if restrictions are put in place now to help control the Delta variant and help prevent new variants coming in then things might have settled down by October.One advantage of the Princess cruise that a few of us are sailing on is that it visits several countries so the Itinerary can be changed without too much difficulty. I am feeling less hopeful about my Tradewinds voyage which departs from Scotland in July.Not sure if Nicola will allow it. I do feel sorry for the many people who will have booked holidays to Portugal this summer.
  7. It would have been helpful to know the level of antibodies but just pleased that at least I have some antibodies.At the beginning of the week we were supposed to see our daughter and grandsons but when my daughter phoned to say the youngest had a bad cough and runny nose, we decided to put it off.Now that I know I am protected to some degree I shall enjoy seeing them tomorrow even more!
  8. My test was done as part of research and states it is not a measure of vaccine effectiveness but just to test if the blood contained covid antibodies either as a result of previous infection or vaccine. The 3 categories were INVALID, CLEARLY DETECTABLE and NOT CLEARLY DETECTABLE.Invalid was if the blood test didnt work with the sample provided.(Hopefully Harry if a nurse or doctor took your blood it should be ok whereas I got my hubby to ***** my finger!)Clearly detectable states that antibodies were detected and not clear means the antibodies that they were looking for in the research test we
  9. Had a good day and pleased to find that the antibody test I did as part of Twins research shows clearly detectable antibodies.I was concerned because my immune system is compromised as a result of medication I am on so wasn't sure if the vaccines had worked.I hope Harry that you and others with immuno suppressed problems get the chance to have an antibody test too. 🙂
  10. Hope all goes well at the hospital Kalos and the results are encouraging. Congratulations to Sandra and husband on 43 years of marriage,Enjoy your special day. Congratulations on your grandson getting a 1st Eric but sorry he has got to stay in Sheffield a little longer.Hope he doesn't catch covid Hope everyone has a good day 🙂
  11. Your plans sound wonderful.Congratulations and hope you have a great day tomorrow
  12. I think its as Barbara (Tring) said that there is an agreement that the summer seacations will only provide organised shore excursions.Although things will hopefully change soon regarding general freedom etc I think the cruise lines would find it difficult to cancel or re arrange excursions at short notice.Hopefully for the cruises that follow, we will be allowed to get off at each port and explore independantly.
  13. I will make sure that I look for Patricks name next time I go to Meadowhall.Its not far from us but I probably go only once or twice a year and haven't been since lockdown
  14. We prefer St Kitts to St Marten and can recommend a trip to Nevis or to Palm Court Gardens which is walkable from the port.For a small charge you can stretch out on one of their sunbeds with an infinity pool overlooking the sea and great drinks and food.Its where you will find the Entertainment team as they get in free of charge! Beautiful gardens as well.
  15. Our neighbours CCTV camera was quite useful last week as the neighbour could tell us that he had seen a deer running down our drive one night.I'm keeping a watch now in the hope of seeing it again!
  16. Our 6 night cruise with Cruise and Maritime wasn't great (apart from the ports of call around Scotland) but if the Itinerary was right I might try them
  17. We usually travel to Southampton by train.Once we used The Baggage Handling company to pick up our luggage from home (next time you see it its on the ship) and that worked quite well.Quite expensive but less stressful than having to find somewhere to put luggage etc
  18. I am on the same cruise as Tring and would be interested to hear how others get on during the first part of her cruise Harwich to Leith.Any tips or advice welcome 🙂
  19. I have set up a Roll Call for this voyage on the Roll Call listed 'Other Ocean Roll Calls' Hope you will join it so we can discuss further
  20. There doesn't seem to be a Tradewind Voyages board. However i have found a board for Roll Calls for 'other cruise lines' so have set up a roll call there. Just excited and hoping more on the P and O board will join us!!
  21. We have booked on the 4 night voyage from Greenock to Liverpool.Looking forward to seeing how it goes
  22. That happened to my sister and she reckons she must have been close to someone in Tesco and that was late at night so quiet.Since her experience I have turned the track bit off
  23. Thank you Jane.By chance we are both booked on the Princess cruise Oct 22nd as well
  24. Thank you.We can get an Advance train ticket from Chesterfield on tuesday 20 July for £23 though we are considering staying in Liverpool the night of 19 July so we can visit my Mum as well.There are train tickets available (with our senior railcards) for £17.95 on July 20 at 8 12 am from Liverpool to Greenock.The Premier Inn at Moorfields is only £37 on July 19th. If the cruise is cancelled we will just lose the £23 each or £17 each advance tickets as the cruise and hotels are refundable
  25. Thank you for helping with the fight against covid.You deserve the concession rate on Marella Explorer2. Enjoy the cruise!
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