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  1. Really sorry to hear of your fall Jane.I do hope you haven't broken anything.Take Care
  2. If the cruise was cancelled by P and O you would be able to get a refund rather than FCC if you don't want them.
  3. My late Mother in Laws excuse for speeding on Motorways was :I have to keep up with the traffic! She never got caught on a motorway but did get caught speeding on a country lane.I haven't driven for a number of years because of medical reasons and my hubby is one of those (probably) annoying people who if anything drives too slowly and has never gone over the limit let alone got a ticket in his nearly 50 years of driving!
  4. Thank you.Do you have to have cruised with Saga previously to buy the pre registration? We want to try Saga but the deposit of 15% is putting us off and I don't want to book anything too soon for the beginning of next year in case Covid restrictions are still around.I don't mind having to book Princess excursions or only be able to eat with my hubby on our October cruise (I eat with him most days of the year!)but wouldn't want to do that on a longer or more expensive cruise.Add to that the fact I have had a few health problems in the past year, the fact my mother is terminally ill and I have a
  5. We are interested in some of the Saga cruises but the ones we want are very expensive.One in particular to ports on the Black Sea in May 2022 is over £9000 for about 30 nights!!We may end up booking the January 2022 cruise to The Canaries but the price keeps increasing.However the amount we saved by not cruising last year and earlier this year means we may bite the bullet and book
  6. Hopefully HSBC will be the same as they use Aviva
  7. A few of us on this board are sailing in October with Princess priced now at 14 nights balcony cabin all inclusive at £1899 which I think is a good deal.Some of us got it quite a lot cheaper, particularly if you didn t include the drinks package
  8. I'm glad that Frank is improving Avril. Mark has got his 2nd jab this afternoon, He had no ill effects first time round so hopefully nothing today.It was his birthday yesterday and he says having his 2nd jab is his best birthday present, and watching the Snooker final puts the icing on the cake!
  9. I am with HL and just phone them up and they let P and O or Princess know that I hold enough shares for OBC
  10. Sometimes you have to listen to all the spiel before being told 'The office is now closed Please call back during office hours!!'
  11. I did consider taking paracetamol before my 2nd jab but wanted to find out if I would have any side effects (I felt ill for 24 hours after the first)from the second and thought if I took paracetamol I wouldn't know whether I had side effeccts that were controlled by the tablet or no side effects at all.Pleased to say I didn't even feel tired or have a sore arm let alone feeling ill.
  12. Kalos Thank you for your early morning humour.It helps get the day off to a good start. Sue Hope your Mum improves and that you manage to have a relaxing weekend Josy Thank you for volunteering (and also for taking part in the trials) Avril Hope you and Frank suffer no side effects from the vaccine and that your mood starts to lift Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend and hopefully those of us with Premium Bonds might be lucky!!
  13. Because P and O want people to book their cruises and if they are seen to be doing everything possible (even if not 100% necessary) it will give potential customers the confidence to book with them rather than a company where vaccinations aren't compulsory etc.Apparently P and O sent out a survey to some past customers asking what steps would help them feel safe onboard.No doubt if the results of the survey had showed that the majority of people had not felt vaccinations were necessary P and O wouldn't have included that clause.On the seacation Princess cruise I am sailing on it states that Pr
  14. Its probably very difficult to identify that you have covid if you have been vaccinated because the symptoms are likely to be very mild but hopefully a test would prove one way or the other, though I realise the tests aren't always accurate.I'm not a scientist so perhaps we need to rely on Phil! Even the scientists have different views about covid related things
  15. I'm not sure but I seem to remember wondering about trying out a different cruise line (non Carnival) if there was a sailing leaving Southampton the day we disembarked from our Princess cruise but reading that there had to be a 7 day gap between cruises (possibly government policy?)or I may have just dreamt the whole thing up!
  16. I think I read somewhere(don't ask me where!) that it is not allowed to go from one cruise straight to another. even if a different cruise line.
  17. Most of the crew won't have been vaccinated so it is mainly to protect them but also even if someone has been vaccinated they can still catch the virus.Even if they are only mildly ill, P and o won't want any adverse publicity and the government have probably agreed that tests are necessary for cruises to restart.Things may change nearer the sailing date and the same requirements may change
  18. I think you are probably correct.However even if cruisers were allowed to stay on for a B2B it would probably mean them having to be tested before re embarking etc.I am sure if P and O can't get sufficient numbers booking they will have a rethink and B2B cruises may be allowed
  19. I agree but they can probably do a better clean with no passengers onboard
  20. I just transferred to a new cruise as P and O and Princess aren't allowing any B2B Its probably partly so that they can do a deep clean without passengers onboard
  21. I,ve managed to get a nice apartment(my sister is there at the moment and confirms that its great) in Totnes, Devon for next week for £400 though the price does increase in the summer
  22. Happy Birthday Avril. Thinking of you and hope you 'bounce back' soon
  23. We are still visiting Belfast but also Liverpool and Greenock 🙂
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