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  1. Teacher in AZ here. We have had high rates for a while, but still have been in person at a good amount of schools since October. Thankfully, my family (husband works from home, 5-year old daughter attends in person) have been safe from covid. Tomorrow will be three weeks since my second dose. I am grateful that, as a teacher, I was able to get in early. Had a third cruise canceled today. Not concerned. I understand. We're rebooking all three. There are some logistical things that will make it harder than when we originally planned, but such is life. Hope you all are well and happy!
  2. My October cruise out of San Diego was cancelled, but it still shows up on my Carnival account when I log in online. Anyone else still seeing cruises that have been cancelled? It's not a big deal ... just a little sad to see there are only 13 days til my next cruise, lol.
  3. Not surprised by the cancellation, and not disappointed either. We booked many months ago hoping that we'd have a better handle on the covid situation. Sadly, that didn't happen. We'll likely rebook for summer of 2021 or 2022 and take the onboard credit. Wonder if March will be a go, lol.
  4. We were supposed to leave on March 7th. Guess it wasn't meant to be.
  5. We booked a four-day cruise out of San Diego in October. We won't need to fly, so we thought we'd see how it goes.
  6. From our honeymoon almost four years ago...
  7. I have a cruise out of Miami scheduled for July 12. We'll see if it's a go. Also booked a cruise out of San Diego in October because the price was right and we're thinking July might not be a go.
  8. Thanks for the reply. My husband ordered a certified copy of her birth certificate today and paid to have it expedited, though who knows if that really means anything with the state of things. It says we should get it within five days. We'll see. We'll apply for the passport once we received the certified copy and keep the original birth certificate with us. Am going to try not to worry too much as who knows if the cruise will even happen. Thanks again for the response!
  9. I was getting ready to apply for a passport for my daughter until I came across this thread. (We are booked for a July 12th cruise, so we'll see how that goes.) I am thinking though that maybe I shouldn't apply. Children (she'll be five) can still sail with just their birth certificate, correct? (We're leaving out of Miami and going to Half Moon Cay, Amber Cove, and Grand Turk.) I fear that if I send in her birth certificate for the passport that we won't get that or the passport back before our cruise. Thanks.
  10. We're thinking about booking a cruise out of Long Beach for October, especially if our July 12th cruise gets canceled.
  11. We're supposed to cruise out of Miami on July 12. My dad paid the final balance on the cruise today. While we're hoping things settle down by then, we're not naive. We'll be disappointed if the cancellations go further out (as this was to be my daughter's first cruise), but we value safety and health over cruising.
  12. We're cruising mid-July out of Miami and are still planning to go. My parents are retired in their 60s and my husband and I are in our 40s. We also have a four-year old daughter. I am a teacher, so I am off til August. My husband can work remotely, if need be. We are pretty fortunate. Hopefully, things will be a but calmer by the summer.
  13. Looking forward to reading your review! We sail her in July!
  14. Thank you for sharing, Jennifer. I am sorry to hear of your health issues. Thinking of you.
  15. We dock in Amber Cove, so that's why I posted here. Makes sense to move the post. Thanks!
  16. I did a search on this, but didn't really find what I was looking for. We want to do this excursion, but do not want to book with the cruise line. (We always book off-ship.) So, my question is should we just taxi to the site and pay when we get there? Figure the benefit of that is we can choose which level of falls to do depending on recent rain (and my courage level that day). Or, should we book a tour with a local company? We are pretty comfortable and street smart, so we aren't concerned about venturing out on our own. Thanks for your input!
  17. Thanks. My daughter will be a month shy of her sixth birthday when we're on the Panorama. I'm sure she'll be fine in the 2 - 5 group so long as there are a bunch of other five year old there, too.
  18. Well, my parents just came back from a cruise and decided that my daughter (4 years old) needs to go on a cruise sooner rather than later. (We are booked on the Panorama in May, 2021.) So, we are now going out on the Magic for July 12, 2020! Soooo, 173 days til our next cruise! Very unexpected!
  19. Been on the Paradise a few years back. Liked it. The atrium was cool, and one day the DJ was playing music and people from all decks were dancing. That was fun. Seemed like most of the people there were singles or groups. Smaller ship, but we had a lot of fun!
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