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  1. Just received my refund from March.....be patient, it will be coming.
  2. We always book the last night. It is our Grande Hurrah. Most likely, you have enjoyed everything the MDR has to offer and the last night is always a great evening of dining and reminiscing about our voyage.
  3. I bought in early 2000 and watched it go up and down...but always enjoyed my OBC benefits. As of February, 2020, I never look at the price....so it really doesn't matter to me until the Board of Directors pulls that perk. Oh...at one time, I was ahead $4000 but know better than to look today....LOL
  4. Sorry for reposting...since I can't find the info. Does anyone have CCL guest services email address? Thanks.
  5. Really feeling bad for the out of work staff....since they are contract workers they won't be able to draw any unemployment. Let's hope CCL houses and feeds them on hiatus since none of them can afford to fly home and then return to the ship. ....if they would be allowed to fly home.
  6. Their new HUB app was the best thing to be unveiled. We could request our table from our cabin or where ever we happened to be and our wait was usually 10 minutes tops. Received notice our actual table number was assigned and we walked directly in and was escorted to our table. Service was outstanding, meals prompt and our only complaint was the poor quality of the table water they served. Loved their new system.
  7. CCL Magic locations: Laundry room locations: 2 deck near #2377 7 deck next to #7349 10 deck across from #10264 Ironing rooms, as you know you cannot bring an iron onto the ship but you don't have to go around all wrinkly, yes you can have your pressing sent out but if you want to save a little money you can do it yourself at these locations: first deck across #1423 six deck across from 6360 eight deck across from 8395 nine deck across from 9403 The ironing rooms have two boards and two irons, you have to bring your own starch. They also sport a large sink which might be good to do your hand washables in.
  8. Buying stock is like buying toilet paper when it goes on sale....price drop. When a commodity goes on sale you BUY!!
  9. We consider our evening at Steakhouse to be a "special" date and dress for the event. Resort casual is reserved for the MDR and other dining options.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on that....it could change many snowbird travel plans.
  11. While everyone is standing in line for the buffet upon embankment, you can find me in the laundry room doing my ironing. NEVER has there been a line in that room......LOL
  12. You can try to bring one...but most likely, you will be able to pick it up in the "naughty room" when you disembark. They will leave you a note in your luggage telling you what they confiscated.
  13. You will only be contacted re: upsell when they have empty cabins. You have decided on your original cabin and the upsell might be a non desirable location. Use with caution.
  14. The ultimate revenge would be to book a cruise the week of November 1-7, 2020.....LOL
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