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  1. Enquiring about my medical records sounds like it violates every HIPAA law on the books. But then again.....maybe not. 😀
  2. For all the cruise and air passenger aficionados.....that must fly to your port. United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby predicts that the airline passenger mask mandate will end in September. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced on April 30 that the mask mandate in airports and on commercial planes would expire on Sept. 13, after an initial deadline was set for May 11. "My guess is that the current government order expires on September 13 and, fingers crossed," Kirby told CBS' Face the Nation, "my guess is it will expire on September 13, but we'll
  3. Are they making you prepay for your reservations?
  4. Have even had my cabin attendant bring a gallon to me for free. If not, a 10 day cruise will not harm your cpap using tap water from the bathroom....it's even filtered for free.
  5. I have even had to stand in lines for the buffet. LOL
  6. I would rather use the120 in The Steakhouse.
  7. Did you get the mandatory "V" tattooed on your forehead?
  8. Being from East Tennessee....I can highly recommend your visiting. BTW....since we live here...WE DON'T go there any longer. LOL Our next adventure is flying to San Miguel de Allende. We love it there and just about perfect year round temperate weather. Enjoy Gatlinburg!!
  9. Since no one here has the power to do anything, I would call CCL directly at (800) 929-6400.
  10. The "switch" to Pepsi was the key factor in choosing bottomless bubbles.
  11. Go ahead, try and tell us what happens. IF, they should confiscate your purchase, you know CCL will return it to you at disembarkation.
  12. Go to ANY restaurant in the US and you will find a majority of people on their cell phones. They are playing games, reading social, taking selfies and pic of their food. It is not limited to any age group...they all participate. Why would being on a ship be any different? LOL
  13. Fun Times will be the "plastic" straws of the future. So much waste for so little value with every passenger having a phone. Otherwise, they wouldn't be pushing the "wifi" programs in excess.
  14. 7 Days Eastern Caribbean from Port Canaveral, FL MARDI GRAS - 21 JANUARY, 2023 - 28 JANUARY, 2023 We are booked and I do hope they are returning to Port Canaveral.
  15. I have owned CCL for ten plus years and just bought NCLH yesterday. I feel the travel industry will make a triumphant return.
  16. I am hoping for January 2023! LOL
  17. CCL sure doesn't have an issue bombarding my in box with unsolicited emails....LOL. THEY LOVE sending emails along with their PVP's.
  18. Usually, my "pill box" is empty when I return to US port. LOL
  19. I don't know!! but... Just read a column about traveling internationally. Always use your debit card for purchases. Keep only a small amount in your check account to cover your purchases so if your card is hacked, they can't take ALL your money. If you need, you can add more money to the debit account from your personal computer (i.e. Savings Account Transfer) off site and they will not have any access to that money. If you should have your credit card hacked, the card company will cover that...but the hassle you have when you return home will be a pain in the but
  20. Completely agree.....there are three great words you can use.....NO thank you.
  21. Anyone betting that we will be once again allowed to cruise to Cuba? I sure would love to since I was booked and then "policies" removed our destination.
  22. It's not. SO MANY better things to spend your money on. That's just my opinion, so please feel free to make it your own. LOL😃
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