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  1. The dividends are not a bad thing....vbg......the more you own, the more you earn.
  2. Per new requirements, NCL is now banning ALL door decorations citing safety reasons. Soon it will be industry wide.
  3. I did what you do and punch hole in end and attach with zip tie. NEVER has one come off....and they are only needed to get your baggage to your cabin. After that they are in the trash and no need to go to an additional unnecessary expense.
  4. Moral of the story...NEVER book a cruise for other family members. Tell them when you are sailing and they can join you when they purchase passage. Easy Peasy. Consider that they might NOT WANT to vacation with you and have other plans for THEIR vacation time.
  5. I think we can all agree on that issue. It's just a matter of time. Ask your cabin steward and they will help you with any of your CPAP needs.
  6. AND....you will need it IF you need to fly back to your home country in case of emergency.
  7. Moral of the story .....not ALL family members and work associates should vacation together.
  8. How much is a third person in a cabin typically? Usually, ONE too many. ...LOL Have a fun Bon Voyage!
  9. Well....it they don't make it to your cabin.....you can pick them up in the "Naughty Room" when you debark. VBG & YMMV! Bon Voyage
  10. The PR Governor has resigned....things should settle for now.
  11. This is why I make a "packing list" for travel.....and two copies! One for departure and another copy for returning home. That way I can be reminded if I have anything left behind. Works for any travel.
  12. Cruise line TV channels are the VERY channels that we do NOT watch at home. It has never been an issue since we are on vacation. Watching TV is something to do at home.
  13. Are you trying to remind yourself that you already have been on this ship? LOL
  14. Carnival requests you file NO LATER than three weeks prior to sailing date. I file two months before sail date.
  15. As long as you are on the Lido....would you bring me back a cup of their black coffee....LOL
  16. You can drag one along if you want to and you will be able to pick it up at the naughty room when you disembark. All luggage will go thru scanners and anything with a cord will be considered a "heat" producing appliance which are verboten. They will open your luggage and remove the item/s. There will be a documented note signed by staff that will verify they removed certain items. Fire is the most dreaded danger on a cruise ship. An overloaded electrical circuit aboard could spell disaster for everyone.
  17. Your cabin might be tight...but don't forget you will only have ONE toilet. That would be the deal breaker for me.
  18. I'm with you....opening that Christmas present on Labor Day just ruins all the excitement for the day. I want to be completely surprised and enjoy ALL the moments of discovery.
  19. I believe that will be the tour we choose. Thanks for your insight.
  20. We are sailing CCL Magic 02/29/20. I have never snorkeled before so I am learning at home in our pool. Of the ports we dock, St. Maarten, Tortola, San Juan and Grand Turk, which one would be the best first time experience for a snorkel excursion booked through CCL? Or should I look at outside vendors for the pleasure?
  21. Mine arrived via email directly from CCL. Their offer was for a measly $720....it was so outrageous I had to decline.
  22. When toilet paper price drops at the grocery, we buy more. Same with stock market.
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