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  1. I made my January 2020 Sunrise reservations in January 2019 and was notified in two days. Getting the Sunrise out of drydock in June probably has many details that will be worked out. First rule of cruising...PATIENCE.
  2. Since you enjoyed a wonderful tour....I am curious what the tip should be for the driver and the guide. We are doing a three hour tour in Jan, 2020. They have quoted us 120CUC but I don't know what would be an appropriate tip amount. Thanks for your suggestions.
  3. My last experience with ordering lobster was abysmal. The texture was rubber and I am positive that my boiled "croc" would have delivered more flavor. No thanks...fooled me once...well, you know the rest.
  4. My life has been forever changed! The pens were a nice non functioning souvenir.
  5. It is hit and miss with CCL. I have had them provide a gallon at no cost and other times, I have had to pay a very nominal fee. Don't take your own...it will be an extra burden to endure.
  6. Does anyone know of accommodations that Chef's Table makes for AA, aka Friends of Bill members.
  7. We have found that the Chef's Table consists of many VERY SMALL portions. Since this is a two or more hour adventure, pacing yourself isn't that difficult. Also, you do NOT need to finish every presentation. Be sure to bring your camera...every plate is a work of art.
  8. Thanks....going to purchase on line also and was wondering how they handled this. Since you can't use your VISA CC card IN Cuba, I also was wondering how you can purchase on line with your VISA CC card.....?
  9. Wouldn't it be nice if they also offered a shareholder only cocktail get together sometime during our cruise?......just a thought.
  10. I have been wondering the same.....but I still have until next January to make an informed decision.
  11. I always give our steward a twenty when we first meet. They will NEVER forget you...and it works every time we have done this. Not only did they get us ice....it NEVER had time to melt since if we used some, when we returned to our cabin, fresh ice was either added or replaced entirely.
  12. IF you are lucky, it might get aboard. Mine was packed in checked luggage; it was confiscated and returned to me at disembarkation. They left a note in my luggage of what property was taken in security. ALL LUGGAGE goes in the scanner and if they see the cord...which they will, the bag will be opened and confiscated.
  13. My CCL stock shares have increased in value over 37%....so I am going to hang on to it.....OBC or not.
  14. Just curious if the Sunrise will be re christened and have a new Godmother....?
  15. Did you purchase your tickets on line at THEIR website? We are considering that since they accept credit cards.
  16. That just happened to be our last cruise, but we have enjoyed this style of service industry wide. We find when offering gratuities upon meeting our cabin steward, they take care of us. We don't need to ask what "service" time we prefer. They JUST DO IT. Thank you again for your personal observation.
  17. After your purchase from mypillow.com you will never leave home without it. They even offer a travel sized pillow. Also, consider purchasing a self sealing bag that will expel all the air when sealing. It compacts the pillow to save on size for your luggage.
  18. We are arriving Cuba via CCL Sunrise 01/20/20. After reading CCL info, I see there are many different "qualifications" you must meet to disembark. Since we are not taking a CCL sanctioned tour, can we disembark and enjoy Havana unassisted? Also, I have reservations for the oldcartour.com for an afternoon 3 hour tour on our own. Is this possible or do we need special release to do this tour. Also, I would love to buy Dinner/Show tickets for the Tropicana. I will buy my tickets on line beforehand, not at the door. Has anyone done this and knowing that we will need taxi transportation when the show is over. Sounds like this will be late.....1230am or later. Any advice to this newcomer to Cuba.
  19. If you in a US port to disembark, you will use your own IP service and won't need the ship service.
  20. Most likely, the staff, crew and management will not permit any obstructions near the lifeboat area. This is strictly an emergency area and they do no need any "stuff" in the way.
  21. We remained captive on the Legend (last trip) until 2PM. You just can't depend on the weather.
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