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  1. Since you are below the galley, that means you are closer to the ship's engines which will probably produce more noise and vibrations that the galley could ever create. Relax and enjoy....you probably will have your own personal "magic fingers" bed and you won't need a roll of quarters. Bon Voyage and let us know how your cruise was.
  2. My last CCL Sunshine cruise, they provided a cord and a gallon of distilled water....at NO Charge.
  3. Just returned from RCL and this appears to be industry wide. Continental Breakfast with coffee remains free.....with a tip to your server, of course.
  4. Moral of the story....don’t hang around steam rooms. The gentleman is/was a big boy and just could have said no. I have been in that situation and all you do is say no thanks and move along. Besides, if I were on my honeymoon I would have been spending my time with my lovely bride.
  5. We are leaving tomorrow on The Rhapsody from Tampa via charter buses. They are taking us to PC. Shuttles are running from 11am until 2pm. We board in PC BUT Rhapsody will be returning us to Tampa for disembarking. Considering the weather issues, RCL is giving all a 25.00 OBC for the issue. No flights, hotels, etc need to be rescheduled since we are enjoying the complete cruise.
  6. My error....I saw the January 2010 date thinking that was the day of posting....but it was their day of joining this forum. Oops!!
  7. Never been concerned about getting "travel" insurance. I always get MEDICAL insurance. When you get a certain age, i.e. over 65, lack of medical insurance could be devastating.
  8. January 24, 2010 Posted 4 hours ago Carnival Victory just returned from Cozumel and is in Miami right now? The news just said a 26 year old man went overboard. Search going on right now. Is this "story" actually eight years old now?
  9. Patience...you do NOT need to be first in line, first off the ship, first on the ship, first seated in the MDR. There probably will be 3000 people that will want to do the same thing and they can be pushy.
  10. I always tip a ten or twenty on the first meeting of our steward. They will never forget you.
  11. The operative word here is should......and you are not considering hold ups by customs, weather delay, i.e. fog, and other ship related issues. I was told CCL Legend would be docking at 630AM. We got off the ship at 2PM. There was nothing that CCL could do about it. I just felt sorry for the folks standing in blocks long line outside to embark.
  12. Buyers remorse can be brutal....BUT, I can't begin to imagine the problems created if EVERYONE decided to make changes at the last minute. The paperwork would be insurmountable. The rules and regulations have been put in place to help all passengers with RCI.
  13. Just like Tea.....I bring my own Constant Comment.
  14. Excuses....excuses. There are offices and staff EVERYWHERE and you could have handed it to them and revealed your cabin number.
  15. We have booked Cuba for 01/20/20 and are considering if we need to purchase travel insurance from an outside vendor. Arch RomeRight & CF Travel Insured. Any thoughts?
  16. My preferred seating at any venue is first row balcony. You get to see better including everything that is going on in the depth of the stage.
  17. Moral of the story....purchase gift cards directly from RCI. Going thru all the hoops to save 10 bucks doesn't seem worth the time, trouble and aggravation.
  18. Poor people will continue to do what makes them poor....wealthy people will continue to do what makes them wealthy.
  19. Room service is complimentary for continental breakfast including coffee. RCI introduced the $7.95 fee to cut costs on late night food orders by passengers that ultimately leave uneaten and food is wasted.
  20. I use Chrome and Foxfire and neither have failed for me. Using Win10.
  21. I WAS turned away from the MDR for wearing flip flops...which to me are no different than open toe sandles that many women wear. Now I always wear black house shoes for comfort. I believe the "rules" are not applied company wide...just what mood the Maitre D is in for a sitting.
  22. If you go to the Windjammer. you are going to get your tray there. No need to squirrel one away in your cabin. When you finish, call your Cabin Steward....they will be more than happy to pick your tray up rather than leaving the "leftovers' in the corridor for someone to trip over.
  23. We enjoy both Chops and Giovanni, and usually reserve Chops for our last evening's enjoyment and entertainment.
  24. If you are on a private venue or in the middle of the ocean, the captain is not going to turn the ship around and take you to the nearest port. Your mother raised you I'm sure she can take care of a 12 year old grandson. Sent from my SM-G920V using Forums mobile app
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