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  1. If your daughter is an adult (18 or older) then yes, you can put her in a different room for her to get the discount too.
  2. We honeymooned on the Legend of the Seas to Alaska in 1997. I had been on many cruises prior, this was DH's first cruise. Thank goodness he now enjoys cruising just as much as I do!!
  3. Correct, it is a pain. I wish I could do all my research ahead of time to see what's available/pricing and then call to make the reservation. Oh well, there used to be 6 of us sailing, now we're down to 5, before we know it, it will be just DH and I and it will be simple to find a cabin for 2 :(
  4. I will be following! I have ten family members who are also cruising this week, maybe I'll see them in the background somewhere. Bon Voyage!
  5. LisaGoeke

    Pier at Coco Cay

    I thought it was scheduled to be complete next summer. http://www.cruisecritic.com/news/news.cfm?ID=7773
  6. Thanks for the info. We are a family of six and will be in two boardwalk balcony cabins this summer. I'm glad to hear that we can switch the soda package as DH and I really don't need it and will be glad to let the kids use it instead.
  7. LisaGoeke

    Would you recommend buying RCCL Stock?

    We bought as much as we could afford when it was about at it's lowest. (wish we could have bought more). We have always gotten inside cabins (2) and are able to get the OBC in both rooms, so it's definitely been worth it for us. Of course, we wish we would have bought a lot more since it's gone up so much but I definitely wouldn't buy it now.
  8. The gentlemen will walk you to the other side holding an umbrella to make sure you stay dry.
  9. Yes, we get one from each new ship we sail on and also from each new port that we go to.
  10. LisaGoeke

    All Things Freedom of the Seas!

    Thanks. I just talked to my brother. He is on this cruise. I was hoping to see them sail away. Maybe later....
  11. LisaGoeke

    Age of first cruise?

    My parents gave me the cruise bug at a young age. I was nine years old, it was on the S/S Carnivale in 1976. DHs first cruise was our honeymoon, he was almost 30 years old (thanks goodness he likes to cruise). Our daughter was 5 months, our son was 14 weeks, and our twins were 28 months. We love to cruise!!
  12. I seen a post on a RCI FB page over the summer of someone who won and was getting ready to go on their cruise. They only entered a few times unlike me who has spent way too many points trying to win.:(
  13. LisaGoeke

    How to do shows with kids

    Go ahead and take them. When our kids were younger they always seemed to take a nap during the evening shows.
  14. LisaGoeke

    Coco Cay / Port Fees

    No, we stopped at St. Thomas (we got there two hours earlier than scheduled) and St. Maarten.