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  1. Hahahaha our reputation is solid. I apologize on behalf of my fellow Canadian.
  2. Gilly and the Girl.....my favourite entertainment duo...have posted some videos on youtube. Always nice to see and hear them, SUCH talent.
  3. I feel the same....bring it on! I have thought a lot about this topic, and I have concluded I believe we WILL have to be vaccinated before ever cruising again. Right or wrong, making us happy or sad, they will have no other choice.....if they want to actually stop in any ports! Public Health safety cannot afford to grant exceptions. And it sucks for the, lets say 1% of cruisers who desperately WANT to get vaccinated, but for personal reasons cannot. But I don’t see cruise lines ever ba in business without this requirement.
  4. Yes, proof required at time of final payment, that would be perfect.
  5. Terry I am very sorry for the loss of your friend. I have also lost loved ones, including my beautiful Mum. So Covid has been VERY “real” to me since day 1.
  6. Qantas Airlines has announced that in order to board one of their flights in the future, every passenger MUST have been vaccinated against Covid19. Word in the air (hahaha as opposed to word on the street....I amuse myself) is that several airlines plan to follow suit. This really makes the world of anti-vaxers much smaller. Do you think Cruise lines will enforce this as well? If you want on board, you have to show proof of vaccination?
  7. I think we have to accept that we must miss out on traditional family and friends get togethers this year, so that when we finally have a joyous reunion, nobody is missing from the table. it’s really that simple. I don’t want to miss you, or be missed.
  8. Keep us posted with your final thoughts re: your cruise, disembarkation etc. Thank you for allowing us to sail along with you. I miss cruising so much. But, I don’t need a Hurtigrutinesque experience (finding out after You get home that many crew had Covid 19). So I shall live vicariously through everyone who cruises!!
  9. Just teasing of course! Happy Fourth of July USA friends!
  10. i have a mask for most of my outfits. And in case I get overseas, many Canadian ones, so people don’t ask where in the US I live lol. I also got some Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors masks. Might as well make it fun, it is here for a while yet!
  11. thank you. I am sorry I “vetted” on here. I was feeling very sorry for myself, and there may have been some Pinot Grigio in the equation.... but I stand firm on my last post. WE ALL NEED A CRUISE!!
  12. Thank you, and thank you all! Man, I could use a cruise. We all could!
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