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  1. Keep us posted with your final thoughts re: your cruise, disembarkation etc. Thank you for allowing us to sail along with you. I miss cruising so much. But, I don’t need a Hurtigrutinesque experience (finding out after You get home that many crew had Covid 19). So I shall live vicariously through everyone who cruises!!
  2. Just teasing of course! Happy Fourth of July USA friends!
  3. i have a mask for most of my outfits. And in case I get overseas, many Canadian ones, so people don’t ask where in the US I live lol. I also got some Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors masks. Might as well make it fun, it is here for a while yet!
  4. thank you. I am sorry I “vetted” on here. I was feeling very sorry for myself, and there may have been some Pinot Grigio in the equation.... but I stand firm on my last post. WE ALL NEED A CRUISE!!
  5. Thank you, and thank you all! Man, I could use a cruise. We all could!
  6. I was so excited when the EU announced on June 30th that it was opening its borders, sans quarantine, to Canadians, I immediately booked a flight to Italy, July 9-19. I wasn’t worried about wearing masks and sanitizing hands constantly, I miss Italy, and wanted to visit Toscana during peak sunflower season, and enjoy a relatively tourist free Italy. And try to come to terms with missing my grandsons Christening (in the UK in April), miss my girls trip to Italy in May, a family reunion in Croatia in June, my Mum dying of Covid in May.....and then the announcement that my daughter’s wedding had to be postponed. Really felt this trip would help me heal. Of course, the very next day, Italy announced it would NOT be joining the other EU countries in this....that we would still have to quarantine. And I have to cancel again. And just for kicks, my beautiful 13 year old dog died later that night. Sigh. 2020 has officially defeated me.
  7. This is awesome, well played! I didn’t actually answer last year, but buffets make me kind of sick (since that time I saw a kid sneeze on food, and be whisked away by Mummy). So either year.......ugh, no, do not chow down until you sit down.
  8. Yes, that’s exactly what I said. I was served a meal from any dining menu, seated in Luminae
  9. our server told us we could have dinner from any menu, MDR, Blu, served IN Luminae. He pointed out to me that all 3 menus for lunch and dinner were in Michaels Club. Well, lo and behold, they are. I would decide which menu I would order off before we entered into Luminae LOL.
  10. Stan, my heart is breaking for all of you affected by this unprecedented flooding. Two dams breaking....unbelievable. Stay warm and safe, long days of salvage ahead of you. Don’t lose faith, you WILL make it through this , as a community.#inittogether takes on a new meaning for you right now. I am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and while we are cautiously reopening in phase 1 (storefront retailers, parks etc), I have no doubt our government will pull it all back in a heartbeat if we don’t play nice, continue to act responsibly, and get those covid numbers down. i am ok with a slow reintroduction to “normalcy”, whatever that is. Of the 2,000 or so Covid deaths in Ontario so far, about 1500 of them are from long term care homes. One of those deaths was my own beloved mother. Diagnosed Covid positive April 18,, dead May 11th. You can all imagine how difficult it is to watch a loved ones demise through “video chats”, not be able to reassure her, stroke her hair, hold her hand. if we stop being socially responsible and jump back into life as we knew it, her death, ALL the deaths, were in vain. So please, stay safe. And if the urge strikes, punch a protester or denier 😬 Charlene
  11. Please bear in mind that even if your friends cousin had pancreatic cancer, it may well NOT have been what killed him/her. It may well have been sadly that he/she drowned with filled lungs due to Covid 19. That would be "cause of death". Whether he/she would have died from the cancer shortly or not, cancer may not have been cause of death. THAT is why the "weak and vulnerable" cannot be exposed to it. It's an ugly disease. It's an awful death. And it is definitely being UNDER reported, vs over reported. They are only counting people who die who have been tested, not people who die who have not been tested. Think about that!
  12. Wow, a lot has changed in the world since the first post on this thread. So many cases, 1 million world wide. Before I say anything else, I would be remiss not to mention my extreme gratitude to all of you who are essential workers....all healthcare and support workers, and more.. Everyone keeping me fed (drivers, groceries, restaurants with take out) keeping me clean, safe and warm (utilities workers, cops, waste management, fire services) and anyone keeping me sane (interesting educational OR humorous reads and podcasts) to very witty meme and video creations! My husband and I live in Toronto, and retired last year...while we were “young enough to travel and enjoy life”. Well, 2019 was a great year of travel! 2020, not so much LOL. Among other trips, we enjoyed 16 nights on The Solstice, on an Australia/New Zealand cruise. Oh it was so lovely. Our daughter lives in Bucks, UK, and she gave birth to my first grandchild at the end of October. I flew over and spent the first 8 weeks of his little life helping Mummy and Daddy out. Thank God I had those eight weeks, because my plans to return in March were of course squashed. Also she and the baby had tickets to fly to Toronto for 2 weeks in April. 😩😢. He is almost 6 months old. Thank God for video chats!! Because we “retired to travel” I had the pleasure of cancelling 16 flights we had booked between March 15 and June 15. Calling....emailing....messaging. But, I digress, those poor customer service agents at travel agencies and airlines, I cannot imagine how their days at work pan out. I am very pleased with how my Federal and Provincial and Municipal governments have handled this crisis. This has been a pain in the rear for everyone, but I ache for every life lost. In every country. Italy is like my second home, and I think of over 100 physicians in that country alone, dying from helping others. My Mum is in a care home, and I just found out they have 10 confirmed cases, 9 “suspected, awaiting results”, and have suffered 3 deaths. This, to me, is where I am hit hard. I cannot visit her, I know that 40% of the related deaths in Ontario have been in care homes. It is so worrying. The staff at her home are absolutely fantastic, though, and video chat with me twice weekly (and every other concerned relatives)! I know absolutely that she is in great hands. I get regular emails and phone call updates from the home. But, this virus is what it is, and I cannot change its course. Well THAT felt good! Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Stay healthy, stay hopeful, stay positive, and for heavens sake, stay at home (if you have that privilege)
  13. If I hated Christmas music, I probably wouldn’t take a chance on sailing in December. Better safe than sorry.
  14. i think the problem lies in the fact that, as you stated, most of the masks are meant to protect “your patients”, as opposed to protecting YOU from your patients. Same with this scenario...people are wearing masks that protect others from them, not protecting them from others, as they believe is the case?
  15. @kip6 you are someone I would definitely love to meet. I love your attitude. Stay positive, continue to share your insights (I believe you when you say the crew and shore staff are fantastic), and order a bottle of wine to see what happens! You deserve it!
  16. Are there ant Aft suites on The Solstice that have some shade?
  17. GypsyCouple, I had the same experience on Solstice last March. I “felt weird” about it, and in the end I decided I had to give extra to my suite Steward, the wait staff in Luminae and to Anna, the best concierge ever. It was all token amounts, $25 or so, but I bought a pack of thank you cards (and a special card to Anna) and wrote out personal thanks. And above all, fill out those comment cards, naming names.... PUT IT IN WRITING TO THE BOSSES!, this goes way further than you know (as others have mentioned, it is true)
  18. I didn't know about their lack of participation in the move up bidding programme. I'll re-think using them again next time, but I will have to think about it, because their price was good, the perks they added onboard were good, and i came home to a $680 gift card for their warehouse.....so if I wasn't successful in bidding with another agency, I'd have lost all that.
  19. We were told by Celebrity directly that we were not eligible BECAUSE we booked with bigbox. We couldn’t submit an offer through TA, through Celebrity website, through phone call or Celebrity, through emails to TA and Celebrity. We were simply ineligible due to booking with bigbox.
  20. Sorry I didn't answer this earlier, Tom and Judy, I was away from cruise critic for a few days. I was going to post the email I received from Celebrity when I enquired earlier this year. It was exactly the same as you just received. I am booking another cruise, but with a travel agency that participated in the "move up" programme. (Although the cash card was nice to come home to!)
  21. I think you made the right decision! And if you precruise in Vancouver (and you should) your dollar goes a lot further with the exchange!
  22. Fill the bag is a joke. $49 USD for the few items you could cram in that small bag. Criminal.
  23. Thank you for this update, that makes me feel better about The Solstice (though The Eclipse did it right”
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