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  1. Yes, sorry, only open until 6. We ate there a lot before having supper.
  2. We were on her August 20-27 2019. It was a great cruise, and we had no complaints about the legend! My husband continues to be sad that we don’t have guys burgers back at home...it was his nightly snack 🙂
  3. Thank you for asking this. I’ve been looking at the different itineraries (for guesses in 2022!) and have been trying to sort out which cruise line and what ports I want to go to... i was so so disappointed that the legend is going to Greenland in June 2020...because I have a Mediterranean cruise booked for May 2020 😞 I’m hoping for that one in 2021 or 2022!
  4. Glory. Worst carnival cruise to date. The staff were rude and just....wasn’t good. We were just on the Legend, though, and staff were great!
  5. Hello! We sailed on 8/20. 1) no. It was not interactive. 2) no, but they are on the app. 3) not sure...it was 5 years between carnival sailings so unsure of the recent cake changes. 4) the movies didn’t interest me: they were in the firebird lounge or the big theater on 1st. The ones I remember were how to train your dragon 2, alita. 5) no idea! Not platinum. 6) I don’t remember but we had Victoria BC as a late port the last evening 7) no, I never saw one 😎 yes, there is
  6. What I’ve heard is just for him to no show, and then you’ll receive his port fees as a credit. There won’t be any penalty or rebooking, from what I understand, if you do this.
  7. Thank you! Yup, I saw the early 2021 dates. There is a specific itinerary that I’d like, so I’ll keep my eye out for when the late 2021/early 2022 dates are posted. I like to plan them far in advance (planning is half the fun!) so want to make sure I don’t book another one before that one may come available. First world cruise problems! Ha!
  8. Looking at the journeys cruises, there is one that is really of interest to me...however, I’m pretty booked and wanting to either book either late 2021 or 2022. How far out are the journey cruises planned by carnival? Are they put out the same time as the other itineraries? Thanks!
  9. I recently had it pop up on my cruise manager for my cruise to Alaska. We have an aft balcony, and the offer was $900+ to upgrade to a junior suite, midship-it did give a specific room number. Still too high to give up my aft!
  10. On celebrity, I really enjoyed the option of adding baileys to my specialty coffee at the coffee bar. Does carnival have alcohol at the coffee bar or will I have to go to another bar for a shot to put into it?
  11. Thanks all-I’ll keep an eye out for November!
  12. Hello! I know 2022 seems far out now, but I’m a planner 🙂 when will the 2022 itineraries be published? Thanks!
  13. My middle initial routinely gets smushed together with my first name and it’s fine. However, I’m going to ask you to please refrain from using the comment “I’m going to shoot myself.” I know you’re frustrated but to use that sentence very flippantly like that, it’s wrong. I work in mental health, and we take those things seriously. Next time, please comment about how you’re frustrated. Thank you. Enjky your cruise.
  14. I’ve done it. Got in line for self debarkation at 6 am, was first in line. Took a cab, made it to FLL and thru security by 8:45 am. Flight left at 9:45. We also had precheck so that helped. Would i recommend it? Nope. Stressful. But I’m frugal and sometimes I don’t make the best choices, so I did it. Haha!
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