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  1. Does the “below” specifically say anything about vaccinated guests having to get tested? If not then they don’t.
  2. Can't wait till October. Since I'm vaccinated I don't give a hoot who is wearing a mask or not. Enjoy the simulation!
  3. Government officials not following science on when to open or mandates.
  4. We do this plus bring one of those magnetized light switches with a battery operated light. A lot of ships the switch to the bathroom is on the outside so turning on and off the light might wake up your SDS (Sleeping Darling Spouse).
  5. We had a room underneath Schooner and only heard faint music in the evening. Never was enough to keep us up.
  6. You are wrong. The new administration banned the pipeline in January '21 and Canada extended the cruise ban until February '22 in February '21.
  7. It should be enough time but we have been on two Galveston cruises that didn’t get into port until after 12 because of fog and an accident on ship channel. I know a friend who went in April (Mexico’s spring break) and they were delayed several hours going through customs. We were also on a cruise that got in at midnight to beat the fog. I wouldn’t chance it unless you get refundable air fare.
  8. Tit for tat. Canada banned cruises because we banned their pipeline.
  9. We have a cruise leaving Florida in October. We have been going to church, restaurants, casinos, social gatherings since last June. We take precautions, have been vaccinated and took our first flight this year. By reporting on COVID 24/7, a lot of people would be convinced to get back to normal there would have to be no more cases and deaths which will never happen. That is fine, I have accepted the risk, just don’t infringe on my freedoms and I won’t on yours.
  10. When the legislation was passed the LGBT community was pressing for the privacy part of this legislation to prevent discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS in both the public and private sectors. I understand if someone is very concerned about their health risks with getting COVID, take your precautions. I am ready to accept the risks. But don’t judge me for getting on with my life or keep me from enjoying life, including all the risks it involves.
  11. We have federal HIPPA laws to prevent this. What would people say if you had to prove your status on AIDS/HIV? What about contact tracing? Until Congress changes the law it is law, COVID or no COVID.
  12. Let’s all stop going to doctors. According to John’s Hopkins, 250,000 people a year die of medical errors.
  13. Let’s put this in perspective. Now if cruise lines kept their passengers locked up in their rooms then set them loose in every port, then we should be upset. Wait, that is what China did!
  14. No, just wish they would open up earlier. Have talked to many people who either had COVID or were exposed to COVID who will not be getting the vaccination. How many people have had COVID twice or that their tests were not accurate? One person tested negative on several tests until their doctor ran a blood test and they had it. A family relative, in college had 4 roommates and three had COVID and were asymptomatic. A lot more people have built in immunities so as long as I am vaccinated let’s go!
  15. Science has said vaccines are up to 95% effective and hardly any cases of death or serious illness. I have seen an article/study that says that states with mask mandates had a 2% reduction in cases.
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