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  1. We had a group of 18 and were able to get 3 tables close together. We had the same waiter so it wasn't a problem switching tables to sit with everyone. Conversations were much better. And this was the late sitting so might be easier to arrange then Mytime or the early sitting.
  2. Haven't been notified but our 11/8/2021 cruise on our planner shows it has been cancelled. Thought we were over this.
  3. Vans rock! Hopefully in Aug'22 we can take our bucket list cruise that was originally scheduled in Aug'20.
  4. Just remember to download the App and look at the menus before. Some entrées are offered more then once, some only once. Don’t select something that is offered more then once if you wanted to try something that will be served only once. And I have also ordered all appetizers before. You can’t go wrong with just a little planning.
  5. I meant to say can’t, Grand Cayman is a tender location so Oasis class ships don’t go there.
  6. Allure out of Galveston (since it can’t port in Grand Cayman) goes to Costa Maya.
  7. I don’t know if it will work but getting a “plug” that screws into the light bulb socket.
  8. Not being awaken by having your curtain open and realizing you are in port while numerous balconies from the other ship in port have been watching you.
  9. RCI also holds big blocks of rooms for TA's. I have seen many rooms open up within 90 days of sailings.
  10. You can look up any port from this site. https://www.cruisemapper.com/ports
  11. A 12 pack of .5 liter or less cans or bottles per stateroom. And unless you want to go to the naughty room (were you claim your luggage if they find any contraband or liquids) you will need to carry them on.
  12. We were able to get a 12-12:30 checkin for an Adventure cruise in December. Have a Liberty cruise end of January so will be curious what port will be substituted for GC.
  13. I wasn't able to book gym time for October Allure cruise but I can for a December Adventure cruise.
  14. Thanks for the information. I didn't find my lot because my number does not have an alpha character after the lot number. This is a bunch of doodoo. From previous information I thought the test would be good until Feb 10, 2022. We were planning to use for a couple of cruises with the first one being in Oct '21 and the last the end of Jan '22.
  15. How did you confirm the 1/5/22 date? Mine has a lot date 0f 2/10/21 and expiration date of 10/5/21. But according to information online, the expiration date has been extended to one year so mine should be good to 2/10/22. Am I missing something?
  16. We used that option a couple of years ago. The GPS worked better then the carp we got with the rental car.
  17. Another FAQ from RCI: https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
  18. They count your sailing day as 0 (Sun), 1(Sat), 2(Fri) and 3(Thu). Here is another link from RCI that they now accept home tests under conditions. Of course this will likely change. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
  19. On several occasions the entrees for the MDR were not anything to write home about so I just had an all appetizer dinner.
  20. We enjoy both and DW loves the darkness for sleeping a little later. We are about 50/50 inside vs balcony.
  21. If you read the fine print on CVS you have to provide your insurance to them. They will then file with your insurance. Our insurance doesn’t cover travel testing so we would have to pay.
  22. Sounds like they did everything by the book and beyond. Hope you and your spouse have recovered.
  23. Does the “below” specifically say anything about vaccinated guests having to get tested? If not then they don’t.
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