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  1. Haha my swim leggings aren't so sexy but neither is skin cancer ! Living in FL we are always boating and beaching so they do come in handy. I did realize you were just starting your review after I posted as I excitedly went to the end when I saw your name. I know your pics will be fab so I will wait and see them when we return. Ours is the Reflection 11 day so can't wait to see our mutual stops. Clearly we like the same adventures.
  2. Hi Dana ! It's Karen from our Paul Gauguin cruise. I just clicked on this review and saw it was yours so wanted to say hi !! We are leaving on a Celebrity Southern Caribbean in a few days so I am excited to read your review. It's our first time for the ABC Islands. Looking forward to seeing all of your beautiful photos.
  3. FLbeachbaby

    Movies Under the Stars on Celebrity Summit

    There was no charge when we attended.
  4. FLbeachbaby

    Movies Under the Stars on Celebrity Summit

    It is a very nice evening if the weather is cooperative. Summit has loungers and group seating that anyone can sit at. There are courses that go along with the movie but I would not say they had any relation to anything in the movie. You can order cocktails from the staff as well. We enjoyed our movie under the stars.
  5. Your camera really did an excellent job ! Of course I'm sure your skill in taking the pictures is part of it. Our underwater pics were not great so I can't wait to see yours as we get further along. I might ask you to send us some if that's OK. Probably going to have invest in a nice underwater camera after seeing the difference. I'll check our roll call and see if your email is there and send you mine when you get to our shared excursions. Amazing photos D !
  6. Your review is so amazing I will just chime in occasionally with our experiences. Using PG air and ATN we received no information about how/where/when to check in. They could improve on this especially for first-timers. Also ATN DID weigh our carry on's but maybe it was because we were all carry on. Luckily we met the requirements even though several folks have said they didn't weigh in LAX. They also weighed them in PPT which was another cluster- but I'll wait for that nugget.
  7. Nice to meet you both! Can't wait to read and see all your pictures. Thanks again for roll call and managing Fakarava (insert inside joke)
  8. TBK- :cool: That is good to hear! We are doing the Tuamotus and Society Islands. If the temps are the same it will be fine.
  9. Checking the air and temps in FP and my husband exclaims that I will be cold and should re-think my packed wardrobe. Posted sea temps are 75 degrees and the air 77/ 65 . So anyone who is used to 90's in the air and 80's in the water, were you cold ? Does the marina have wetsuits? I kept hearing about people being hot, but um no, this is chilly for a FL girl. Leaving next week, yikes, brrrr.....
  10. Ugh, what is it with this chicken parm? You guys are killing me.
  11. FLbeachbaby

    Any chance I'll make this flight...

    Thanks Javadoc3 encouraging news !
  12. FLbeachbaby

    Any chance I'll make this flight...

    Thanks Anglergirl, that's great news and the first positive I've heard. I actually have secured one GE spot using the 'check at weird hours method' , and am hoping to get another. We're cool with carry on so we might just pull it off.
  13. I must admit when I heard you had chicken parm the first night my dining expectations were lowered. That's really not a luxury dining item. Neither are woks, perhaps a lunch buffet station instead. I would recommend fresh juices for cocktails instead of a boxed mix of any kind. Fresh, imaginative, elegant....
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    Terrific! So what do you claim them as per the declarations, seeds or write it in as vanilla or what ?
  15. FLbeachbaby


    I would very much like to bring back vanilla pods but am on a super time crunch when landing at LAX. So...only having carry on, I must declare those pods and this would potentially hang me up in customs or no ?