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  1. That is a shame you will not be finishing your review. It's been awhile since we've been on Disney so I was looking forward to it. Thank you for the CC update.
  2. Andy- if you have time would you please post about your port stops, if they were changed and whether you are going to make it to Castaway Cay ? If so, hopefully you will post pics. We are soon to depart with our grandson on his first cruise so just curious if CC will be ready and what they are saying since you are the first cruise heading that way. Thank you, enjoying your pictures.
  3. Same way you book. Find your sailing, see how many people are signed up. If you're first, it won't be listed yet. Once you confirm your sailing will show pending until it meets minimum.
  4. I was the first person to sign up for our upcoming PK Athens full day tour. I was worried we would not have enough people but figured we could always do their private tour if not enough people signed up. I did post on our VERY small roll call. Today I checked and there are 17 people signed up. So now I'm more worried about how large the group is ! I say sign up and see what happens. They are very easy to deal with and I'm looking forward to our tour. Good luck !
  5. Hi Dana- so funny I saw this post and wanted to say Hi. It still seems we are traveling in similar locations ! We are heading to Med & Greece in a few days on Celebrity. I will definitely head over check out yet another spectacular thread. Take care, Karen
  6. Yes, and it really is not a comparable product. If your deal is Aqua or Haven at the same price, Haven wins. Agreed that Epic is a bit wonky and each ship has some variation in their Haven but it is a very nice experience.
  7. It's Celebrity, we don't have checked luggage and priority disembark so I"m not worried about getting off I just don't know how long after arrival at 6am we can say is a good pick up time. But if it's 7:30 that's cool. And yes agreed express walk off is usually painless. Thank you very much. I'll find out all about it very soon !
  8. Hello- did you notice an abundance of taxis when you returned to port after your cruise ? Was it a frenzy or easy ? We have an early flight so booked a taxi but then worry we won't find them and get charged. Also don't know exactly when we can get off so timing the pre-book is difficult. Any thoughts appreciated.
  9. The noise we experienced near the elevators was not due to the actual elevators but the congregating of people getting on and off the elevators. This was on a revolutionized ship, Summit. I would also add that many times people are just loud in the hallway not really thinking of others who might be napping/sleeping. We were also next to a Royal suite that had screaming kids on the balcony early each morning so noise can come from a variety of places. I'm sure people don't realize how loud everything is in close quarters.
  10. Chocolate lava cake or creme brûlée nothing else worth the calories except some pastries in Cafe al Bacio
  11. Would just having a carry on eliminate some of the mess or does it matter ? Early flight as well.
  12. Every little bit helps ! Most curious if debark is early, organized and how the airport goes when you do leave. Have a great trip !
  13. Hope you come back and talk about debark in Venice and airport VCE if you are using. Thank you
  14. We ordered several things from the MDR when the repetitive Luminae menu was lacking. We felt the buffet always had something tasty to try and got most of our veggies during the day there as they were absent at dinner. Spa cafe has nice light lunch fare if you can get there when they are open and we usually start with a morning juice there. Dessert was a bit lacking but creme brûlée or a chocolate lava cake could be found in MDR or some nice things in Cafe al Bacio. I guess we source from multiple areas but this just comes with a bit of experience and the fact that we like more healthy, flavorful food.
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