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  1. I have done 2 dream all adult and 2 with kids. Very nice adult areas on the ship, Serenity Bay is lovely. Sometimes the rotation restaurants can be noisy and super frantic with kids but 2nd seating is a bit better. There's plenty food to opt out or hit Palo/Remy. Have not been since Covid but going in a few weeks and will report back since there isn't much to read currently.
  2. Yay !! Woohoo !! You did it !!!
  3. So happy to hear you are having a great time. Happy cruising and thank you yet again for the details.
  4. So basically following the Celebrity itineraries. Wishing you a great trip. It would be a no for me on that as the ONLY reason I am doing Windstar is the original ports. Thank you as always, for keeping us in the loop.
  5. Thank you, very helpful and gives an extra 24 hours for the paperwork shuffle. Appreciate your post !
  6. Thank you for your thoughts Cabosal1. Was their any printed material about dining or activities ? What did do for your 3 sea days ? How was the service ? What time was disembark ? How did the return testing testing work ? Was the airport crazy and how far away is it ? Did you feel the ship looked nice ? Was everyone friendly or grumpy because of the situation ? Probably more questions, thank you and sorry you did not have an enjoyable vacation.
  7. Is this first hand knowledge as in you were on this cruise ? I was told by WS you did NOT have to order in advance. Currently, going back to US you must have the negative results 3 days prior and they will have tests onboard.
  8. Thank you for your thoughts. Will you be giving us more details ? Enquiring minds...
  9. Thank you for the link Jazzbeau. Hoping to hear more about the trip ! Keep it coming.
  10. Good morning- were you ever able to get in touch with WS ? Hoping you have some resolution by now.
  11. This sailing should be disembarking. Would love to hear from some folks about how the week went. Food, any stops/anchorage, service, cabins, embarkation, SXM anything.............
  12. @MindyJohn I too tried phoning Windstar today several times and got a recording with no call back. (I even tried to fool the system by saying I was a travel advisor or wanted to make a new res. etc ) Perhaps since you are in Seattle they are answering ?? @sail2day and I are both from FL and could not get through. No idea why. I just had a question about a shore excursion. Previously, at most, I was #2 in the queue. After a misstep, no one was answering the phone. Why shut it down ? Does not look good.
  13. Here is the one mentioning the "handful" and 177 crew. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/environmental-health/windstar-cancels-star-breeze-cruises-get-crew-vaccinated
  14. From an article written here on Cruise Critic June 16- so anywhere between 18-30 ish crew were vaxxed according to this source. However, the ship may have nowhere to go as fewer than 20 percent of the 178 crew members onboard have received COVID-19 vaccines, and as a result Caribbean islands are turning the ship away.
  15. I think the disconnect might be the difference between what they were told would happen and what may be actually happening once they set sail. I read that WS said they could not get into SOME ports, that their experience would be like chartering a private yacht and stopping in small coves etc. We have not heard much about the current onboard experience. People that "agreed to go" were already on their way to their vacation, then had to make a decision based on an email or call about what to do in a VERY short amount of time, after planning for months, after taking off of work, potentially losing flight and hotel money, after jumping through all the hoops to even get to St. Maarten. It's easy to say how great it is "sitting in the middle of the Caribbean" but a lot of work and planning went into this and people were excited to finally get sailing. Imagine the giddiness of being on the Inaugural sailing. My hope is that those cruisers are being treated so extravagantly that they don't even miss not being able to stop at a port. I certainly won't tell people how they should feel but will be watching closely how everything plays out and will keep an open mind as to whether I will be cruising with them this summer.
  16. I am scheduled to be a first time WS cruiser as well. Also lots of cruising experience. If WS does not make this right for you and the subsequent disappointed cruisers I will not be partaking in their cruise. This could have been me. How they handle things for you is a direct reflection of how I might be treated. I will say much like restaurant reviews, everything is subjective and I often disagree with someone's opinion as our tastes may be different. But, if general transparency, honesty, due diligence and making this right for all of you in a manner that is fair does not take place, I am out. If they have misrepresented your cruise experience and not communicated that, I am truly sorry for you all. Their start up faux pas is on them. Please keep us up date.
  17. Yep. I wrote a lengthy post about my frustrations and disagreement that it's not WS's fault. Then deleted it because I didn't want a debate to ensue. They had options and chose to fly(sail) by the seat of their pants. Other lines have done it so I'll just keep it at that.
  18. Oh my friend Wesport- if we never leave the dock we have spent way too much time on this testing stuff. Ugh, so frustrating ! Florida ports are looking pretty good to me right now.
  19. Uh oh, where are you seeing this tidbit ? What a poopshow this is turning out to be. Sorry for your troubles.
  20. Oh so sorry for this. I hope you get to go at another time. I'm sure it will be a hard decision for people as to whether it is worth it to continue down this road. We have room on July 24th. That is if we even leave the dock ! Thank you for keeping everyone in the loop. Take care.
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