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  1. Does the entire family have to purchase the vibe passes?. We are taking my 19 year old son and his girlfriend who I'd like to buy passes for but DH , myself and my 16 year old won't. Is that doable? Not blowing $500 bucks on this. Haven was enough $$$ !
  2. Great review- how much is the day pass for infinity bay and how far is it from the ship?
  3. Hi Donna, It’s been tough and I know you can relate. Happy to see you still cruising :hearteyes:
  4. Paradise Beach Club. Been there twice and love it!
  5. It’s been a tough year for me- lost my Mom, lost my 14 year old Dog, son left for college and my sister moved away. I booked my first cruise in a few years today and I am smiling. Went all out and booked The Haven on the Getaway for March spring break :hearteyes:. I do believe cruise therapy is medicinal.
  6. Thank you. Yes I appreciate the info!
  7. Ok thanks everyone. I guess she can suffer :)
  8. Hi- I know this is an old thread but have a question. I am signing the waiver for my son who will 19 but can I sign for his girlfriend who is 18? I am not the parent. Should I bring some sort of permission slip from her parents?Thanks
  9. Hi- I am so excited to be booking another cruise. Its been a few years and so ready! Anyway, my 18 year old just received his past cruises put in his latitudes account and he is now officially platinum with us. How will that work when the certificates read "Dinner for two" and one certificate per stateroom? He will be in our suite along with his girlfriend and younger brother :)
  10. It was usually Moms and their kids, but never any group of 18. A few men came and went. Max I saw was 8 or so...
  11. Totally agree also. We have don e the Epic and are done with the mega ship environment. Staff seem happier on smaller ships.
  12. Nice review. My husband and I both used the slide and he slid right down fast and I got stuck halfway and he's 60 pounds heavier than me :). It must have been the bathing suit :)
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