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  1. Just tracked her. She is heading south of the island, should be off St Catherine's point within the hour, not attempting to go the usual north route. Weather is fine here, no wind, rain, or fog, so I think she is just parking up.
  2. I just googled and camsecure.co.uk has cameras from the royal yacht squadron and cowes yacht club. They have great views. I am following her progress on cruisemapper.com. Iona is close to Brighton now. I'm no 0photographer, but will try and get some happy snaps as she goes past here. Would be great to get an IOW ferry in the same photo to get the scale. Fingers crossed 🤞
  3. Hi, there is a live webcam at Cowes which shows the entrance to Southampton water. I'm no good at sharing links but if you google cowes live webcam, I think you can find it there. I'll check 🙂
  4. Hi, I'm in Ryde on the Isle of Wight and can pop down to the seaside to see her go past. I'm sure she is not going to sneak up southampton water under cover of darkness like all cruises usually end, because she is to be escorted by 2 fire boats with horns a-sounding and hoses a-firing. So she will have to wait up somewhere. I'll keep an eye on the tracker , who knows, she might wait at the end of Ryde Pier to let us all have a good look?? 🙂🙂
  5. Iona is now off St Leonard's, next passing Beachy Head. It's not going to take her 18 hours to sail to Southampton, so where do we think she will "park up" for the night?
  6. Hi all, I may have missed a couple of posts, but could someone please tell me when Iona is expected to pass the Isle of Wight on her way into Southampton. I live in Ryde and can get down to the seafront to view her as she passes by. I should think she will go past Ryde Roads maybe an hour and a half before she docks in Southampton, but I'm really unsure. Would love to see her go past. I will post photos 🙂. Thanks for reading.
  7. May I ask......are you getting the 7 days for what you paid for the 3 days? I'll admit I am just being nosey and had not previously booked anything so I will understand if you do not reply 🙂
  8. I'm a bit unsure of the dates cancelled. Are the 3 night ones now cancelled, and the 4 night ones now 7 night ones? Will the new 7 nighters be the same price as was charged for the old 4 nighters, or will they be increased to the previously advertised 7 nights ( or was it 6)? Good grief, what a way to instill confidence in a recovering industry.
  9. Do you think that P and O have just realised that to turn a ship around with a completely new group of passengers twice each week is going to be "very busy"? No B2Bs were being allowed so everybody off.
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