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  1. Super shuttle is still door service I spoke with them today.
  2. Ok thanks, that's the info I was looking to find out. DH has 150 minutes he'll never use all anyway. I decided to wait and just take the upgrade once onboard.
  3. I could use them for another device or DH could use them on top of his 150 free minutes.
  4. Thank you. So if I was to pre-buy the package on the personalizer would I still get my free 150 minutes because I haven’t used the discount on-board?
  5. Arriving in to LAX one night prior to cruise. I have looked in to the Super Shuttle (shared) and this seems to be a good option. DH has mobility issues so trying to get to an Uber or Lyft stand not really an option. Does anybody know if the shared Super Shuttle just groups you with folks going nearby your destination? For our post-cruise return to LAX Princess wants $44 each for transfers. Would an Uber from the port be cheaper? Can I book the Super Shuttle from the port to LAX? We will not be in a huge hurry.
  6. I’m looking for any recent week long Royal cruisers who are Platinum and would have gotten the offer to upgrade your internet from the 150 minutes loyalty to unlimited. What was the discounted rate offered to you? I’m trying to see if the pre-cruise price in the personalizer may end up being the same as the 25% off of the regular on ship price.
  7. Just wondering if anyone who’s been on the Royal in the past few months know if they have any $5 blackjack tables, dealer tables not slot machine ones?
  8. So DH has some mobility issues, is there a way to get to and from the ferry terminal without walking?
  9. Thank you so much for the response. Looks like Princess may have unknowingly solved my problem.
  10. So we have not cruised a Princess Medallion cruise, nor have i been on the Princess boards for a long while as we did a RCL cruise the last time (gasp) but we have one coming up and I have question. This thread is 56 pages long so excuse me if I didn’t get to posts that answer my questions. What is the ability of this thing to track a passenger. My DH has a brain tumour (yes he is able to travel and we do have insurance) however as a result of the tumour he suffers from memory loss and can get lost if say he was to go to bed, I head to the casino and then for some reason he gets up to go
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