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  1. Seeing Black Friday Sale banner, but haven't found any qualifying sailings yet...
  2. Hi, I read that the minimum age requirement for babies is 6 months. Our youngest would be 2 weeks short of 6 months for the sailing we're interested in at the beginning of Mar 2020. Does anyone know if this is ok? Is it a strict requirement? If so, we'd have to wait until end of Mar-early April, and the prices jump a lot by then. Currently on waiting in phone queue for a rep to answer, but wait could be awhile due to BF/CyberMonday/other calls. So wanted to see if anyone here knew. Also searching on forum was a bit hard since the wording of my question didn't come up with any relevant hits. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Ourusualbeach. As a test, I chose 7 Night Perfect Day Bahamas, Feb 29 2020 - Mar 7 2020. This should be within the KSF applicable dates that is listed in the terms. However, I'm not seeing both the KSF and 60% off combined in the discounts (as per the promotion of 60% off second guest + KSF). See attached screenshot. Shouldn't the flash sale be $521.40 ($869 * 60%), and not $100, to equate to the 60% 2nd guest? In addition, there are some itineraries that the one or the other code does not get applied together, despite the dates are OK, so would this mean that it's not part of the "select sailings" as indicated in the terms? If so, what are these "select sailings"? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I'm seeing the Thanks & Thrills Sale for Black Friday, where it's 60% off second guest and Kids Sail Free. However, when I choose the cruises, I only see 1 promo code, either BOGO60 or KSF, but not combined together. I read the terms, and the dates I picked should be ok. It also says "select cruises". Does anyone know how the promo qualifies? How do I know which ones are applicable? Thanks!
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